Sakis Minovgioudis (Alblasserdam, NL): a world class fancier with a small team, mainly successful in one loft racing

Sakis Minovgioudis owes his excellent reputation to a large extent to three super class breeders of Ludo Claessens: the descendants of Meeuwke 12, Supercrack's Talent and his Bonte Beauty have led to fantastic results across the globe, especially in one loft racing.

Sakis flanked by Thomas Gyselbrecht (l) and Jawin van Namen (r)

Sakis Minovgioudis was born in Greece but he has lived in The Netherlands since his childhood. He has been keeping pigeons from an early age as well, and he soon showed to be quite good at it. His career really took off in 1996, when he met Ludo Claessens. It was then that a group of late youngsters of Ludo Claessens were introduced in his loft for the first time. And he continued to obtain Claessens pigeons in the following years as well. Ludo not only provided him with top class pigeons, he also gave him a lot of invaluable advice on keeping pigeons. Sakis made perhaps his best investment in 2003, when he obtained Meeuwke 12. Such champions as Supercrack's Talent and Bonte Beauty were introduced along the way as well, and the descendants of these world class bloodlines soon enabled him to win several top results in quick succession. He had for instance the best young bird in The Netherlands in the WHZB competition and the Vredesduif competition. And he continued to be a top level player in the following years as well, adding numerous international top prizes to his palmares with the help of these very bloodlines. Many of Sakis's best pigeons were sold to fanciers from China, Taiwan, Thailand, Kuwait, Canada, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Greece, the USA, The Netherlands, etc. Here is a brief list of pigeons that have excelled in other countries:

Poland   :       Greek God      (from Bonte Beauty x Meeuwke 12)
Canada   :       Sakis Moon     (from Supercrack's Talent x Meeuwke 12)
Germany  :       Talents Rookie (from Supercrack's Talent x Daughter Meeuwke 12)
The Netherlands: Amerigo        (from Supercrack's Talent x Meeuwke 12)
U.S.A.   :       Supercrack 135 (from Granddaughter Supercrack's Talent x Meeuwke 12)

The youngsters and grandchildren of these breeders have been particularly successful in the one loft races in these countries; we talked about this in an earlier PIPA report. And the Sakis pigeons have excelled again this season, with a grandchild of Meeuwke x Supercrack's Talent winning 1,000,000.00 euro worth of prize money in the BaiGeYuan One Loft Race in China. And one of Pioneer Club's ace pigeons this season is a descendant of Meeuwke 12 x Supercrack's Talent. Meanwhile, the winning pigeon in the 2018 One Loft Race Sofia is related to the Sakis breed as well, as you can see here.

Besides these notable results in one loft races, the Sakis breed excelled in their home loft this season as well. In fact, he got some great results in 2018 with a team of pigeons that were raced just three times in 2017, when they were still young birds. The following prizes were won in Entente Drechtsteden:

1st Pontoise        358 km 2,223 p.
1st Fontenay        447 km 1,533 p.
1st Duffel           86 km 1,930 p.  (10 pigeons in the top 54)
1st Duffel           86 km 1,114 YBs (1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, etc.)
1st Argenton (R.A)  629 km   272 p.  (10 min. lead)

Let's take a closer look at the pigeons that have led to many of this team's best results over the years.

NL13-1229543 Beauty Santorini

Beauty Santorini is a granddaughter of Supercrack's Talent x Super 155, and she is one of today's top breeders in the lofts of Sakis. Super 155 was 1st Ace Pigeon, and she is also the dam of six first prize winners. Click here for the pedigree of Beauty Santorini. This hen won the title of 1st Ace Pigeon Middle Distance 2014, and this is her palmares:

1st Sens     1,543 p. (and 5th Prov. 12,993 p.)
2nd Argenton   207 p.
3rd Nanteuil   133 p.
3rd Pt.St.Max  293 p.

And she is now the dam of Extreem, 1st Duffel 1,930 pigeons (5 prizes in 5 races)

NL13-1229661 Meeuwke 661

Meeuwke 661 is a direct daughter of super class breeding pair Supercrack's Talent x Meeuwke 12. This makes her a full sister of top breeders Saki Moon (Fred Goodchild, Canada) and Amerigo (Wout Spierings, The Netherlands), as well as a half sister of Greek God (Tomasz Wiczling, Poland). Meeuwke 661 is the dam of top breeder Mykonos of Bartosz Morel (Poland).

NL14-1050827 White Strong

Such top class breeders as Meeuwke 12 (twice), Super 155, Supercrack's Talent and Miss Tessaloniki II feature in the pedigree of this excellent breeding and racing hen, as you can tell from her pedigree. She is the dam of a 1st Pontoise of 521 pigeons (with a 10 minute lead) and a 1st of 2,223 pigeons. And White Strong had has a great racing career too:

 1st Argenton       122 p.
 1st Argenton       366 p.
 2nd Argenton       716 p.
 9th NPO Argenton 7,374 p.
 8th Ruffec         337 p.
34th Blois        1,164 p.
46th Mantes       1,158 p.
60th Moeskroen    1,435 p.
91st Duffel       3,439 p.

NL14-1050916 White Talent

White Talent has proven to be quite a successful breeder as well. He is for instance the sire of a 1st Pontoise of 2,223 pigeons when paired to White Strong. He is a son of supercrack's Talent and Meeuwke 12, and he is a full brother of such renowned breeding birds as Saki Moon (Fred Goodchild, Canada), Amerigo (Wout Spierings, The Netherlands) and Talents Rookie, and he is a half brother of Greek God (Tomasz Wiczling, Poland).

NL15-3539949 Aphrodite

This pigeon of Bart Geerinckx (Wommelgem, BE) was purchased at the annual  Golden Classic in Dordrecht. Sakis had great confidence in this pigeon, and she clearly lived up to the expectations with the following top prizes:

1st Fontenay       447 km 1,553 p.
2nd La Souterraine 667 km   263 p.
3rd Vierzon        549 km   751 p.
3rd Chateauroux    600 km   175 p.
6th Duffel          84 km 1,139 p.
8th Pontoise       358 km 2,335 p.

NL18-1092665 Extreem

The last pigeon in our overview is the talented newcomer Extreem. This promising racing bird illustrates yet again that even the third and fourth generation descendants of Meeuwke, Supercrack's Talent, Bonte Beauty and others are proving to be top class pigeons. She is a daughter of the aforementioned Beauty Santorini, and she had a 100% prize percentage in the five races that she was basketed for, winning most notably a 1st Duffel of 1,930 pigeons.

A pigeon fancier in heart and soul

Sakis is without doubt the owner of the most valuable collection of Ludo Claessens pigeons in Europe. He was able to create a pigeon breed around Meeuwke 12, Supercrack's Talent and Bonte Lady, and he continues to shine even with third and fourth generation descendants. The fact that Sakis leaves for work at 7:15 in the morning (he works as a truck technician), only to arrive home at 6pm, makes his achievements all the more impressive. Pigeon racing is obviously his big passion. He enjoys winning races with his own team but he is almost just as excited to see his pigeons claim victory for other fanciers at home and abroad. He has had some great moments thanks to pigeon racing but he is well aware that life can be hard on you as well. He experienced this a few weeks ago when his father passed away. That is why we included a picture of 2017, which shows Sakis being flanked by his proud parents.

Sakis and his proud parents