Ronny Menten (Rummen, BE) does it again: 1st National Tulle

This is quite a feat: almost exactly one year after his national first prize from Bourges II against 10,111 yearlings in 2016 Ronny claims another victory. He is victorious in the 2017 race from Tulle against 9,586 yearlings, and his first prize winner is also the fastest of a total of 17,035 pigeons.

Ronny Menten and his wife

An impressive season

We said it before in a report from late May and we say it again: Ronny Menten from Rummen in Flemish Brabant is having an excellent season. He has been winning top prizes in provincial and national longer middle distance races almost on a weekly basis, including a 1st and 2nd Provincial Blois (1,484 pigeons). This previous report, in which we underlined the importance of the Gino Clicque pigeons in his team, can be found here.

That was about a month ago, and our predictions have come true indeed. We said in our previous article that the team's current fitness would inevitably lead to a few more top results. One week after its publication the team won a 2nd and 9th Provincial Argenton (1,497 yearlings) and an 8th National of 22,645 yearlings. Two weeks later Ronny claimed another second prize provincial, this time from Chateauroux against 702 old birds, along with a 5th, 8th, 9th, 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th Provincial against 1,081 yearlings. Another two weeks later, he claims a 2nd, 3rd and 4th Provincial old birds and a 9th Provincial Yearlings, again from Argenton. But the best was yet to come. Last weekend, in the one day long distance race from Tulle, Ronny wins a 1st National against 9,586 yearlings. In fact, his winning pigeon, Golden Tulle, proved the fastest of a total of 17,035 racing birds.

BE16-2115081 Golden Tulle - 1st National Tulle thanks to the Golden Pair!

We mentioned earlier on that the pigeons of grandmaster Gino Clicque have played a major role in Ronny's success story. That does not apply to Golden Tulle however, which was inbred to Ronny Menten's own stock pair: Golden Pair. It consists of Roberto (a direct Robert van Eycken) x Paulette (a direct Deno-Herbots). The number of talented racing birds that this stock pair has bred across multiple generations is hard to keep track of. They include Cavendisch, Moeder Romy, Polletje, Lilly, etc. The Golden Pair bloodline was crossed with Priscilla from his father's side. She is a talented hen of Albert Derwa and winner of a 4th National Gueret, a 5th National Argenton, a 16th National Argenton and a 33rd National Gueret, but she is first of all a daughter of Paulien.

This pigeon is also related to champion Golden Arrow from his mother's side (a grandchild of the Golden Pair and 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB YBs 2013), crossed with the lines of another stock pigeon of the Ronny Menten pigeon family, called Belle.

Click here to take a look at his magnificent pedigree.

Golden Tulle, 1st National Tulle YLs

The upcoming nationals

Not too many fanciers can perform at the highest level for an entire season but Ronny Menten has been able to keep his pigeons in great shape throughout the year, surprising friends and foes with a steady stream of results. Next weekend we have the second round of the longer middle distance nationals. Could Ronny repeat his performance from last year in Bourges? We look forward  to an exciting couple of races, and we are eager to see what the final five weeks of this middle distance season have to offer for Ronny.