Jan Hooymans (Kerkdriel, NL) chases his One Loft Race ambitions with Carnival Wonder

It is no secret that Jan Hooymans is doing everything he can to reach his ambitions in one loft racing. He recently obtained the best pigeon ever to have competed in the Carnival One Loft Race in South Africa: Carnival Wonder DV03391-16-17. This pigeon is another invaluable addition to his already impressive OLR breeding lofts in Kerkdriel.

Jan Hooymans & Andres Moller

Carnival Wonder

This outstanding racing bird bred by Andreas Moller (DE) won the Carnival One Loft Race in South Africa in spectacular fashion.The closing race proved a very demanding flight over 450km, and Carnival Wonder managed to claim the first prize with an incredible 45 minute lead over the second in the race. Carnival Wonder showed his potential not just in the final; he was outstanding throughout the entire competition, eventually claiming the title of 1st Ace Pigeon COLR.

Carnival Wonder finished in 35th place in the first hotspot race, finishing in the same group of the winner. Unfortunately he entered the loft 20 seconds late to be able to claim victory.
He then claimed an 11th place in the second hotspot, again finishing with the race winner, now 9 seconds behind.
She went on to win a second place in the third hotspot, once again arriving home in the same group of the race winner, losing the race by a mere two seconds.
Like we said, he was victorious in the final race by a wide margin, not wasting a single second.
Carnival Wonder is quite a fantastic pigeon: a solid build, soft plumage, closed bones and strong muscles in the wings. The COLR's loft manager calls Carnival Wonder a "once in a lifetime pigeon". Herman has trained approximately 50,000 different pigeons for his One Loft Races, and he said not a single one of them matches Carnival Wonder.
And Jan Hooymans knows what he's doing: he has agreed with fellow fancier Andreas Moller to transfer the parents of Carnival Wonder to Kerkdriel as well. They will be paired to his own pigeon breed, in an effort to try and get even better results in one loft racing.