Ronny Menten (Rummen, BE) is very successful with his Gino Clicque pigeons

Ronny Menten has been a household name in the national and provincial longer middle distance competition for several years now. His palmares includes most notably a 1st National Bourges II in 2016 against 10,173 yearlings. Ronny has also been particularly successful thanks to his recent introductions from the invaluable breeding loft of Gino Clicque.

Successful throughout the season

Ronny's racing team has been particularly strong in the national and provincial longer middle distance races, just like he was in previous years. They showed to be in exceptional form especially in the past few weeks, having won several top prizes. Some recent introductions from Gino Clicque's breeding loft have proved quite successful as well. But first things first: here is an overview of the (preliminary) results in the latest races from Blois (17/06) and Chateauroux (10/06):

Blois (462 km) - 1,484 olds: 1-2-7-18-45-60-61-72-81-92-96-133-146-...(23/31)
Blois (462 km) - 3,122 yearlings: 9-15-20-44-67-73-86-98-106-155-212-291-...(21/33)
Chateauroux (520 km) - 889 olds: 5-25-34-43-...(15/31)
Chateauroux (520 km) -1,724 yearlings: 2-19-28-62-63-112-122-127-138-158-161-164-... (38/74)

The team won a total of 41 prizes (with 169 basketed pigeons) per 10, as well as 107 prizes per 3, 6 top 10 placings and 10 top 20 placings. That is an astounding result.

The winners

The 1st Provincial blois from last weekend was won by a direct Gino Clicque (brother Miss Belgium x Daughter Piraat), and Ronny's 7th Provincial comes straight from the lofts in Wevelgem as well. The winner of the 2nd Provincial Chateauroux the week before is a 50% Gino Clicque, crossed with the lines of Paulien and Bourges of Albert Derwa x Ronny's own Golden Arrow. Here is a brief introduction:

BE15-3050866 - 1st Provincial Blois (1,484 olds)

This hen is bound to become a great champion! She took a well deserved 1st Provincial Blois against 1,484 old birds after having already won a 25th Provincial against 889 old birds from Chateauroux one week earlier. Last year she won a 136th National Bourges (10,173 pigeons), a 172nd National Chateauroux (9,540 pigeons), a 185th National La Souterraine (9,580 pigeons), a 70th Provincial Vierzon (1,854 pigeons) and a 1st Soissons (684 pigeons).

The 866 comes straight from Gino Clicque's breeding loft. The sire is a full brother of Miss Belgium, the best young bird in the national races of 2010, and now the sire of Sonia (6th National Ace Pigeon KBDB Middle Distance) and Rose (4th Provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB Allround). The dam is Piraat 140, a daughter of Piraat, 3rd National Ace Pigeon KBDB Middle Distance 2008. on top of that, Piraat 140 is a half sister of the 1st National Chateauroux 2010 (22,178 pigeons) from her mother's side. Piraat 140 is now the dam of Sonia, and of a 3rd Provincial Chateaudun (4,579 pigeons) and a 7th Provincial Tours (5,313 pigeons). Click here for a detailed look at her impressive pedigree.

BE15-2039628 - 2nd Provincial Blois (1,484 olds)

This 2nd Provincial blois does not have any Gino Clicque origins, but that does not make her pedigree any less valuable. She is related to the line of Tom of H&D Van Avondt x a sister of Paulien (Albert Derwa) from her father's side. She comes from some of the best bloodlines of Clique from her mother's side: the dam of the 628 is a daughter of Golden Arrow (2nd National Ace Pigeon KBDB Longer Middle Distance YBs 2013). Click here for the full pedigree.

BE15-3050857 - 7th Provincial Blois (1,484 olds)

This is another outstanding racing bird and a direct Gino Clicque. She won a 7th Provincial Blois against 1,484 old birds after having already won an early prize form Bourges earlier this season. We are still waiting for the official results from Bourges but given her first prize in the region against 342 old birds we think it is safe to assume she will be finishing in 4th place in Zone B2.

The 857 is a daughter of Young Lucien (sire of 2nd National Cahors, 6th National Soulliac and 2nd National Agen) x Daughter Yvan (Yvan became the sire of a 5th National Ace Pigeon KBDB Extreme Long Distance 2006). Click here to take a look at the other renowned bloodlines in her pedigree.

BE16-2115155 - 2nd Provincial Chateauroux (1,724 yearlings)

The team of yearlings has been in great shape as well in recent weeks. This one year old cock is a son of Zoon Golden Arrow (2nd National Ace Pigeon KDB Longer Middle Distance YBs 2013 for Ronny Menten) x granddaughter Super Prince (her descendants have won at least 3 national first prizes). Super Prince is also the grandfather of Golden Prince, which was sold on PIPA for 360,000 EURO last winter. The sire of this 2nd Provincial Chateauroux is in fact a grandson of Primo (a son of Albert Derwa's Paulien). You can take a detailed look at his pedigree here.

Great results to be expected in the next few weeks as well

The racing team is in great shape at the moment, they are really on a winning streak. The introduction of Gino Clicque pigeons that Ronny Menten introduced in his loft a few years ago have proven a particularly valuable investment. In fact, some of these direct introductions have one or more top 10 prizes on their palmares. Ronny's entire racing team will be basketed for Argenton this weekend, the third national longer middle distance race of 2017. There is a good chance that the team will be winning a few more top 10 or top 20 prizes along the way; we will be keeping an eye on them.