Van Ballaert Louis wins National Pau 2007 against 1259 pigeons

Van Ballaert Louis, Brasschaat

Brasschaat is a town in the province Antwerp with roughly 37.000 inhabitants. It is an independent area consisting of well known and less well known communities; Bethanië, Centrum, Donk,  Driehoek, Kaart, Mariabrug and Maria-ter-Heide. In November 2006 the community received the LivCom award for the best habitable community in the world. It is something that the residents, but also the rest of Belgium is very proud of!

Where it pleasant is for the people to live, is also pleasurable for the pigeons. This must have been the thought of the 6271738-02 from Louis Van Ballert when, at two o’clock  on the afternoon of June the 23rd, he made his way home after having to spend an extra night in Pau. Early next morning he sat waiting for his owner. The loft manager was surprised to find a pigeon from Pau home, but at 04.43 in the morning it was definitely a good sign!

Being liberated late gives the wrong impression of the average flying time, but  the power pigeon from Brasschaat flew more than 1774 meters per minute. Internationally there were only 4 pigeons that flew faster. The international winner even achieved above 1900 meters per minute!

This is of no interest to Louis Van Ballaert (68). Through circumstance, his passion has become the long distance races, and after winning numerous early prizes, he finally achieves the supreme first prize. The last time Antwerp won an international Pau was in 2001 when Jos Rombouts from Mortsel won both the national and international.

During the visit of your PIPA reporter, Louis received a telephone call from his friend Georges Bolle (from Kortemark). Louis has a lot of pigeons from the Bolle strain and the two men became good friends. Due to them both suffering ill health, they lost touch. Hartproblems forced mr. Van Ballaert to give up driving. Luckily his wife Lydia jumped in to help. She answers “Louis is the fancier, I’m just the carer!”

The father from the Pau winner has the famous Georges Bolle-blood through his fathers side. The other side has traces of Coutteau and Florizoone through Venus and there is also own strain.
The mother of the Pau winner is half Stoces x Van den Balck and half Robert Venus (strain Briljant) and Filip Steketee. The added pedigree card will help make everything clear!

The winner has made fantastic achievements in the long distance races. Of course, this Pau victory is the icing on the cake. Although Louis doesn’t discount the idea of putting the winner in the basket again, Lydia won’t allow it for the rest of this season!

In the pedigree of the 6271738-02, there is a glory of long distance genes. It is then no wonder that such an athlete is at the front in a race like Pau. Especially because she has repeatedly proved her worth in the long distances.