Norbert & Stefan Ally (Aarsele-Tielt, BE) win 1st Provincial Tours twice in two weeks’ time against 6,741 and 3,478 pigeons

Norbert and Stefan Ally have added another two top results to their extensive palmares, winning a 1st Provincial prize both from Tours I and Tours II. It is the descendants of Schumi x Gouda in particular that have dominated the competition in West Flanders.

The pigeon breed that the Ally family created over the years has such an excellent reputation that father and son are among the race favourites almost every weekend. We saw some particularly strong efforts from their young birds this season, including some notable results at provincial level in recent weeks: they basically dominated the competition with two provincial first prizes and several top five placings.

15 July Tours I;  1st and 3rd prov.      3,478 p.
29 July Tours II; 1st, 4th and 5th prov. 6,741 p.

A major part of their recent success can be attributed to the descendants of top class pair Schumi x Goudi. Schumi was 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance 2005, and Gouda was the best Belgian young bird of 2012 in races of over 400km. Stefan Ally: “After the 2012 season (September, October) we bred just one pair of youngsters from this combination; the 430 and 431. They became the parents of the 1st Prov. Tours I and a 5th Prov. Tours II in July this season. Shortly before the big PIPA auction in late December 2012 in which we sold Schumi, we weaned another nest and that youngster was Schumi Junior, the sire of 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon and new stock breeder New Schumi. Basically every top prize winner from Bourges I and II is related to top pair Schumi x Gouda.”

1st prov. Tours I 3,478 p.

The provincial winner on 15th of July is BE17-3011644, a son of 431/12 from top pair schumi x Gouda, and thus a full brother of top class racing birds Schumi Junior and 430/12. The dam is a direct Rudi De Saer and a full sister of Jaws, winner of a 2nd Prov. Tours 6,400 pigeons and 5 national top 100 placings.
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3e prov. Tours I 3,478 p.

The winner of a bronze medal on 15th of July is BE17-3011637, a racing cock with a fine palmares:

      3rd prov. Tours      3,478 p.
      3rd Club Pontoise      262 p.
        = 77th prov.      18,184 p.
      58th Fontenay          726 p.
      257th prov. Tours    6,741 p.
      1141st prov. Blois   5,948 p.

One of her full sisters wins a 1st prize in Ruiselede in the national race from Bourges on 6 August against more than 900 pigeons.
The sire was purchased from Willem De Bruyn from The Netherlands and originates from his renowned cock Zidane. The dam is Gueretje, winner of a 2nd Nat. Zone Gueret 2,707 p. and 22nd Nat. 16,619 p. and a daughter of New Schumi (and thus another granddaughter of Schumi x Gouda). The pairing Son Zidane x Gueretje showed its potential in 2015 and 2016, breeding numerous successful racing birds.
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1st prov. Tours II 6,741 p.

The sensational winner from Tours II is BE17-3011582, a highly talented pigeon that won a first prize in late June as well:

      1st prov. Tours II  6,741 p.
      1st Club Fontenay     105 p.

She is a half sister of the winners of a 13th Nat. La Souterraine 9,670 pigeons and a 24th Nat. Issoudun of 11,984 pigeons. Her pedigree shows that her sire is a half brother of Neymar, a renowned breeding bird and the sire of Ally’s second prize winner from Tours.
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4th prov. Tours II 6,741 p.

The second Ally pigeon in Tours II is BE17-3011652, a great looking young cock from an outstanding pairing. This is his palmares for 2017 so far:

      2nd Club Pontoise       262 p.
        = 34th prov.       18,184 p.
      4th prov. Tours II    6,741 p.
        = 3rd Club            692 p.
      34th Club Fontenay      726 p.
      587th prov. Tours     3,478 p.
      977th prov. Blois     5,948 p.

The sire is Neymar, 1st Nat. Montauban 2015 and the fastest of 6,119 pigeons with a ten minutes lead, and 2nd Nat. Brive 3,850 pigeons 2014. He also won the title of 6th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance YLs KBDB in 2014, thanks to a 39th Nat. Tulle and a 54th Nat. Limoges that season. Neymar also won a 3rd Prov. Tours 5,313 p. and a 4th Prov. Chateaudun 1,887 p. in 2016, before turning into a top class breeding bird. The dam of the 652/17 is a nest sister of New Schumi, a successful young bird, and this makes her a granddaughter of that renowned Schumi x Gouda pairing.
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5th prov. Tours II 6,741 p.

Racing hen BE17-3011639 managed to win a top five prize in Tours II as well, after having already won a 12th Club Clermont against 294 pigeons earlier this year. Her sire is 430/12, one of the two nest mates bred from Schumi x Gouda. The dam is a daughter of Dieter, a great racing bird and winner of a 1st Prov. Blois YLs and 3rd Best long distance pigeon of Belgium in the PIPA ranking for 2009-2011.
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Two highly talentes birds inbred to New Schumi

The team has two highly promising twins in its collection with BE17-3011571 and BE17-3011572. The two young birds are clearly very talented, having won the following prizes together:

      1st Club Clermont          178 p. (571/17)
      4th Club Orleans           218 p. (571/17)
        = 55th prov. Orleans   2,888 p.
      4th Club Clermont          101 p. (572/17)
      6th Club Fontenay          156 p. (571/17)
      8th Club Tours II          692 p. (572/17)
        = 19th Prov. Tours II  6,741 p.
      8th Club Tours I           624 p. (571/17)
        = 21st prov. Tours I   3,478 p.
      9th Club Fontenay          205 p. (572/17)
      20th Club Clermont         294 p. (571/17)
      21st Club Clermont         243 p. (571/17)
      420th prov. Tours I       3,478 p. (571/17)

The 572/17 has a 0.88% coefficient in the two races from Tours together.
The sire of these two pigeons is Gaston 039, a super class breeder closely inbred to Gaston Van De Wouwer's Kaasboer. This Gaston 039 bred the outstanding cock Den 341, 5th Prov. Ace Pigeon and winner of a 4th-29th-47th-58th-63rd National, in addition his two first prizes. Gaston 039 is also the sire of top class hen Goudina (co-winner of 2nd Nat. Champion YBs Nat. Races 2015), and he is the grandfather of New Schumi, Gueretje, and their talented brothers and sisters. The dam originates straight from none other than New Schum x Gouda.
Click here for the pedigree of these talented two inbred twins.

Father and son Ally have organised their young birds as follows: about 15 hens of the first round are in total widowhood. The remaining birds (cocks from the first round + cocks from the second round + all the other hens) are raced in total widowhood with the sliding door. The lack of hens is compensated for with about ten old hens (that are kept at home) that are released from the loft together. The youngsters in full widowhood were separated only on Sunday 23rd of July. Stefan explains: "This is fairly late in the game but the reason is that the hens come mainly from the second round, which means they start to pair comparatively late." You can tell from the results of Norbert and Stefan that their strategy is working out for them. Their outstanding pigeon breed has won quite a number of remarkable results over the years, and is likely to win several more top results in the years to come as well.