Benny Steveninck (Hamme, BE), born to win

The fancier from Hamme has had a 2016 season with plenty of top results. He won 30 clear first prizes, 2 provincial first prizes, a 2nd national from Argenton and numerous other top prizes at provincial, zonal and national level. Benny Steveninck confirms his status as a national champion.

Benny Steveninck continues to dominate the competition in 2016, mainly in the longer middle distance and the light long distance in Belgium. The wizard from Hamme has been winning provincial and national top prizes with ease, and his renowned Chipo pigeon family is particularly tough to beat both at home and abroad. In fact, fanciers from across the globe have achieved brilliant results with the outstanding Steveninck pigeons, which are hard workers with excellent breeding qualities.

First prizes and national top results

His impressive collection of prize winners has proven to have excellent breeding qualities as well. Most pigeons begin their career as successful racing birds winning 1st prizes and even ace pigeon titles, before turning into a stock breeder for their loft. Benny Steveninck's breeding loft is home to quite a collection of outstanding pigeons, which makes this breed so tough to beat. He has never sold any of his proven racing birds; instead they go from the racing loft straight to the breeding loft, where they serve to further improve and refine this breed. The story began with stock breeder Chipo, his sons Chihaut 98, 99 and 100, the Crack, and their relatives Gueret, Sun, Fantasia, Raymond, Silke, Tibo, and many others. Each of these pigeons are highly renowned breeders and former champions.

They were at the basis of an excellent 2016 season, with a prize percentage of over 60% in the national races, as well as two provincial first prizes, and several top prizes at provincial, zonal and national level. We made a brief overview:

-2 x 1st provincial:

1st Prov. Argenton       4,071 p.
1st Prov. La Souterraine 1,381 p.

-74 x top-50 Provincial (click here for a full overview)
-52 x top-75 Zonal (click here for a full overview)
-19 x top-100 National (click here for a full overview)

The team of Steveninck was very close to a national first prize in the race from Argenton on 25th of June but they eventually had to settle for second place against 18,363 yearlings. Despite failing to win a national victory this season they did manage to win 31 first prizes by the end of August.

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A pigeon breed based on winners, cracks and ace pigeons

The provincial and national titles and ace pigeon titles have not been announced yet but it goes without saying that Benny Steveninck will be winning quite a number of titles again this season. Benny's racing bird Pepchi has already won a national ace pigeon title KBDB this season. This top class racing bird was one of the stars of the season, along with Yue Ping, Chen and Lucky 14. Let's take a closer look at these four renowned racing birds:


-Pepchi BE14-4059809

1st  Best old bird of Belgium over 6 National Races longer middle distance 2016 - PIPA ranking
7th  Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance old birds KBDB 2016
1st  Souppes               517 p.
1st  Souppes               240 p.
1st  Prov Montluçon      3,700 p.
7th  Nat Montluçon      16,982 p.
5th  Prov Tours          5,677 p.
16th Nat Tours          24,097 p.
10th Zone B1 Argenton    2,478 p.
25th Nat Argenton        9,228 p.
4th  Prov Bourges        1,204 p.  

Click here for the pedigree of Pepchi

-Chen BE15-4167802

 1st Prov Argenton       4,978 p.
 2nd Nat Argenton       18,390 p.
 8th Prov Montluçon      2,350 p.
25th Nat Montluçon      10,753 p.
11th Prov Chateauroux    2,934 p. (21 May)
86th Zone B1 Chateauroux 8,663 p. (10 June)

Click here for the pedigree of Chen

-Lucky 14 BE12-4048014

 1st  Vierzon                    562 p.
 1st  Angerville                 418 p.
 3rd  Prov Montluçon           2,172 p. ’15
36th  Nat Montluçon           11,056 p. ’15
50th  Nat Argenton II          3,110 p. ’16
 4th  Zone B1 Chateauroux      3,571 p. ’15
63rd  Nat Chateauroux         18,604 p. ’15
2nd   Prov Argenton II           404 p. ’14
94th  Nat Argenton II          3,671 p. ’14
11th  Prov Bourges I           4,032 p. ’16
117th Nat Bourges I           19,736 p. ’16
7th   Zone  B1 Montluçon       2,162 p. ’14
110th Nat Montluçon           14,230 p. ’14
14th  Prov Bourges I           3,316 p. ’15
25th  Prov Argenton I          1,608 p. ’14
34th  Prov Bourges I           3,811 p. ’14
35th  Prov Bourges I           2,635 p. ’13
46th  Zone B1 Chateauroux III  1,008 p. ’15
46th  Prov Bourges II          1,204 p. ’16
59th  Zone B1 Chateauroux II   1,971 p. ’16
72nd  Zone B1 Poitiers         2,688 p. ’13
77th  Zone B1 La Souterraine   1,723 p. ’13

This is a highly talented pigeon and the ultimate modern-day Steveninck pigeon. He is a direct son of top class pigeon Chihaut 98, a son of stock breeder Chipo.
Click here for the pedigree of Lucky 14

-Yue Ping BE13-4096874

 1st  Angerville               383 p.
 2nd  Prov Bourges I         3,316 p. ’15
30th  Prov La Souterraine I  1,381 p. ’16
31st  Nat Gueret II         11,894 p. ’13
31st  Nat Argenton           9,228 p. ’16  
41st  Nat Montluçon          9,462 p. ’16
48th  Zone B1 Chateauroux    1,971 p. ’16 
65th  Zone B1 Bourges        4,397 p. ’14
71st  Nat Jarnac             3,869 p. ’15
201st Prov Bourges I         4,032 p. ’16

He is a half brother of Gueret (the same sire).
Click here for the pedigree of Yue Ping

These are all phenomenal racing birds with which Benny and his wife Karin have achieved national success on a weekly basis. The Chipo bloodline continues to excel and to win top prizes in various competitions. Benny clearly knows what it takes to breed prize winners every single season, especially thanks to the Chipo bloodline. He can rely on a pigeon collection that will enable him to excel for years to come.