Ronald Geerdink (Hoogerheide, NL) can look back on another great season with excellent references

Ronald Geerdink is a fancier with an excellent reputation in the international scene. Besides being engaged in several pigeon racing organisations he is most of all known for having an extensive strategy that allows him to breed great racing birds. In his own loft and for many other fanciers.

Ronald is a busy enterpreneur and owner of several companies. His own company provides financial advice to wealthy investors, telling them how to invest their funds and how to work together with banks and fund managers. His company has a database of basically ever bank and fund manager from Western Europe, allowing him to monitor investment results around the clock. He basically knows who is getting good results and who is not, and this is of course invaluable information. Ronald applies the same approach to pigeon racing as well.

Reap what you sow

Ronald knows all too well that investments, a strict strategy and great discipline are crucial to getting steady results. It explains why he invested heavily in the 1st International Agen 2013, which he obtained in Jos Pepping's total auction. This pigeon had a 30 minutes' lead over the rest of the pack on the day of the release! Click here for the full pedigree of the 1st International Agen 2013 Daan.

Daan, 1st International Agen 2013

All the pigeons that his good friend Jos Pepping encouraged him to buy, were effectively transferred to Ronald's loft in Hoogerheide. The results of team Geerdink in the demanding 2017 race from Barcelona, where he basketed ten pigeons and won 8 international prizes, are nothing short of impressive. These results can be mainly attributed to the introduction of pigeons of Jos Pepping and Jelle Jellema. He wins a 129-285-340-410-500-580 national against 4,504 pigeons. Keep in mind Ronald started racing old birds in Hoogerheide only in in 2014.

He visited the loft of champion Jelle Jellema on several occasions, obtaining some of his best racing and breeding birds. Jelle has a selection of exceptional pigeons that compete at the highest level, especially in the race from Barcelona. Ronald invested in youngsters and grandchildren of Orion, Romee, Kleine Jade, Kiara, Zeus, Pallas, Buffel, etc.

Daughter Zeus

The third line are pigeons of Arjan Beens. His first investment was a daughter of 'Rika'.

Daughter Rika

Daughter Orion

In Arjan Beens's public auction Ronald only selected cocks from the best racing birds and the best bloodlines of Beens. It is widely known that Arjan in turn has been quite successful with pigeons of Ronald Geerdink as well. The inbred pigeon Sarina was purchased from Geerdink to become the sire of the 1st National Perpignan of 2014 later on.

Successes and references

After moving from Haarlem to Hoogerheide Ronald took part in his first old birds' races with international morning releases in 2014. Pau was his first big race, an Ronald was successful right away with the fastest pigeon in the province and a 21st National. Ronald immediately became 2nd General Champion Extreme Long Distance in the International Basketing Center (IFC) in Hoogerheide with a team of two year old hens, while finishing in 12th place international in the Western European Super Marathon.
2015: 1st Not nominated and general champion international races IFC Hoogerheide
2016: 1st Not nominated Champion IFC international races IFC Hoogerheide, 1st and 3rd provincial Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance and 1st Europe Cup five nominated!
2017: 1st Nominated, Not nominated and general champion international races IFC  Hoogerheide

Ronald is expected to get some great results in the different international championships as well, given his excellent results throughout the season.
His young pigeon breed managed to win the Not nominated championship three years in a row in the international basketing center in Hoogerheide. Keep in mind he baskets an average of no more than nine old birds per race.

Fanciers from across the globe know that there are plenty of top quality pigeons in Hoogerheide but Ronald struggles to invest enough time in his loft. On the other hand, other pigeon fanciers have really excelled with his pigeons, as you can tell from his list of references. More than 10 national or international first prizes were won in recent years with pigeons of Ronald Geerdink. A good example is Jaap Mazee from Ens: he wins a 1st NPO Limoges (818km) in 2017 against 1,353 pigeons, as well as a 1st National St. Vincent Sector 4 and a 4th prize against 13,240 pigeons two weeks later. The sire is 'Slimme' paired to a 1st Provincial Cahors of Jos Pepping, another Geerdink descendant. Click here for the impressive list of references won by pigeons of Ronald Geerdink.

Blauwe Pau