Vandermaes Germain wins 1e national Pau (2005)


Germain Vandermaes, Brugge (BE)

On the international race from pau, there were 8421 pigeons liberated. They were only liberated Tuesday morning at 6h45 am, so 3 days delay as normally the pigeons should have released on Saturday. Like you can see, these are not ideal circumstances for the pigeons. In
Pau the weather was good Tuesday, but the weather prediction in France where they pigeons had to go through was very bad. Saturday evening only 38 pigeons arrived home in all particpating countries. The national winner Belgium arrived in Bruges, one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium. The owner of the winner is Mr Germain Van Der Maes, for him and his wife this must be the high point in their carreer.

A distance of 917km and a speed of 1058meters/min...
The national Pau winner 2005, a 4-year old cock, arrived in Bruges on 21h12 , after having flown about 917 KM. He comes from a cock from Alfons Bauwens from Lede coupled with a hen of Frans Vanwildemeersch-Vyncke from Westkapelle.  The Bauwens pigeons are the most important key of the successes from Germain, almost all his best pigeons come from these pigeons. Alfons Bauwens was a very strong long distance racer who also was winner in the famous Barcelona Club of Bruges. From this line, Germain bred his Marseille, that won a few years ago a real topprize on Marseille and won also more top prizes.

When you look to the mother's side of the winner, then we arrive in the loft of Frans Vanwildemeersch, a loft with very strong strains.
She comes from pigeons like “De Brive”, “De Antigone”, “De Van Maele duivin”, “De Heisenberg”, “De Kleine Merckx”, “De Jonge Bliksem” etc. The national winner won already a lot of prizes in his carreer but real topprizes not yet until now. In Germain's opinion a long distance pigeon, a future winner, does not need to win a prize on shorter distances, however they should be in very good shape when they arrive on the shorter distances. He convinced a fancier a few years ago to basket a pigeon on Barcelona that did not win real prizes on shorter distances, but always was in very good condition when it arrived home. The 4 year old cock won on that Barcelona 2nd prize in the club. The national winner Pau was first nominated so now he takes immediately the lead in the  “Euro Diamond ranking”, the organisation co-founded by Germain.

The world is not that bad yet

Years after years Germain enjoyed the performances and the luck of other people. Wednesday it was reversed. It started already 7h00 clock in the morning. People started already calling so early in the morning to congratulate German. The world cannot be that bad if all those people thought about me, a very happy Germain stated.