Joosen Jos, "winner of Perpignan international against 14.900 pigeons (2006)"

Jos Joosen, Brecht

The Joosen’s are getting pretty accustomed to top performances. During the last couple of years, they won prizes such as: 3rd Int. Marseille and 3rd Int. Perpignan. And Jos’s name also shows up in the championships. He became General Champion Cureghem Centre, a title of which Jos is very proud. He is also proud as a peacock when we start talking about local and provincial championships. He often precedes fanciers like Meulemans-Damen, Van Gils Paul & Frans, Brands Jimmy, Ouwerkerk-Dekkers, …

2006 is a real super season for Jos: he has achieved several first prizes and a high prize percentage as well. He acquired at least 75% of the prizes in each extreme long distance race this season. Some results:
Perpignan: 1,3,31,35,44,88,110,116,122,126 (10/12) against 730 pigeons. In other words: with only 1/3 of the prizes divided, Jos won with 10 of his 12 basketed pigeons!
Pau: 6,11,19,37,44,51,60 (7/7) against 200 pigeons. All of the 7 basketed pigeons amply per 3!
Cahors: 1,2,10,13,14,16,36,42 (8/10) against 139 pigeons.

International winner Perpignan 2006

Pedigree International winner : Click here

He didn’t only perform well in the races mentioned above but he also obtained 21/28 in the Limoges YL race, he won a 4th Int. in Bordeaux, etc…

The winner is a late youngster of 2003 that was trained as a yearling in 2004 and then flew Quievrain, Noyon and Dourdan.
The Perpignan winner was already noticed twice by winning a decent 20th local prize in the Bordeaux race of 2005 and by achieving a top prize that same year in Perpignan: 61st National against 7.611 pigeons.
In 2006 the 6437345-03 flew Pau as its first extreme long distance race. There are 5 weeks (to basketing) between Pau and Perpignan which is rather long. That’s why Jos’s pigeons flew the St. Denis race approximately ten days before they were put into the basket for Perpignan. Pretty remarkable is that the winner of Perpignan was basketed with 6 feathers on one side and 7 feathers on the other side. When Jos put him into the basket for Perpignan 2005, he had the same number of feathers.

During the eighties, Jos was achieving excellent results in middle distance races. The winner descends from the same strain of pigeons. Jos started racing larger distances in stages with those pigeons. He acquired some new pigeons now and then but not really that much. The father is a son of one of Jos’s very best pigeons ever: ‘Bonga’, a real top pigeon in middle distance racing. The mother descends from the old middle distance strain as well. Jos states that, by exercising a lot of patience, it is possible to switch from middle distance to long distance and finally to extreme long distance racing by making a severe selection of your own strain.