Freddy and Jacques Vandenheede (Zingem, BE) achieve overall top result from Vierzon

The Vandenheede brothers have really set the tone in the first provincial classic of the longer middle distance from Vierzon: they claimed a double first prize at club level, and they achieved an impressive overall result at provincial level.

Being in top form in the races that matter the most, it is something all great champions have in common. Freddy and Jacques Vandenheede have put their cards on the table in the provincial classic from Vierzon in the province of East Flanders. They have a reputation for winning impressive top prizes and overall results, and they are clearly on top of their game in 2016 as well.
They claimed a double first prize at club level and a 7th and 8th prize at provincial level, which shows that the old birds are all set for the important long distance races, starting with the opening classic from Limoges in two weeks’ time. The Vandenheede brothers have won 30 prizes with 34 basketed pigeons, and 29 of them won a provincial prize (per 4). We take a look at their overall results, which includes no less than 17 prizes per 10:

Vierzon club 536 old birds:
1-2-4-6-11-14-16-23-24-26-33-35-37-38-41-45-49-63-72-77-85-90-94-99… (30/34)
Prov. 5,825 olds: 7-8-18-24-76-96… (prov. top-100, and 29/34)

The yearlings and a few old birds were basketed for a shorter middle distance race from Souppes-sur-Loing, divided over two clubs, and they won the following prizes:
Souppes (Union Gent-Semmerzake)  348 yearlings:
3-4-6-8-12-13-17-18-21-22-25-28-29-31-35-37… (30/57)
Souppes (Union Gent-Semmerzake) 290 olds:
11-19-33-50-51-55-64-78-83-97  (10/15)

Souppes (club Merelbeke)  461 yearlings:
5-6-8-9-10-15-18-20-27-29-35-36-40-47-48-50… (32/69 per 3-tal)

The Vandenheede racing team was in great form in the first middle distance race of the season on 7th of May as well:
Souppes (club Merelbeke) 779 olds:
3-9-10-17-18-19-20-22-23-25-27-39-40-45-46-47-50-51-52… (24 per 10-tal and 54/104 per 3)
Souppes (club Merelbeke)  525 yearlings:
2-9-10-14-14-17-18-21-25-28-29-32-38-40-49-51-52-54-55-56-58-61-62-71-72-73… (37/70 per 3)

Their winning pigeon from Vierzon is BE13-4050084, whose palmares also includes the following top prizes:

 1st  Vierzon             536 p. ’16
 7th  Prov. Vierzon     5,825 p. ’16
19th  Prov. Chateaudun  3,998 p. ’14
21st  Zone Issoudun     3,720 p.
63rd  Nat. Montluçon   19,298 p. ’14
157th Nat. Limoges II   8,303 p. ’15
318th Nat. Limoges II   6,907 p. ’14

It is fair to say the Vandenheede pigeons are ready to achieve great results in the national races. The national competition begins on 28th of May with the races from Limoges and Bourges.