Geubs André, "Keeps going on on his path to victories... National Winner of Marseille 2004"

GUEBS André, Longchamps.

André Guebs lives with his wife and two sons in Longchamps in the region of Bertogne. It is the pure Ardens over there. He works in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg and relies to a great extent on his wife to keep his loft running. Fortunately, his spouse is now doing better after a period of less pleasant times. André is 50 years old and has been succesfully racing pigeons for about 25 years.
The national winner and at the same time also the 3rd international winner is the "PREDATOR", ringnumber 7006323/2002 and he was basketted in Libramont. The victorious pigeons was clocked at 20:24:15 after flying a distance of 746 805 km which equals to the speed of 928.862 m/minute.
" Prédator" comes from a family of real champion pigeons. In his pedigree we find on his father’s side: Constant Rahier from St. Georges and on the mother’s side: Devooght via Dominique Culot. (for more details see the pedigree below).
All top pigeons in the Guebs’ loft come from one breeding cock, more specificaly from "Vison Pom" 1061211/90.
He is the ancestor of these pigeons:
Father of the "Tornado" 4th and 23rd national Marseille.
Father of the "Mini" 22nd national Pau.
Grandfather of the "Filou" 1st international Marseille 1998.
Grandfather of the "Shergui" 6th national Marseille and 42nd national Montauban.
Grandfather of the "Poulidor" 2nd national Orange 2004.
Grandfather of the "Prédator" 66th nationaal Montélimar 2004 and 1ste nationaal Marseille 2004....
" Vison Pom" is now 14 years old but he was still able to breed two nice youngsters this year......
Who could beat him??????

Prizes won by "PREDATOR" in 2004

16/05/2004 - NEVERS : 388 km – 19th against 604 pigeons. - Grouping 22nd against 949 pigeons.
23/05/2004 - MONTLUCON : 471 km - Provincial 22nd against 1 150 pigeons.
- Grouping 28th against 1 742 pigeons.
12/06/2004 - MONTELIMAR 616 km - Provincial 11th against 367 pigeons.
- Club de Fond de Wallonie 33rd against 3.555 pigeons. - National 66th against 8.538 pigeons.

His method:
Everything is based on a firm principle of "Strict selection". The loft consists of approx. 12 old widowers and the same number of yearlings. His 15 breeding couples provide for about 150 youngsters a year. The widowers don’t breed. At the end of the year are the youngsters selected in the hand. In the year of their birth they are handled only four times. Everything that meets André’s criteria can stay and the rest has to go. To keep renewing the forces in the breeding loft there are also some conditions to be met. The pigeon has to be a good long distance racer on difficult races, flights with a speed higher than 1300 m/minute don’t count, good origine, with at least one top pigeon to be found in the same line and above all ... it has to be a model ace pigeon.....
The breeders never get medication, the widowers are treated after their return from a long distance flight with Linco-Spectin and receive regularly an anti-tricho treatment and vitamins.