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Christian van de Wetering (Wijk en Aalburg, NL) has a dream pair in his collection with Beauty Harry x Stareye

After just one season of breeding youngsters together, Beauty Harry and Stareye have proven to be a perfect match.

Team GPS and Christian van de Wetering started working together in 2014, which is when the two breeding birds first met. They bred one single youngster, and in 2016 that pigeon became Christian's New Harry, winner of 2 fist prizes in the province of more than 12,000 pigeons. New Harry is now one of the most promising new breeders in Jan Hooymans's team. 

This joint breeding was repeated in 2015, and the pair bred Max (1st National Ace Pigeon Youngsters PIPA ranking, raced by Team GPS) and three other champions: Star Harry, Dreameye Harry and 947 Sister New Harry, which are all raced by Christian van de Wetering. Each one of these pigeons has won a number of first prizes and several other top results!

In the summer of 2015 the pair also bred New Harry 2.0, an outstanding pigeon that was never raced. He is the only (!) brother of New Harry and Max and he is currently offered for sale in the Christian van de Wetering auction. In 2016 the two renowned pigeons Beauty Harry and Stareye moved to the loft of Jan Hooymans, and they have not been paired since. The plan is to bring the two breeders back together in mid-2017 in Kerkdriel.

Given the age of breeding hen Stareye we assume this is probably the last chance to obtain a direct youngster of this dream pair, or a full brother of New Harry.