Jan Hooymans (Kerkdriel, NL) victorious both in the NPO one day long distance race from Gien and in Asse-Zellik last weekend

Jan Hooymans scored a two out of two this weekend: he took the win in the NPO one day long distance race from Gien with a son of Sister Harry, against 4,581 pigeons. And he was victorious again in Asse-Zellik, this time with a son of Harry Junior.

The loft caretakers (from left to right): Erik, Evert and Mario celebrate a double victory

There were two different races in Province 7 in the weekend of 9th of June. The NPO one day long distance race from Gien started on Saturday due to the weather, with the race from Asse-Zellik on Sunday. It was quite a succesful weekend for Team Hooymans, with a first prize in each race. The race in Gien, in rather difficult conditions, was won with a velocity of 1,154 m/min by racing bird Hans, a beautiful blue white coloured cock that has shown to be particularly successful in difficult races. Asse-Zellik was won by a fairly young racing bird. We take a look at the two first prize winners.

NL14-1209225 Hans, 1st NPO Gien Province 7 (4,581 pigeons)

NL14-1209225 Hans, 1st NPO Gien Province 7 (4,581 p.)

This is another victory in an important race for a descendant of the Harry bloodline. The winner in the NPO one day long distance race from Gien (494km) on Saturday 9th of June goes to a son of Sister Harry, who beat 4,580 opponents with a velocity of 1,154 m/min. The 225 used to be called Witpen Boy but Jan gave him a new name after his first prize from Gien: he is now called Hans. This in honour of the uncle of Jan Hooymans, also named Hans, whom the family was very close with. Racing bird Hans has been quite successful in the one day long distance:

  1st NPO Gien     4,581 p.
 11th NPO Blois    2,310 p.
 21st NU  Argenton 1,728 p.
 39th NPO Bourges  7,587 p.
 76th NU  Issoudun 3,109 p.
102nd NPO Orleans  5,228 p.

The dam of Hans is a full sister of Harry, which makes her a daughter of the legendary pair Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje. The sire of Hans is Blue Safari, a son of super class pair Leonardo x Tinkelbel of Arie Dijkstra (Oudwoude, NL). Click here for the fantastic pedigree of Harry.

The dam of Hans, 1st NPO Gien (4,581 p.)

NL17-1410056, 1st Asse-Zellik Province 7 (8,577 pigeons)

NL17-1410056, 1st Asse Zellik Province 7 (8,577 p.)

As if the 1st prize NPO from Gien on Saturday was not enough to make this a great weekend, a son of Harry Junior claimed another prestigious win: racing cock NL17-056 took a first prize of 8,577 pigeons from Asse-Zellik. This promising youngster has been in excellent form all season, and he is probably the strongest performing pigeon of 2018 with 7 prizes of 1 per 10 to his name. His sister NL17-057 was Jan's best youngster last year, winning for instance a 9th NPO Melun. The parents of the winner from Asse-Zellik are Harry Junior x Daughter Blue Brave. Jan now has a promising successor for his current stock breeder Harry in its ranks with Harry Junior. He is a half brother of Beauty Harry (both bred from Harry) and New Harry (from the same hen: Stareye). As a one year old, Harry Junior bred four youngsters together with a daughter of Blue Brave, and these have won several top prizes already, including two coveted teletext prizes: 9th NPO Melun and 9th NPO Roye. These are excellent references, and it shows that Harry Junior is indeed ready to follow in the footsteps of his sire Harry and his half brother Beauty Harry. Click here for the marvellous pedigree of NL17-056.

An elaborate strategy

We reckon no one will be surprised to hear that the Hooymans racing birds, besides claiming two first prizes for their own team, have done really well in other lofts this season as well. Click here for the references. Time and time agian, the Harry family achieves great results both at home and for other fanciers. And let's not forget their remarkable results in One Loft Races. Jan is fortunate to have the highly talented Harry in his collection, which has left its mark on pigeon racing across the globe. Jan wanted to make the Harry bloodline an integral part of his pigeon breed, which he successfully did thanks to an elaborate breeding strategy. Team Hooymans carefully looks after its invaluable foundation, with only the strongest of birds being deemed good enough to get a place in the breeding loft. And Jan would not hesitate to obtain talented pigeons from other lofts that originate from his own bloodlines. Thanks to this strategy the Harry bloodline has been able to deliver in the past, today, and in the future.

The double victory was reason enough for Mario, Evert and Erik to hit the pool