Pigeons of Gevaert-Van Schoorisse (Ronse, BE) show their versatility

The Gevaert-Van Schoorisse combination has gained impressive results both from Chateauroux III and Argenton II, which shows that they can beat anyone in races with a level playing field. Their pigeons combine excellent orientation skills and great strength, which enabled them to win top prizes from Chateauroux III and Argenton II.

Govaert-Van Schoorisse are all smiles, although the race from Chateauroux III was quite a blow


The Gevaert-Van Schorisse combination won a 1st nat. Bourges against 12,394 yearlings (fastest of 49,955 pigeons) as early as in 2006, and they added another national first prize to their palmares in 2012, winning a 1st nat. Argenton against 7,037 yearlings, along with an impressive overall result (a 1st, 6th, 10th, 70th). There is a striking resemblance with this year’s races from Chateauroux III and Argenton II: top prizes were won all across Belgium in each of these races. In other words, the racing conditions were similar for all the pigeons in the race. This combination won three top 30 prizes and 10 top 100 prizes in Chateauroux III and Argenton II:

Chateauroux III: 5,868 YL: 8-26-44-129-180-318-451 (9/27)
Argenton II: 1,759 olds: 8-45-190 (4/5)
Argenton II: 2,418 YL: 8-12-42-55-72-89-122-151 (11/19)

The only exception is Chateauroux III – we all know that this has been a disastrous race for many. However, the earliest prizes were still won by the strongest pigeons, which is not often the case in such disastrous races. Of the first 20 finishers in the national results, 6 won a prize with their first nominated, three won a prize with their second nominated (including the winner), and four with their third nominated. These fanciers had basketed 11 pigeons on average. For comparison: in the race from Bourges II one week earlier we had 3, 3 and 4 fanciers win a prize with their first, second and third nominated pigeon respectively, with an average of 16 pigeons per fancier. In Argenton II there were 10, 3 and 2 fanciers that won a prize, with 8 pigeons per fancier on average.

Zwarte Ketelair (BE86-4109737)

This impressive success story can be largely attributed to one cock: Zwarte Ketelair (BE86-4109737). He was the only pigeon that made it through the selection process. He was mainly paired to descendants of Andre Dierick's Sultan (Rubeke, BE), and he turnd Gevaert-Schoorisse in a nationally renowned pigeon breed in no time. Every pigeon in this collection originates from that same bloodline - a few exceptions aside. The national winner from Bourges (Poupol, BE05-4274070) and Argenton (Raketje, BE11-4207277) have the same qualities that made their predecessors so successful. The descendants of Zwarte Ketelair have continued to win top prizes over the years, excelling weekend after weekend. What is it that makes these pigeons so strong? We take a closer look at some of the stars of 2015.

Poupoleke (BE14-4223628)

As the name suggests, he is closely related to the winner of the 1st nat. Bourges in 2006. The sire of Poupoleke is a half brother of Poupol, and thus a great-grandson of Zwarte Ketelair. She won a 1st nat. Zone A2 against 456 pigeons from Argenton, finishing in 8th place national against 2,418 pigeons. Her nest sister 629/14 won a 12th in the zone and a 55th national.

Vuil Raketje (BE14-4223744)

The sire of Vuil Raketje is Zwarte Superbol (BE05-4274145), an outstanding racing bird and a great-grandson of Zwarte Ketelair. The dam is a full sister of Raketje, 1st nat. Argenton against 7,037 yearlings. Vuil Raketje was the real star in the loft of Gevaert-Van Schoorisse over the past three weeks:

Bourges II
2nd club. 120 YL
11th zone 2,976 YL
320th nat. 14,496 YL
Chateauroux III
1st club 106 YL
3rd zone 1,441 YL
8th nat. 5,868 YL
Argenton II
3rd club 42 YL
7th zone 456 YL
42nd nat. 2,418 YL

She had already won a 1st against 1,241 pigeons as a young bird.

Zitterke Raket (BE14-4223704)

Another highly talented racing bird that has been doing great in the past two months is Zitterke Raket. She has won:

280th nat. z A2 Argenton I 5,877 YL
335th nat. z A2 La Souterraine I 2,637 YL
89th nat. z A2 Chateauroux II 5,641 YL
258th  nat. z A2 Bourges II 2,976 YL
129th nat. Chateauroux III 5,868 YL
12th nat. Argenton II 2,418 YL

Her sister, Bont Raketje (BE14-4223593), has won 8 prizes per 10 (no doubles) in2015, including a 1st club La Souterraine 226 p. - 38th nat. 2,637 p. and a 2nd club Chateauroux III 106 p. - 3rd L.A.L. 209 p. - 5th z A2 1,442 p. - 26th nat. 5,868 p.

Ready to go

Gevaert-Van Schoorisse had basketed 26 pigeons for La Souterraine, and they showed to be in great form earlier on. We are eager to know how strong they will prove to be in this race.