Ivan and Willy Baetens of The Bricon Loft (Sint-Niklaas, BE) take provincial victory from Bourges 1,257 p.

Willy and Ivan had only just missed a provincial first prize from Tulle but they made up for it by claiming victory in the race from Bourges II. Their winning pigeon was Chipo 148 (BE12-4044148), a grandson of Gladiator of B, J & L Geerinckx (Wommelgem, BE).

Ivan Baetens

No secret

Ivan and Willy Baetens never made it a secret that they wanted to become a nationally renowned loft. In order to reach this goal they started to browse the market, looking for the very best bloodlines available. The purchase of national ace pigeons was their prime objective, which explains why they currently have five 1st national ace pigeons KBDB in their collection. If they fail to bring a certain prize winner to their loft in Sint-Niklaas, they instead try to obtain some of his direct youngsters. In 2004 they had their eyes on Gladiator (BE03-6460062) of L, B & J Geerickx (Wommelgem, BE), which won the title of 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB middle distance that year. Willy and Ivan did not hesitate to obtain a number of youngsters of this prize winner; five of Gladiator’s daughters moved to The Bricon Loft between 2005 and 2010. Three youngsters of these five hens have in turn proved the fastest at provincial level (twice from Bourges, once from Montluçon). Another of their youngsters won a 1st in the zone from Chateauroux against 5,671 pigeons.

Chipo 148

Chipo 148 is the cock that took the win from Bourges II. He was not only the fastest of 1,257 old birds but also the fastest of a total of 12,000 pigeons at provincial level. He had already won a 155th against 11,056 pigeons from Montluçon earlier on. The dam of Chipo 148 is Glady 69 (BE10-6143169), a daughter of Gladiator. This hen is the dam of a 1st prov. Bourges, a 9th prov. Châteauroux, a 4th prov. Argenton and several more prize winners at provincial or national level. The sire of Chipo 148 is Chipo (BE07-6065578), in turn the sire of Lady Bourges, winner of a 2nd and 5th prov. Bourges and a 7th prov. Gueret. The full pedigree of Chipo 148 can be found here.

Glady 69, a daughter of Gladiator and the dam of several prov. and nat. prize winners

The two fanciers made another major investment in late 2014, purchasing a nest brother of Fenomeen and two of his daughters at the Casaert-Senechal auction. The 1st National Ace Pigeon extreme long distance yearlings of 2014 was added to their team of breeders as well. These recent introductions should be able to provide them with new provincial, zonal and perhaps national first prize winners. And as we know, pigeon racing is all about being the first.