Guy Van der Auwera & zoon (Wuustwezel, BE) discovers a new star from the Super 481 bloodline with Breavehart Junior

Six races, that was all the fantastic Breavehart Jr needed to convince Guy Van der Auwera of his great talents. This bird claimed several top results, including a semi-provincial victory from Ecouen, before being promptly transferred to the breeding loft.


Time and time again the Kaasboer and Charlie's Angels

Guy Van der Auwera was forced to make a fresh start (almost all of his best birds were stolen in 2003) and he did some important investments over the past couple of years. One of his most successful introductions was without doubt the Kaasboer bloodline, which proved its potential for the first time in the lofts of Jef Goovaerts, before turning into a world class bloodline for Gaston Van de Wouwer. It was super class breeder Super 481 in particular that provided Team Van der Auwera with numerous talented racing and breeding birds. The youngest star of this team is Breavehart Jr, who was sent to the breeding loft after just six races.

And let's not forget the fantastic Charlie's Angels bloodline of Rudi De Saer x Rik Cools.This line consists of three super class hens, named after the three actresses from the TV series. They have done really well in this breeding loft, and all three stem from the same parents: Young Antonio (Rudi De Saer) and Beauty Cools (Rik Cools), from the line of De Kleine of Gaby Vandenabeele.

The sire of the Charlie's Angels bloodline: Young Antionio

The dam of the Charlie's Angels bloodline: Beauty Cools

And there is another prominent bloodline that was introduced over the past few years: the line of Gladiator of Bart Geerinckx, which Breavehart is a direct grandson of. Longer middle distance champion Leon Jacobs from Tremelo did great with this bloodline as well, with his descendant Mister Chateauroux claiming a 1st National Chateauroux Zone B1 of 3,850 pigeons.

BE17-6105049 Breavehart Junior

A new star coming from the Kaasboer bloodline: Breavehart Junior (with a small error in the ring number)

This champion had already won several top prizes when Guy decided to put his racing career on hold. He had completed no more than six races. Keep in mind both his parents Breavehart and Glady (the Gladiator bloodline) had been sold earlier on. Guy did not hesitate to transfer Breavehart Jr to the breeding loft, hopefully to provide him with talented descendants.

1st Semi-provinciaal Ecouen - 7,745 old birds
1st Ecouen - 1,122 old birds
1st Ecouen - 784 young birds
6th Pont-St. Maxence - 1,141 pigeons
4th Noyon - 417 pigeons
39th Ecouen - 1,072 pigeons
41st Melun - 1,280 pigeons

Like we said, the sire is Breavehart, winner of two first prizes and a direct son of Super 481, a son of Kaasboer. Another son of Breavehart is Early Grey, winner of a 1st Noyon of 876 pigeons and a 2nd Dourdan of 1,035 pigeons. A grandchild of Breavehart has a 1st Interprovincial Vierzon of 8,105 pigeons to his name.

The dam is Glady, which is a daughter of super class pair Gladiator Iron Lady of Bart Geerinckx. Glady is the half sister of a 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB 2015, and she is also the dam of B-Special, winner of a 1st National Zone B1 Montluçon (3,494 pigeons) and an 8th National Zone B1 Bourges (4,130 pigeons).

This is all in all quite a remarkable pedigree. For the full version click here.

Excellent results in 2018

Here is a selection of some of the team's best results this year:

Old birds

Bourges (500 km)
    Club - 366 pigeons: 1-2-4-7-8-9-10-12-16-26-27-29-35-36-...
    Provincial - 3,201 pigeons: 4-6-12-31-32-38-40-61-76-163-169-186-227-229-239-260-...
Chateauroux (544 km)
    Club - 326 pigeons: 1-21-22-25-28-29-32-...(15/27)
    Provincial - 2,394 pigeons: 1-105-106-135-151-159-189-190-... (16/27)
Gueret (609 km)
    Club - 137 pigeons: 1-5-6-7-9-13-... (13/30)
    Provincial - 1,044 pigeons: 7-16-22-24-26-38-54-58-... (16/30)
Ecouen (300 km)
    Club - 784 pigeons: 1-2-9-39-49-65-77-78-... (19/34)
    Semi- Provincial - 7,745 pigeons: 1-7-...
Ecouen (300 km) 
    Club - 1,122 pigeons: 1-3-15-72-87-... (16/34)
Melun (328 km)
    Club - 149 pigeons: 1-3-4-5-6-10-14-... (10/15)
Ecouen (300 km)
    Club - 1,072 pigeons: 3-11-12-14-18-28-26-30-31-32-39-40-42-82-94-98-100-103-104-...(35/48)
Ecouen (300 km)
    Club - 451 pigeons: 2-8-9-11-13-20-21-22-23-24-28-29-30-... (32/48)
Ecouen (300 km) 
    Club - 1,652 pigeons: 5-18-19-21-28-35-40-46-47-48-56-59-63-153-158-... (35/48)
Chevrainvillers (372km) 
    Club - 1,680 pigeons: 7-17-22-24-41-46-47-61-62-63-71-71-73-74-84-85-86-129-150-153-... 
Chevrainvillers (372km) 
    Club 1,034 pigeons: 6-12-14-15-22-26-27-35-36-37-42-42-44-45-57-58-59-84-97-99-...

Young birds

Quievrain (122 km)
    Club - 563 pigeons: 1-2-22-29-34-47-48-50-52-53-...
Noyon (225 km) 
    Club 252 pigeons: 1-2-3-4-5-18-24-25-... (22/56) 
Chevrainvillers (372 km) 
    Club - 198 pigeons: 1-2-3-8-9-10-11-12-14-15-16-... (23/40)
Melun (328 km)
    Club - 291 pigeons: 1-2-3-3-5-6-7-8-9-11-12-13-14-16-21-23-25-26-... (35/49)
Chevrainvillers (372 km) 
    Club - 631 pigeons: 2-3-6-8-9-13-14-24-28-29-30-31-33-39-40-61-62-63-... (37/72) 
Noyon (225 km)
    Club - 1,189 pigeons: 5-9-12-21-25-80-101-112-... (27/56)
Chevrainvillers (372 km)
    Club - 362 pigeons: 4-5-6-15-16-17-18-19-21-23-26-31-32-33-36-... (23/40)
Melun (328 km) 
    Club - 525 pigeons: 4-5-7-11-18-40-44-45-49-... (19/40)
Pont St.Max (257 km)
    Club - 752 pigeons: 9-10-11-20-21-25-47-48-49-50-73-73-... (35/51)

References in other lofts

Several lofts in Belgium and abroad have become quite successful after they introduced the invaluable Van der Auwera bloodlines in their collection. For an overview of their references in recent years click here.

eerdere hokken in binnen- en buitenland waren al succesvol met duiven die bekomen werden van de gouden lijnen van Guy Van der Auwera. Een overzicht van de voorbije jaren is hier terug te vinden.

And here are some references from 2018:

For Peter Van De Merwe:
1st NPO Chateauroux Sect 2 - 6,923 pigeons
1st Asse - 1,278 pigeons
1st NPO Chateauroux - 3,244 pigeons
2nd NPO Chateauroux - 12,511 pigeons
1st Provincial ace pigeon longer middle distance 2018
2nd National ace pigeon young birds PIPA ranking (6 races) 2018
5th National ace pigeon young birds 2018
3rd National NPO Melun - 8,893 pigeons
4th NPO Argenton - 8,702 pigeons
4th NPO Chateauroux - 3,769 pigeons

For Henk Hoekstra:
1st NPO Quievrain - 20,006 pigeons
2nd & 3rd Quievrain - 2,447 pigeons
1st Provincial Champion young birds 2018 with Super 481 -line
1st NPO Morlincourt - 2,057 young birds
For Eddy Grootjans
1st Chevrainvillers - 1,654 pigeons
1st Chevrainvillers - 1,071 pigeons

For Wichard De Vries (Dokkum)
“Brother Breavehart Jr.” - a direct Van der Auwera 627/18 - 15th NPO Morlincourt
“New Kaasboerin” - a direct Van der Auwera 604/18 - 3rd of 2,521 pigeons Rayon

For Jacob Poortvliet
1st Molincourt - 2,675 pigeons and the fastest of 4,321 pigeons
1st Heusden Zolder - 3,516 pigeons

J.H.M. Dircks (The Netherlands)
10th NPO Epernay - 6,453 pigeons (The sire was purchased in the PIPA auction Feb. 2018) 

Bernard Van Oerle (The Netherlands)
7th ace pigeon extreme long distance young birds (raced by the GPS-lofts) 
61st National Orleans - 10,852 pigeons
13th Nanteuil - 3,217 pigeons Nanteuil
40th NPO Gien - 2,405 pigeons 

What does the 2019 season bring

The team has added another talented pigeon from their Super 481 line to their breeding loft: Breavehart Junior. He joins an extensive group of breeders from the renowned bloodlines of Super 481 and Charlie's Angels, and from some other recently introduced bloodlines: Mister Chateauroux (50% Leon Jacobs) and the now world famous line of Gladiator of Bart Geerinckx. This should give him plenty of options to turn 2019 into a great success. We have seen repeatedly in the past that this breed delivers new champions on a regular basis, both at home and abroad. We can only hope their opponents are up for it.