Geert De Coninck (Beveren, BE) takes provincial first prize from Narbonne

Geert De Conninck has been one of the Barcelona specialists in the long distance for several years now. His palmares in the classic from Spain is nothing short of impressive. He has won several top prizes from Narbonne as well, and 2017 was no exception: he has just won a provincial first prize from France.

Geert De Coninck and Femke

BE14-4282215 Femke - 1st Provincial Narbonne

He took his provincial first prize from Narbonne with Femke, a summer youngster of 2014 that was trained only with the youngsters of 2015. These are her preparatory races:

20/5 Vierzon 57/619 p. 
04/6 Chateaurouw 33/249 p.
08/7 Limoges 25/137 p.

She was the fastest of 730 East Flemish old birds from Narbonne, and she finished in 32nd place of 4,260 pigeons at national level. Femke has a great pedigree: her sire is none other than Dempsey, himself winner of a 37th National Narbonne in 2012. Dempsey is in fact a full brother of the iconic Barcelona pigeon El Campio Barca, winner of the title of 1st International Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2013-2015. Evi, the dam of Femke, is quite a special pigeon as well. She was 1st Provincial Barcelona in 2014, finishing in 9th place national of 8,764 pigeons. She also won a 218th National Barcelona the year before, making her the 9th best pigeon from Barcelona across two seasons. In addition, she won a 78th National Narbonne in 2011. One of her half sisters won a 13th International Narbonne in 2012. This is a pigeon with an impressive pedigree, which you can find here.

Provincial winner Femke was basketed with a youngster of 23 days old and after 6 days of brooding

El Campio Barca: an invaluable bloodline

El Campio Barca has been one of the leading names of the Barcelona racing team for years, winning for instance the title of International Ace Pigeon Bercelona from 2013 to 2015. And the invaluable bloodline of El Campio Barca continues to flourish to this day. The line of Blauwe Henk 476 has shown its potential over the years as well, along with El Campio Barca, his half sister Victoria (31st and 43rd Provincial Barcelona) and the aforementioned full brother Dempsey, which also won a top prize from Tulle at club level. Click here for the full pedigree of El Campio Barca.

An art in itself

Creating a well balanced racing team for the marathon races, it sounds easier than it is. In fact, many fanciers have struggled with this in the past. It takes a lot of patience, great passion, a lot of experience and most of all the ability to bring together a specific group of bloodlines that bring together the characteristics of a true marathon pigeon: strength, speed, endurance, and intelligence. Geert has been working passionately for many years to incorporate each of these features into his racing team. He was bound to get some great results sooner or later. In fact, he is now one of the main favourites in basically every provincial, national and international marathon race every season. We will be hearing from him soon.