Freddy and Jacques Vandenheede (Zingem, BE) claim already their tenth national victory in Chateauroux

Freddy and Jacques Vandenheede claimed a 1st National Châteauroux on 14th of August, which adds to a total of ten national victories already. On top of that , they managed to win four provincial first prizes in a single month. It goes without saying that the Vandenheede pigeons are in excellent form.

Freddy and Jacques have won already their tenth national victory since the start of their collaboration in 2008. If we take into account their achievements from before 2008 we count a total of 17 (!) national victories won by Freddy and/or Jacques Vandenheede. Add to that a long list of provincial first prizes, and we are looking at the palmares of a nationally renowned breed. They have won the following provincial first prizes in 2017 alone:

1st     Prov. Valence         670  km   611 olds
1st     Prov. Châteauroux     476  km 4,740 YLs
1st     Prov. Limoges II      622  km 2,510 YLs
1st     Prov. Libourne         729 km   696 YLs (and 1st National 3,948 p.)
1st     Prov. Aurillac         672 km   475 olds
1st     Prov. Orleans          353 km 6,375 YLs
1st, 2nd Prov. Châteauroux III 477 km 3,782 JBs (and 1st National 18,499 p.)
1st     Prov. Vierzon          425 km 2,341 j.d.

The four most recent provincial victories from Châteauroux, Orleans, Aurillac and Vierzon were all won within 28 days. We would like to take a closer look at the four pigeons that claimed these top results.

BE17-4200091 Keppetje, 1st National Châteauroux 18,499 YBs

The 1st National Châteauroux on 14th of August was won by the chequered hen Keppetje. The sire of Keppetje is Bastille, and he is a son of De Luc x Germaine. De Luc is also the sire of a 3rd and 8th National Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2015. Germaine is a full sister of a 1st National Perpignan (5,591 p.). The dam of Keppetje is Lizzy, which is in turn a daughter of super class pigeon Triggerfinger. Click here for Keppeltje's full pedigree.

Grandfather of Keppetje

BE17-4200136 Black Beauty, 2nd Provincial Châteauroux 3,782 YBs

The 2nd Provincial and the 6th National were won by Black Beauty. The sire of Black Beauty is Vakula, and he is a son of De Fantast (1st Nat. Libourne 6,134 p.) x BE07-016 (the dam of a 1st Nat. La Souterraine 6,205 p.). The dam is Petit Biscuit. Click here for Black Beauty's pedigree.

Grandfather of Black Beauty

BE17-4200398 Doctrine, 1st Provincial Orleans 6,375 YBs

Doctrine did his first race as a racing bird on 13th of August in Orleans. He did a preparatory race from Ecouen the week before Orleans, and he won an 8th prize against 1,050 pigeons. The sire of Doctrine is Flinstone; the dam is Faisal. This provincial winner is related to several top class birds as well, including Flits, Isolde and Skylift. Click here to learn more about Doctrine's origins.

BE15-4130284 Goldfoxie, 1st Provincial Aurillac 475 olds

The race from Aurillac took place on 6th of August, and it was Goldfoxie that claimed a 1st Provincial against 475 old birds, as well as a 5th Interprovincial against 1,437 pigeons. Goldfoxie has been one of the stars of Freddy and Jacques for several years - click here for an overview of his best results. The dam of Goldfoxie is Chanel nr 1, and she won a 1st National Châteauroux against 12,071 pigeons in 2013. The sire is top breeder Mattheo, who has left his mark on the lofts in Zingem. Click here for Goldfoxie's pedigree.

The sire of Goldfoxie

BE17-4200092, 1st Provincial Vierzon 2,341 YBs

The last major result is a provincial victory from Vierzon on 2nd of September. The 092 claimed the win with a velocity of 1.166 m/min. The sire of the 092 is Boaz, which is in turn a grandson of top breeder Marcelino. Boaz is the winner of:

 4th Limoges         5,963 p.
 3rd Vierzon         3,573 p.
13th Limoges II     14,937 p.
 7th Limoges III     6,272 p.
 8th La Souterraine  4,610 p.

The dam of the 092 is Melanie, a talented pigeon and winner of a 5th Argenton (4,983 p.), a 33rd Chateauroux (5,641 p.) and a 211th Argenton (19,925 p.). Click here for the full pedigree of BE17-4200092.

Great-grandfather BE17-4200092

Plenty of national and provincial victories

Freddy and Jacques have been able to excel in the national and provincial races almost every season. Many articles have been dedicated to the two fanciers, who have clearly lived up to their reputation again this season. We cannot think of too many fanciers that were able to claim 10 national first prizes in 11 years' time, let alone the numerous provincial wins. They deserve the utmost respect.