Norbert & Stefan Ally (Aarsele, BE) claim their third national first prize in 2018

Norbert and his son Stefan had one of the most remarkable results of the season, by clocking the fastest pigeon overall in a sun-drenched but very demanding race from Angoulême, with an astounding 17 minute lead in the yearling's race, and even 25 minutes ahead of the national winner in the old birds' race (two pigeons of Joël Verschoot). This is a rare achievement indeed.

Norbert & Stefan Ally showing their Angoulême Vooruit

You can tell from past seasons that the team of Norbert Ally (69, a retired vet) has had a few spectacular results over the years. We still remember their fantastic result in Souillac in 2014, when they won a 1-2-4 national Souillac of 7,039 pigeons. It was the year in which they also became General Champion of Belgium KBDB. Next up was another national victory in 2015, with Neymar. He claimed a 1st Nat. Montauban of 3,990 pigeons (as the fastest of over 6,000 pigeons), after having been close in 2014, when he won a 2nd Nat. Brive 3,850 YLs. Their recent top result from Angoulême marks their third national victory, and it was quite a special one. It was perhaps their most prestigious win in their already successful career.

A highly demanding 2018 season - tailored to the Ally birds

When you look back on the past racing season, to see what has happened over the course of the year, you will often come across the same names. This is especially true after a particularly demanding 2018 season, in which the most talented breeds will always come to the fore, especially in difficult races. And that is where the pigeons of Norbert and Stefan Ally come in. This is a loft with many highly talented birds, which have won quite a number of top prizes over the course of 2018. Think for instance of their double provincial first prize from Blois on 2nd of June of 3,289 old birds and 3,367 yearlings. They were victorious again on 15th of July, claiming a provincial first prize from Jarnac of 997 yearlings (2nd Nat. Jarnac), and they ended the season in style, in the closing national long distance race of 2018, claiming a national victory in a highly demanding race from Angoulême, with an impressive 17 minute lead over the entire field of 9,555 pigeons. The average speed was just under 1060 m/min, in sun-drenched conditions and a strong headwind, with temperatures reaching 30 degrees and more. This was a particularly hard day, with just 10 old birds and 8 yearlings reaching a speed of more than 1000 m/min at national level. The achievement of this national winner, which is now called Angoulême Vooruit, is nothing short of incredible.

Top results based on the strong bloodlines of Schumi and Neymar

Breeding lines, some believe in it, others don't - it differs from fancier to fancier. However, there is no denying that champions breed champions, and ace pigeons breed ace pigeons. It is an inherent part of their physiology. When this type of bird is capable of passing on its excellent features (orientation skills, willpower, vitality, etc.) to future generations, you end up with a high value breeding line, a line of champions that breed new champions. Most top class racing birds come from crossings, especially when the descendants of two top class breeding lines are paired to each other. It increases the chance of their youngster having the qualities of both lines. And being able to breed such racing birds season after season is what makes a pigeon loft successful for an extended period of time. 

Take for instance Norbert and his son Stefan Ally; they have been top contenders at national level for several years now, with a team based around super class pigeons in the longer middle distance and the long distance. They became renowned thanks to the excellent bloodlines of such superstars as Schumi and Neymar.
Up until about two years ago, the trio of Aaron BE12-3111421, 'De 341' BE12-3111341, and Neymar BE13-3126093 were the cornerstones of the Ally racing team. These fantastic long distance birds all developed into invaluable breeding birds for this team. And their bloodlines combine really well with that of Schumi (1st Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB) and Gouda, which means Norbert & Stefan really have a good thing going. They crossed their existing breed (mainly based around the Gaby Vandenabeele birds) with pigeons of none other than Erik Limbourg and Gaston Van de Wouwer, and this led to another performance boost. Click here for a brief overview of 2018.

This illustrates the breeding strategy that has led to great results over the years: breeding youngsters from your proven racing birds, while introducing other bloodlines every once in a while as well.

Schumi Junior x Belle: a new top class breeding pair for Norbert & Stefan Ally

National win from Angoulême with a 17 minute lead

One of the most headturning results of 2018 was the 1st National Angoulême by Norbert & Stefan Ally, which was a magnificent feat. They claimed victory in one of the most demanding races of 2018, in sun-drenched conditions and a strong headwind, with an astounding 17 minute lead over their closest opponents. They deserve a lot of credit for this victory.

Their pigeon breed clearly knows how to win races with a big lead, preferrably in tough weather. They also won a 1st Nat. Montauban in 2015 with Neymar, also with a 10 minute lead. 

It must a joy, having such super class racing birds and their descendants in your breeding lofts. When all the pieces fall into place, you end up with another invaluable pigeon. The winner of this 1st Nat. Angoulême, Het Gueretje, is a perfect example.

-Gueretje BE14-3119232

She is the winner of a 22nd Nat. Gueret 16,619 p. and a daughter of the new world class breeding pair Schumi Junior (1131/13) x Belle (366/12), which makes her a full sister of such breeding stars as New Schumi and New Schuma of Norbert and Stefan Ally. Here is a look at Gueretje's references:

  • the dam of ‘Den Angouleme Vooruit’ BE17-3011637
   1. Nat. Angouleme ’18 -  5,030 yearlings (Speed: 1060m/min, temperature > 30°C)
   1. fastest pigeon from Angoulême of 9,555 pigeons in total with a 17 minute lead
   3. Prov. Tours ’17 - 3478 p.
  44. Prov. Chateauroux ’18 – 2,992 p.
  77. Prov. Pontoise ’17 – 18,184 p.
  90. Nat. Limoges ’18 – 7,236 p.
 178. Nat. Argenton ’18 – 19,859 p.
The sire of this national winner is ‘Son Zidane’, which comes from Willem De Bruijn (NL). 
Click here for the pedigree.

  • The dam of ‘Charlene’ (169/15)
Co-winner of the title of 2nd Nat. Champion Young Birds KBDB 2015 (in the national races)
 89. Nat. La Souterraine - 9,760 p. 2015
177. Nat. Issoudun - 11,984 p. 2015
  • The dam of BE16-3073509: 1st Club Cahors 72 p., 10th Prov. 1016 p. and 21st Nat. 6356 p. in 2018

Gueretje is also a full sister of the talented new racing bird ‘992/16’ (a summer youngster of 2016, trained with the young bird in 2017), see pedigree. He won the following prizes in 2018:

2. Club Clermont 180 p.
3. Club Angouleme 110 p. & 36. Nat. 4,525 p.
6. Club Clermont 151 p.
263. Nat. Jarnac 5371 p. etc…

But Gueretje is most of all a full sister of supercrack New Schumi (a grandson of such iconic Ally birds as Schumi, Gouda and Gaston 039).

-New Schumi BE15-3126131

2. Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance YBs KBDB 2015
28. Nat Issoudun   11,981 p.
38. Nat Argenton   18,363 p.
65. N.Zone Bourges 11,401 p.

Meanwhile New Schumi earned his stripes in the breeding loft, as the sire of such talented racing and breeding birds as Treasure (499/16), 600-hen (600/17), the ‘530/17’ (52nd Prov. Orleans 3,417 p.) and ‘531/07’.

The last missing piece of the puzzle was that of super breeder Gaston 039, a direct Gaston Van de Wouwer (see pedigree), a grandson of the invaluable Kaasboer and a half brother of Palme d'Or, the dam of Amalia and Nikolaas: they both claimed a 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance KBDB, in 2011 and 2013 respectively.

This Gaston 039 is for instance the sire of De 170’, supercrack ‘De 341’, Goudina, and Belle for team Ally. These are all excellent racing and breeding birds in this loft. The 170 was in fact the second pigeon to arrive home from the demanding Angoulême for Norbert and Stefan Ally, claiming a 5th National old birds.

-De 170 BE15-3124170

 5. Nat Angoulême 4,525 p. ’18 -  1. Club 110 p. (speed: 1012m/min)
 1. Club Clermont   110 p. ’17
 2. Club Clermont   229 p. ’17 - 11. WVOU 10.757 p.
 2. Club Clermont   162 p. ’18 
 2. Club Clermont    71 p. ’16
36. Nat Jarnac    5,134 p. ’17 -  3. Club 109 p. 

His half brother ‘De 341’ (the same sire: Gaston 039) was a great bird as well, and one of the team's best racing birds in 2012-2015. He is now showing to be an excellent breeding bird as well:

-De 341 BE12-3111341

 5. Prov. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance YLs YBs KBDB 2012
 4. Nat La Souterraine 11.236 p. ’13 – 1. Club 335 p.
 1. Clermont              228 p. ’13
10. prov. Gueret        3.318 p. ’12 - 31. Nat. Zone 7,174 p.
29. Nat. Souillac       3.641 p. ’13
47. Nat. Limoges        8.303 p. ’15
58. Nat. Argenton      25.949 p.
63. Nat. Libourne       5.024 p. ’15
73. N.Zone Chateauroux  5.418 p. ’15 - 30. prov. 3,078 p.
79. N.Zone Gueret       2.222 p. ’13

The 341 is a son of Gaston 039 paired to Daughter Ronaldo 34 (a sister of the 1. Nat. Souillac in 2010). The 341 is in turn the sire of one of the great stars of this racing team in 2018:

-Son 341 BE16-3073560 

 48. Nat. Angoulême    4,525 p. ’18 -  5. Club   110 p.
 24. prov. Libourne      625 p. ’18 - 152 Nat. 3,176 p.
 78. prov. Chateauroux 5,904 p. ’18 -  2. Club  ,595 p.
 97. prov. Cahors      1,016 p. ’18 - 364 Nat. 6,356 p. 
214. Nat. Limoges I   15,789 p. ’18 -  4. Club   289 p.

Click here for the pedigree of Son 341

This is a fantastic bloodline indeed!

The team's new stock breeder: Neymar BE13-3126093

Neymar is a highly renowned pigeon and the superstar of the team of Norbert Ally. He was a fantastic racing bird, and now an invaluble breeder. Here is another look at his best results from his racing career:

 1. Nat. Montauban 3,990 p. 2015
 Fastest pigeon from Montauban of 6,119 p. with a 10 minute lead
 2. Best yearling long distance of Belgium – 3 races, PIPA Ranking 2014
 6. Nat. Ace Pigeon Fond YLs KBDB 2014
 2. Nat. Brive   3,850 p. 2014 / 1st club 135 p. (20 minute lead)
39. Nat. Tulle   5,731 p. 2015
54. Nat. Limoges 6,907 p. 2014

Click here for Neymar's pedigree

Neymar is himself the sire of Neymar Junior BE17-3011652, winner of:

 3. Nat. Ace Pigeon shorter middle distance YBs KBDB 2017
 4. prov. Tours     6,741 p. 2017
 5. prov. Tours     1,483 p. 2017
15. prov. Blois     2,380 p. 2017
19. Nat   Jarnac    4,940 p. 2018
27. prov. Orleans   3,398 p. 2017
34. prov. Pontoise 18,184 p. 2017

Click here for the pedigree of Neymar Junior

Even though Neymar Junior was still part of the 2018 racing team, he was already put to the test as a breeder in the winter of 2017-2018. And his breeding results were quite impressive. Neymar Junior bred the following birds in his first year of breeding:

-de BE18-3115148

 6. Prov Chateaudun 3,129 p. – 1. Club  78 p.
70. Prov Argenton   4,190 p. – 5. Club 445 p.

-de BE18-3115144

62. Prov Orleans     2,690 p. –  5. Club 264 p.
80. Prov Chateauroux 2,429 p. – 10. Club 215 p.
13. Pontoise           774 p.

Besides Neymar Junior, Neymar is the sire of several other top birds, and these have won a 3rd Prov. Tours 5,313 p., a 43rd Nat. Jarnac 5,117 YLs, 57th Nat. Limoges 10,554 YLs, 4th Prov. Chateaudun 1,887 p., 48th Prov. Chateaudun 3,594 p. and 55th Nat. Tulle 5,326 p. in ’18, and much more.
Neymar's breeding potential shows in his grandchildren as well. To illustrate, we take a look at the results of the young birds from 2018, which are grandchildren of Neymar:


14. Prov Blois       2,294 p. – 1. Club 77 p.
16. Prov Chateauroux 3,721 p. – 2. Club 372 p.
 4. Club Fontenay      207 p.
 5. Club Chateaudun     78 p. – 118 Prov 3,129 p.
 7. Clermont           157 p.


 6. Prov Chateaudun 3,129 p. – 1. Club 78 p.
70. Prov Argenton   4,190 p. – 5. Club 445 p.


62. Prov Orleans     2,690 p.
80. Prov Chateauroux 2,429 p.
13. Pontoise           774 p.


27. Prov Chateauroux 3,721 p.
197 Prov Bourges     2,932 p.

-BE18-3012863 (@ Linda Desutter)

44. Prov Chateaudun  4,748 p.
157 Prov Poitiers    1,688 p.
158 Prov Chateauroux 2,429 p.
167 Prov Argenton    4,190 p.

-BE18-4070881 (@ Tom & Marniek Van Gaver)

 1. Club Issoudun      154 p.
34. Prov. Orleans    1,470 p.
117 Prov. Blois      1,470 p.
132 Zone Chateauroux 4,035 p.
343 Prov. Blois      3,498 p.

-BE18-3030311 (@ Rudi De Saer)

16. Prov Poitiers   1,688 p.
46. Prov Chateaudun 4,748 p.

-BE18-3075062 (@ Karl Deltour)

 1. Club Pontoise 298 p.
 6. Club Pontoise 288 p.
11. Club Pontoise 733 p.

Neymar is indeed a fantastic stock breeder for this team; his bloodlines are an excellent foundation. For instance, the double winner of a 1st Prov. Blois olds and yearlings of 2nd of June 2018 originates from that same bloodline. He is a half brother of Neymar (from the same dam) paired to Schalie Souillac BE12-3078469 (a half brother Neymar, from the same dam).

-Provincial Blois BE17-3011601

 1. Prov Blois       3,367 yearlings
 1. Prov Blois       3,289 old birds
32. Prov Chateauroux 2,992 p.
292 Nat. Limoges     7,236 p.

Click here for the pedigree of Provincial Blois

That same Schalie Souillac BE12-3078469 (half brother of Neymar) is also the sire of:
-Limoges BE17-3011517

22. Nat Limoges      7,236 p. ’18 – 1. Club 77 p.
24. Prov Chateauroux 3,928 p. ’17 – 112 Nat 18,499 p.
151 Nat Angoulême    5,030 p. ’18

The dam of Neymar (daughter Provincial Poitiers BE11-3050244 Pollin) is also the grandmother of an 8th National ace pigeon long distance yearlings (17-3075236) of Rudi De Saer!

-Asduif BE17-3075236 (raced @ Rudi De Saer)

 8. Nat Ace Pigeon long distance yearlings KBDB 2018
 5. Nat Angoulême    5,030 p.
26. Nat Jarnac       4,940 p.
 4. Club Chateauroux   216 p.
306 Nat Argenton    19,859 p.

This Neymar bloodline is proving to be a high value bloodline. This breeding bird has a proven record already, and we think there is still a lot to come from this bloodline in the future.

1st Provincial and 2nd National Jarnac 2018

As the season went by, and an increasing number of pigeons were starting to feel the many kilomtres in demanding conditions this year, the Norbert Ally birds were really starting to come to the fore. It resulted in their third provincial victory of the season in mid-June, from Jarnac. They were quite close to a national win as well but they had to settle for second. Their provincial winner, Jarnac, is a direct son of that other renowned breeder for team Ally: Lucky Erik BE10-3075591 (see pedigree). This Lucky Erik is the sire of two top class pigeons in the yearlings' team of 2018, and of another successful long distance pigeon and future stock breeder: Aaron. We take you through some of the highlights of these three successful birds:

-Jarnac BE17-3011653

 1. Prov. Jarnac   997 p. ’18 - 2. Nat. 4,940 p. (1098 m/min, >30°)
 8. Club Argenton  295 p. ’18 - 294. Nat. 19,859 p.
10. Club Clermont  265 p. ’17
20. Club Clermont  687 p. ’17
109 Prov. Tours  1,483 p. ’17
246 Prov. Tours  6,741 p. ’17

Click here for Jarnac's pedigree.

-De 654 BE17-3011654 (Nest brother Jarnac)

 1. Club Clermont      86 p. ’18
 9. Prov Blois      3,367 p. ’18 – 3. Club 182 p. & 9. Prov. 3367 p.
 5. Club Clermont     265 p. ’17
26. Club Fontenay     514 p. ’18
43. Prov. Libourne ’18 -  184. Nat. 2.893 d.
48. Prov. Tours      6,741 p. ’17 
154. Nat. Angouleme  5,030 p. ’18
234. Nat. Limoges    7,136 p. ’18

Lucky Erik is also the sire of one of the team's best racing birds of 2012-2015, and this pigeon is now a highly valued breeder as well: Aaron.

-Aaron BE12-3111421

 7. Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance YLs KBDB 2013
Winner of 5 first prizes in total
 1. Fontenay        599 p. ’15 -  2. prov 9,261 p.
 1. Limoges         231 p. ’14 -  7. Nat. 7,221 p.
 3. prov. Tulle     809 p. ’13 - 57. Nat. 6,972 p.
 9. Nat. Libourne 5,024 p. ’15
43. Nat. Brive    6,842 p. ’13
53. Nat. Limoges  8,303 p. ’15

Top class birds in abundance

That is the least we can say when looking back at the numerous top quality racing and breeding birds in this loft. The team's in-house bloodlines of Neymar and Schumi, paired to outside breeds of Marc Pollin, Erik Limbourg and Gaston Van de Wouwer, have led to fantastic results. Norbert and Stefan Ally have a collection of pigeons that will likely continue to deliver for years to come. They can look toward the future with great confidence.

Schalie Souillac: the sire of Neymar, and the grandfather of Provincial Blois (2 x 1st Prov. Blois in 2018)