Three provincial victories for Hugo Vlaeminck (Rupelmonde, BE)

The palmares of Hugo Vlaminck is nothing short of impressive. He has been able to dominate basically every longer middle distance race with a small team of pigeons.

He has won 3 provincial and 1 zonal first prize this season so far. He continued his winning streak of the past few seasons, aiming to win a first prize in every race he competes in. It would be difficult to match his results of his spectacular 2014 season, in which he won no less than 4 provincial and 5 zonal first prizes. Still, we tend to think it would not be entirely impossible for Hugo.

Hugo Vlaeminck with his BE13-4109839, provincial and zonal winner of Chateauroux II

The three provincial first prize winners

BE13-4109839 – 1st Provincial Chateauroux II /1st National Zone B1 Chateauroux II

This cock has quite an impressive palmares, having won a 1st prov. Poitiers against 4,023 p. and a 1st nat. Zone B1 Potiers against 2,628 p. in 2014. He finished in second place national against 14,094 pigeons.

He took his second provincial and zonal victory in the race from Chateauroux, against 2,202 old birds and 3,045 old birds respectively. He also finished in 21st place against 10,933 pigeons. He had already won a 2nd club from Vierzon (386 pigeons), a 7th from Souppes (536 pigeons), etc.

This pigeon is a 100% Thibaut-Boons pigeon (Sombreffe) from his father's side, and he was purchased on PIPA. His dam is a full sister of Ronaldo, winner of 9 first prizes, and a 1st prov. Argenton (3,161 pigeons), 1st Prov. Gueret (2,829 pigeons), 1st Prov. Bourges (1,150 pigeons), 2nd Nat. Bourges (8,005 pigeons),  4th Prov. Montluçon (3,550 pigeons), 3rd Prov. Chateauroux (2,202 pigeons), 5th Prov. Bourges (2,473 pigeons) etc. Click here for the full pedigree - Click here for the full list of achievements

BE11-4049957 – Ronaldo - 1st Provincial Gueret

Ronaldo is another highly talented pigeon in Hugo's racing team, and probably one of Belgium's best middle distance pigeons. He won a provincial first prize from Guéret against 2,829 old birds, his third national victory after Argenton and Bourges! He then continued to win top prizes, including a 3rd Prov. Chateauroux II against 2,202 pigeons and a 30th prov. Argenton against 2,400 pigeons. This crack had already won a 1st prov. Argenton (3,161 p.), a 1st prov. Bourges (1,150 p.), a 2nd nat. Bourges (8,005 p.), a 4th prov. Montluçon (3,550 p.), a 5th prov. Bourges (2,473 p.) etc.

His sire is Favoriet, winner of 5 first prizes and the title of Golden Ring Middle Distance Waasland. The dam comes from the bloodlines of Romain Legiest x Flor Vervoort. Click here for the full pedigree of Ronaldo - Click here for the full palmares of Ronaldo.

BE14-4069396 – 1st Provincial Chateauroux I

This one year old cock has a proven record: he won a 1st prov. Chateauroux I 5,865 pigeons, after having won a 4th prov. against 4,668 pigeons from Bourges I earlier on. His sire was the co winner of the national championship longer middle distance KBDB 2013! He originates from the lines of Leo Heremans x Stijn Van Laere. His dam has already bred three provincial first prize winners! Click here for the full pedigree - Click here for his palmares.

To conclude

It goes without saying that Hugo Vlaeminck has become one of Belgium's most renowned fanciers, and he shows that it does not take a large collection of pigeons to ahieve great results at provincial and national level. The key to success is a group of top quality pigeons and great motivation. We conclude with an overview of his best results of 2015:

Bourges (469km) 
Club:   347 olds: 1-2-10-14… (5/9)
Prov: 3,316 olds: 5-12-...
Club:   448 yearlings: 1-5-8 (3/9)
Prov: 4,668 yearlings: 4-...

Chateauroux I (515km)  
Club: 391 olds: 5-6-11-13-14-30-32-…(8/9)
Club: 615 yearlings: 1-3-28-32-41-… (7/8)

Gueret (580km) 
Club: 188 olds: 1-2-3-10-17-… (8/8)
Prov: 2,829 olds: 1-5-8-48-...
Club: 341 yearlings: 1-2-…(5/9)
Prov: 4,432 yearlings: 6-15-...
Chateauroux II (515 km) 
Club: 151 olds: 1-2-5-6-7-10-… (8/8)
Prov: 2,202 olds: 1-3-17-18-21-...
Club: 359 yearlings: 4-11-16-… (8/8)
Soupes (346km)  
Club: 309 olds: 1-13-14-25-28-…(11/13)
Club: 635 yearlings: 1-3-7-23-45-51-…(9/13)
Club: 1,100 young birds: 6-7-10-15-18-20-30-34-46-91-… (22/34)
Noyon (195km) 
Club: 887 young birds: 1-7-19-20-22-24-25-50-51-61-65-66-69-84-85-…(24/33)