Norbert Ally (Aarsele, BE) wins Clermont WVOU yearlings

The one year old of Norbert and Stefan was not only the fastest pigeon in his category of 7,364 yearlings, he was also the fastest racing bird overall of about 15,000 pigeons.

Every fancier is eagerly awaiting the start of the new racing season, although some will be less confident than others. Are the pigeons going to perform well, and will they be able to match or exceed last year's results? This is what's on every fancier's mind right now. A good start to the season indicates good health and good fitness among your racing birds, and this is always a good starting point. It lets you hope for more.

One of the lofts that had a great start to the 2017 season is that of Norbert and Stefan Ally, who have won a 1st and 2nd prize old birds in their club in this year's first race from Clermont (15th of April). The entire team was again basketed for Clermont last weekend the 22nd of April, albeit divided over two basketing clubs. team Ally managed to win an impressive number of top prizes in what proved a very difficult early season race (especially for the less experienced yearlings, which are summer youngsters of 2016), marked by a cold and fierce headwind coming form the north. In the overall doubles WVOU they won the first prize with their one year old 'Clermont Vooruit' of 7,364 yearlings. This pigeon also proved to be the fastest overall from Clermont in the WVOU (9,824 olds and 7,364 yearlings, including doubled yearlings and old birds).

This was an excellent performance overall by the Ally pigeons, let's have a closer look:

Clermont (194 Km) WVOU 7,364 yearlings: 1-48-125-235-724-803-955… (8/14)
Clermont club Wingene 251 yearlings: 1-2-5-10-25-28-36-47-54-69 (10/14)
Clermont club Wingene 229 olds: 2-4-7-8-12-16-18-21-34-40-41-42-48 (13/20)

Clermont club Ruiselede 603 olds:
6-7-13-18-23-41-50-85-87-93-111-122-144-182-194 (15/25)
Clermont club Ruiselede 450 yearlings:
2-4-7-23-58-61-74-80-93-109-110-112-120-126-128-141-148 (17/30)

The winning one year old in the WVOU, now called Clermont Vooruit BE16-3131570, claimed victory at club level with a lead of over 7 minutes (7'20" to be precise) over his loft mate that finished in second place. This prize winner is a summer youngster of 2016 that was trained for a maximum of 200km. He is a half brother of Neymar, winner of a 1st Montauban 2015 and a 2nd Nat. Brive 2014.

Sire: Aaron BE12-3111421
An invaluable pigeon, and one of the best racing birds ever for Team Ally. He was 7th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance YLs KBDB in 2013, and winner of a 7th Nat. Limoges 7,221 p. ’14, 3rd Prov. Tulle 809 p. ’13, 19th Argenton 3,403 p. ’13, and 43rd Nat. Brive 6,842 p. ’13. Besides, Aaron also won three first prizes in the sprint competition. He is quite a versatile bird indeed!

Dam: Daughter Provincial Poitiers BE11-3050244
This is the dam of superstar Neymar! She is a direct Marc Pollin and a half sister of the winner of a 1st Nat. Libourne in 2015. She comes from Provincial Poitiers BE07-3080116 (a son of Nai) x Daughter Cadel BE08-3090037 (the dam of a 1st Nat. Libourne and 3rd Nat. Bordeaux, grandmother of a 1st Nat. St.Vincent).
Click here for the full pedigree of Clermont Vooruit

No less than 5 yearlings bred from Aaron were able to finish in the fastest group from Clermont, each with a velocity of over 1150 m/min, which is quite a promising result.

The old bird BE15-3142170 (click here for his pedigree) that has now won a 2nd Clermont club against 229 old birds and an 11th Clermont WVOU against 9,824 pigeons, was also the winner of a 1st Clermont against 110 old birds in last week's race on the 15th of April. He is a 100% Gaston Van de Wouwer pigeon, the bloodline which Norbert Ally has bred several other prize winners from as well, including Goudina, New Schumi and Den 341 (winner of 5 national top 100 prizes). 

The pigeons of Norbert Ally have had a great start to the season, and they are ready to take on the important races that are coming up. Their first victory is already in the pocket, and they are probably longing for more. Congratulations!