(slecht bevonden door liefhebber) Scheele Brothers (Terneuzen, NL) continue their rise to the top with a 7th victory

The Scheele Brothers claimed already their 7th first prize in Province 1 this season, thus further improving their position in the different championship rankings.

The two fanciers claimed another 1-2-4-6 in Pontoise on 10th of June. And their achievements in two longer distance races were remarkable as well. The following results were all won in 9 days' time:

2 June Orleans   391 km.   4,883 p.         
4-10-11-17-60-69-82-90-91 etc. (32/69)

9 June Argenton 552 km.   2,761 p.         
7-8-82-163-165-175 etc. (13/27)

10 June     Pointoise 227 km.   3,970 p.         
1-2-4-6-20-21-24-32-254-419-425 etc. (21/42)

They won the following prizes in CC Entente Midden:

2 June     Orleans   391 km.   1,482 p.         
2-7-8-11-28-31-34-37-38-51-52 etc. (32/69)

9 June     Argenton 552 km.      726 p.         
3-4-17-37-39-45-53-80-84-86-98 etc. (15/27)

10 June    Pointoise 227 km.  1,134 p.         
1-2-4-6-9-10-12-16-86-123-125 etc. (21/42)

The province of Zeeland has had 13 races so far in the Entente Midden or Province 1, and the team claimed an impressive 7 first prizes, 2 second places, 1 third spot and 2 fourth plces. This is quite a feat!

NL17-3711254 Annika, the winner from Pontoise

The one year old Annika was the 7th pigeon to claim a first prize for the Scheele Brothers this season. She had done particularly well in Peronne as a young bird.

Click here for Annika's full pedigree.

2nd  NPO Pontoise   2,625 pigeons
5th  Niergnies      2,569 pigeons
8th  NPO Pithiviers 4,738 pigeons
12th NPO Orleans    1,201 pigeons
16th Roye           2,101 pigeons
46th Roye           6,016 pigeons

She was in the center of attention again this season with a great win from Pontoise.
This is her palmares in CC Entente Midden:

44th  Arras             1,532 pigeons
17th  Peronne           1,586 pigeons
16th  Roye              2,101 pigeons
60th  Fontenay-sur-Eure 2,519 pigeons
141st Arras             2,192 pigeons
45th  Peronne           1,563 pigeons
1st   Pointoise         1,134 pigeons

Annika, the winner from Pontoise

Numbers 2 and 4

The 2nd pigeon in Pontoise is racing cock 'Speed', NL17-3711262. This pigeon has a bright future ahead; it had already won a well deserved 2nd prize in a race with 4,383 pigeons.

Click here for Speed's full pedigree

NL17-3711302 finished in 4th place in Pontoise, and he appears to be at his fittest ever these days.

Here is an overview of the prizes that he won in CC Entente Midden:

317th Peronne           1,586 pigeons
206th Roye              2,101 pigeons
173rd Melun-Andrezel    1,457 pigeons
321st Pont-St.-Maxence  2,098 pigeons
263rd Fontenay-sur-Eure 2,519 pigeons
34th  Orleans           1,482 pigeons
4th   Pontoise          1,134 pigeons

This racing cock also won a 4th Pontoise in Province 1 of 3,970 pigeons.

Click here for the full pedigree of NL17-3711302

Thorough caretaking leads to great results

Jaap told us his excellent results are mainly thanks to the excellent origins of his pigeons, although the racing loft, the caretaking and the pigeons' diet play a major role as well. "We always use the All in One" mixture of Beyers. I am not a dietician but we want our birds to have a proper meal every day, since we expect them to perform at a high level. We did not change anything in terms of caretaking in the last several weeks, since everything was going exactly as we wanted."

Adriaan and Jaap have an excellent ranking in the different championships in Province 1 as well:

- Fourth place in the best 6 out of 7 sprint with 11,062.3 points
- First place in the best 3 out of 4 middle distance with 5,892.2 points
- First place in the general classification
- First place in the pigeon championships 3 out of 4 with ring number NL17-3711262, with 3 prizes and 2,983.2 points
- Third place in the pigeon championships 3 out of 4 middle distance with ring number NL17-3733274, with 3 prizes and 2,873.2 points
- A seventh place in the general classification old birds with ring number NL17-3711262, with 8 prizes and 7,215.8 points

To conclude

Where does it end for the Scheele Brothers, will they continue their rise to the top? Their opponents will have to work hard if they want to keep up with the two brothers. As it turns out, the sky is the limit for team Scheele.

Jaap & Adriaan Scheele