Cools-Blancke, "The famous team from Ruiselede makes a powerful start!"

“Darling” 3185274/02 wins 1st National Hens Bourges !

Rik Cools and Piet Blancke from Ruiselede in West-Flanders – a small village with mills on the border between West- and East-Flanders – have been very well know all around Flanders already for some time. Various victories and accolades decorate their name. Their record lists provincial victories, provinciale ace pigeons and miraculous results. They won last year, among many other prizes, the 1st & 2nd ace pigeon in middle distance and long distance yearlings KBDB West-Flanders, and also the 2nd & 5th ace pigeon long distance youngsters KBDB West-Flanders and so much more. All this was achieved with hens on widowhood. The brand new 1st national in the cathegory hens out of Bourges–I is thus also a hen on widowhood. This “Darling” won also the 2de national amongst 23667 old hens. Truly a magnificent performance.
In this way she gets in 2003 at Tours on 28/6 the 19th place out of 497 hens, on 5/7 she gets the 9th place from Blois out of 1637 p, on 12/7 she arrives again from Blois as 50th out of 1238 p and on 26/7 she arrived on 174th place out of 1464 pigeons from Bourges.
In 2004 she made a fantastic start.
Up to today she won the 1st place from Chartres from 680 pigeons (on May 1st). On May 22nd she was basketed for Chateauroux and again was on the regional level 2nd out of 407 pigeons and on interprovincial level was she the 7th out of 4061 pigeons. She was in an excellent condition and proved this on May 29 by ariving as 2nd nationaly old pigeons and 1st national hens.

The origin of the “Darling”
She comes from one of the loft’s top breeding couple - the “100”: 00-3195100 and the “Aske”: 00-3195018.
- The “den 100” is brother of the wonderful “Bieke”, one of the best hens racing in her time. Amongst thousands other pigeons she won many prizes and topprizes, such as: 7th Chateauroux 4498p, 26th Argenton 17933p, 2nd Chateauroux 7183p, 1th Chateauroux 783p, 2nd Poitiers 2766p, …and so on.
Father is the “Gaby” 93-3051184 (a son of a brother of “Wittenbuik” from G. Vandenabeele x “Dochter Groten” Vandenabeele) with “Françoisse” 95-3185530, a very speciale breeding hen and mother of many racing hens.
The “Aske” formed together with “Bieke” a phenomenal duo. What this “Aske” has on her list of prizes is almost unbelievable. She won for example 1st La Souterraine 2244p, 1st Poitiers 398p, 4th Tours 1557 p,… and so on. She won 26 pure first prizes and is a daughter of “Frans” 95-3336137 (owner Frans Vanwildemeersch-Vyncke) and “Alfonçinne” 94-3043182 (originaly from Vergotte-Braet from Aalter).
This “Aske” has delivered already many offsprings with excellent results.

• Their “Bourges-I story ” 2004.
There were three old pigeons (hens and cocks) basketted and the clocked time was the following:
- 12:23 (2nd nominated)
- 12:47 (3rd nominated)
- 13:09 (1st nominated)

Plus 4 yearlings (hens) clocked at 12:43 (2nd nominated) – 12:47 (3rd nominated) and 13:09 (1st nominated).

• Again an impressive start 2004!
The story of Cools-Blancke’s year 2004 is very easy to tell. Their hens got right down to work without any stopping. Take a look at their scores since they started racing on the middle distance:

15/05/04 Tours (450 km) - Regionaal 663 old: 3-4-5-7-9-10-12-13-9-21-28-30 and so forth… - (21 out of 24)
(Inter)provincial 5149 old: 4-5-6-12-27-29-37-38-64-81 (21 out of 24)
22/05/04 Chateauroux (485 km) - Regional 407 old: 1-2-3-5-6-8-10-12-22-23-40-81 - (12 out of 12)
(Inter)provincial 4061 old: 3-7-13-43-44-82-93 - (12 out of 12)

On the weekend of May 29 they hit the bingo again. But beware… the succes story 2004 is for Cools-Blancke not anywhere near the end. We will keep you posted!

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