Simsek descendants of Saban Saatdüzen (Tessenderlo, BE) excel in provincial race from Gien: 1-2-4-… (2,744 pigeons)

It has been almost three years since racing hen Simsek claimed a national first prize from Bourges against 19,655 pigeons. Meanwhile her youngsters and grandchildren are proving their worth in the lofts of Saban Saatdüzen.

Last weekend the provincial race from Gien was dominated entirely by youngsters and grandchildren of this super class hen. A daughter of Simsek won the provincial first prize against 2,744 pigeons, while a granddaughter and a grandson finished in 2nd and 4th place provincial respectively.

The Simsek Dynasty

Claiming a national first prize is one of the best things that can happen to a pigeon fancier, and Saban Saatdüzen was fortunate enough to experience it two times. His first national winner was Simsek, which won the national first prize from Bourges. Racing bird Vifke claimed another national first prize one year later, this time in the race from Agenton.

The pedigree of this invaluable pigeon can be found here.

Over the years Simsek has developed into a super class breeding hen. Last weekend a daughter, a granddaughter and a grandson of Simsek put in an overwhelming performance in the provincial race from Gien (21st of May).

BE15-2157651 (Daughter Simsek)

This wonderful racing hen has been in great shape over the past few weeks, winning for instance an early prize at club level from Melun on 7th of May against 170 pigeons (and 4th in Entente Hageland against 1,179 pigeons). She went on to win a provincial first prize from Gien, being the fastest of 2,744 pigeons. This is her palmares for 2016 so far:

Gien (21/05):          Provincial (2,744 pigeons): 1
Melun (07/05):         Entente Hageland (1,179 pigeons): 4
Momignies (01/05):     Entente Hageland (689 pigeons): 46
Soissons (16/04):      Entente Hageland (619 pigeons): 120
Momignies (10/04):     Entente Hageland (809 pigeons): 69

Her pedigree can be found here.

BE15-2157611 (Granddaughter Simsek)

This racing hen finished in second place provincial from Gien. She had already won 4 early prizes this season, but she was yet to win a top result. Her second place shows that she is ready for the upcoming national races. Feel free to take a closer look at her pedigree here.

BE15-2157703 (Grandson Simsek)

This cock won a 4th provincial from Gien, adding to the team's overall success in this race. This grandson of Simsek has now won 5 prizes per 10 this season:

Gien (21/05)            Provincial (2,744 pigeons): 4
Nanteuil (14/05)        Entente Hageland (1,019 pigeons): 7
Momignies (01/05)       Entente Hageland (689 pigeons): 54
Soissons (16/04)        Entente Hageland (619 pigeons): 20
Momignies (10/04)       Entente Hageland (809 pigeons): 32

The pedigree of this excellent racing cock can be found here.

There are several more youngsters and grandchildren of Simsek that have been doing really well but we'll keep that for another time.
You can browse the full provincial results from Gien (21 May) here.

We are still early in the season but the pigeons of Saban Saatdüzen have shown that they are ready for the national races. They have found their best form right in time, so we can only hope their opponents have done their homework!