Pigeons of Jos and Lars Vercammen (Vremde, BE) deliver great results worldwide

The pigeons of Jos and Lars Vercammen have gained a reputation for claiming victories and winning top results on a steady basis. This team has a collection of top class pigeons capable of winning across all distances and in every distance, anywhere in the world.

Jos and Lars Vercammen have had quite some impressive results over the years. They perform really well with the youngsters and the old birds, and the cocks and the hens alike, in anything from sprint to one day long distance (100 to 700km). Their pigeons deliver in any type of race, whether it be a fast flight with a strong tailwind or a tough race straight into a headwind. Over the years Jos and Lars have created a modern-day racing bird that can compete with the best in any weather condition, capable of winning both short sprint races and national long distance classics. This highly versatile pigeon breed is based on a solid foundation of top quality racing birds, including provincial and national ace pigeons, born and bred in Vremde.   

A solid breed

The bloodlines of the team's stock breeders Panter and his descendants Porto, Deco, Beckam, etc. are well-known names among insiders. These top class breeders have given shape to the Vercammen breeding loft and have given this loft an international reputation. A new group of breeding birds such as Mustang, Leeuw, Barco, and Elektro have now bred a new generation of prize winners and champions, and have further refined the modern-day Vercammen racing bird, which is personified by Olympic Eva, the current start of the team.

-Olympic Eva BE14-6175226

Olympiad Pigeon Cat. C 2017 in Brussels (Long Distance)
 1st  N.Zone Issoudun            615 p. ’15
 2nd  Nat Issoudun             2,212 p. ’15
 2nd  Prov Chateauroux-Gueret  2,644 p. ’16 (279. Nat 25,126 p.)
 7th  Nat Argenton II          3,110 p. ’16
19th  Nat La Souterraine II    2,939 p. ’16
30th  N.Zone La Souterraine I  1,740 p. ’15
40th  Nat Montluçon            9,462 p. ’16
48th  N.Zone Bourges II        2,197 p. ’16
61st  Nat Chateauroux IV       2,197 p. ’16
76th  N.Zone Chateauroux I     7,877 p. ’15 (227. Nat 25,710 p. ’15)
365th Nat La Souterraine II   18,588 p. ’14

Olympic Eva is the dam of BE15-6026279, winner of a 48th Nat. Montluçon (555km) 10,753 pigeons.
Click here for the full pedigree of Olympic Eva
For a detailed look at Olympic Eva and the other stars of team Vercammen in 2016, take a look at our report that was published earlier this winter; click here.

The pigeons of Jos and Lars Vercammen have excelled not only in Belgium and the European mainland; they have won top prizes and ace pigeon titles in other foreign countries as well. Think of the golden medal winner of Marek Trzaska (Poland) in category B sports in the Brussels Olympiad, which was a 50% Vercammen pigeon. This racing bird is a grandchild of stock breeder Elektro, just like Olympic Eva.

-Olympic Elektro PL0264-13-400 won a.o. (no double results):

1st Olympic Ace-pigeon Cat. B Middle Distance (300-600km) 2017 Brussels
Gold Medal Winner Olympiad 2017 (first of Europe)
1st National Ace-pigeon Poland Middle Distance 2016
2nd National Ace-pigeon Poland Middle Distance 2015
1. prize (145km) 6,305 p. (5 minutes ahead)
1. prize (320km) 3,601 p.
1. prize (320km) 2,078 p. (13 minutes ahead)
1. prize (320km) 1,892 p. (9 minutes ahead)
1. prize (320km) 1,623 p.
2. prize (320km) 5,117 p.
4. prize (185km) 6,131 p. (beaten by 3 loftmates)
4. prize (343km) 4,664 p.
4. prize (332km) 3,834 p.
4. prize (337km) 3,234 p.
5. prize (345km) 3,719 p.
7. prize (260km) 5,832 p.
7. prize (556km) 5,184 p.

2nd Ace Pigeon in Thailand Grand pigeon OLR 2016

The Thailand One Loft Race is known to be one of the most demanding competitions worldwide, due to the conditions which the race takes place in, usually featuring a strong headwind. This makes the race particularly suited for the Vercammen breed, which won the race in 2014 with Simply the Best BE14-6175432 (see pedigree). This pigeon was 1st Ace Pigeon in the Thailand OLR, and it had already won a 1st Hot Spot Race (435km) as well. Team Vercammen was close to another win in late 2016, as Jos and Lars won the title of 2nd Ace Pigeon in the Thailand OLR 2016 with Silver Thai BE16-6032389, which comes from a pairing of grandson x granddaughter Kitty. The sire is Alex BE14-6175369, a son of one of the best daughters of stock breeder Barco BE01-6387350, called Siri BE06-6411619. She is a great breeding hen and the grandmother of Olympic Eva (Olympiad Pigeon Brussels 2017). The dam is Emma BE14-6175008, a full sister of a 1st N. Zone and a 3rd Nat. Nevers (476km). She is a daughter of the outstanding racing hen Shakira, which is in turn a daughter of breeding bird Elektro BE08-6174630. Click here for the pedigree of Silver Thai.

In 2016 the team also took part in the races of China's most prestigious pigeon club, the Pioneer Club in Beijing, with a team of birds bred in Vremde. They promptly won a 1st and 2nd Ace Pigeon title against an international field of pigeons from outside of China, in 3 races over 500km and 1 race over 560km.
The title of 1st Ace Pigeon was won with CN16-05715, bred from supercrack Origi BE13-6026050 (1st Ace Pigeon Union Antwerp and winner of 1st Prov. Limoges 634 p.) x Tiny BE13-6026233 (granddaughter Elektro). Click here for the pedigree of the 1st Ace Pigeon Pioneer.
The 2nd Ace Pigeon title went to CN16-05712, which was bred from Santos BE08-6174626 (the sire of Pista, 15th Nat. Bourges 37,357 p.) x Mustang Lady BE15-6026460, a sister of Mustang. Mustang won a 1st Nat. Chateauroux 22,818 p., and she is a granddaughter of Elektro. Click here for the pedigree of the 1nd Ace Pigeon Pioneer.

These achievements clearly illustrate how successful the team of Jos and Lars has been. In fact, several colleagues have won national and international top results across the globe with Vercammen descendants, resulting in an impressive number of references worldwide. It goes to show that this is a pigeon family with exceptional breeding and racing potential. This is a world class breed!

The team's current top breeder Elektro: sire and grandfather of Olympiad Pigeons and phenomenal prize winners

A look at some of the highlights of the olds and yearlings in the national races of 2016

03/9 La Souterraine Nat 2,939 olds:
     5-9-10-19-26-54-58-83-85-109-131-143-225-259… (21/26)

13/8 Argenton Nat 3,110 olds: 4-7-18-19-45-79-118… (9/12)
     Argenton Nat 4,582 YL: 20-22-23-56-99-141-146-163-317… (15/25)

06/8 Bourges Prov   763 olds: 31-35-66-69-74-98… (8/12)
     Bourges Prov 1,453 YL: 61-62-101-102-113-129-148… (14/23)

23/7 Brive Prov 611 YL: 11-15-18-20-85-94… (8/10)

16/7 Jarnac Prov 397 olds: 3-9-11-31 (4/7)
     Jarnac Prov 381 YL: 5-7-55-83 (4/6)

09/7 Argenton Prov 1.087 olds: 14-95-96-137… (6/9)
     Argenton Prov 2.008 YL: 18-56-57-128-220-240… (12/18)

09/7 Limoges Prov 565 YL: 2-10-24-34-57-65-66… (8/19)
     Limoges Prov 512 olds: 3-30-150 (3/7)

25/6 Argenton Nat 13,629 olds: 29-84-400-581-802-1040… (10/18)
     Argenton Nat 18,363 YL:
     100-124-152-249-296-302-479-558-648-702-954… (21/32)

19/6 Montluçon Nat  9,462 olds: 40-67-122-201-854… (5/9)
     Montluçon Nat 10,753 YL: 13-48-217-352-361-388-500-502… (12/15)

10/6 Chateauroux Prov 2,644 olds: 2-20-49-84-113-222-228… (23/27)
     Chateauroux Prov 4,125 YL:
     50-55-88-130-179-220-237-250-251-258-295-316-391-411… (35/46)

28/5 Bourges Nat 19,889 olds: 18-213-322-359-428-553-791… (11/17)
     Bourges Nat 19,736 YL: 64-73-235-239-1929-2747 (6/7)