Benny Steveninck (Hamme, BE) takes provincial first prize from Montluçon yearlings after a flying start of 2015

The achievements of Benny Steveninck in recent weeks have been quite impressive. He won a top 5 place from Bourges I, three provincial top 5 places from Châteauroux I, and 4 provincial top 5 prizes form Guéret I. He did even better in the weekend of 20 June, winning a 2nd provincial Limoges II old birds, a 3rd provincial Montluçon old birds, and last but not leats a 1st provincial Montluçon yearlings.

Always successful

He has won 11 provincial top 5 places in five national races, after just four weeks into the national competition. This is quite a list of achievements for the Steveninck pigeons. It goes without saying that Benny's racing team is in excellent form, and they have been so for quite a few weeks already. This is probably te result of a strong start to the season, with great results in the preliminary races:

09/05 Souppes-sur-Loing  355 olds      1-6-11-21-23-66     (6/6)
                         303 yearlings 2-14-29-30-56-79-83 (7/9)
17/05 Vierzon            255 olds      6-10-14-16-17-57-64  (8/9)
17/05 Souppes-sur-Loing  276 Olds      5-6-15-20-23-24-25-26 (8/8)
                         432 yearlings 7-9-10-12-13-22-23-41-48-50-65-81-107-115-132-139 (16/20)

1st Provincial Montluçon yearlings with Pepchi

This provincial victory did not really come as a surprise; many insiders had expected Benny to take a provincial first prize one day. About two weeks ago his super class hen Tess (1st Prov. Bourges in 2014) was close to victory but she had to settle for second prov. Chateauroux. Racing bird Piet had to be satisfied with a provincial second place from Limoges as well. Their loft mate Pepchi eventually managed to claim a long awaited provincial first prize after all, claiming victory from Montluçon against 3,700 yearlings. These three top class pigeons have really showed that the Steveninck breed is still an internationally renowned pigeon family. We take a closer look at them:

-Pepchi BE14-4059809

 1st  Prov Montluçon      3,700 p. ’15 
 7th  Nat Montluçon      16,982 p. ’15
 1st  Souppes sur Loing     428 p.
16th  Nat Tours          24,097 p. ’14
29th  Prov Gueret         4,432 p. ’15
171st Prov Chateauroux    5,877 p. ’15
223rd Prov La Souterraine 4,250 p. ’14

Sire: Pepperal NL12-1077051
A direct Gerard Koopman, from superboy Mister Allennig NL 08-5821643 (1st NPO Blois 7.541 d.) x Peppermint NL10-1109527, a half sister of Jerson (Olympiad Pigeon Cat. C in Nitra in Slovakia).

Dam: Daughter Chipo BE07-4216998
A full sister of no less than three national ace pigeons, and a full sister of the dam of the 1st Nat. Limoges! She is a daughter of stock breeder Chipo BE03-4329022 x Hautekier 989 BE03-4328989.
Click here for the pedigree and the palmares of Pepchi

-Piet BE13-3076288

 2nd Prov Limoges  2,201 p. ’15 
 9th Nat Limoges   8,305 p. ’15
14th Zone Poitiers 2,628 p. ’14
81st Zone Tulle    2,037 p. ’14
83rd Zone Gueret   1,719 p. ’14

Originates directly from the breeding lofts of Dr. Piet Blancke of Team BDS.

Sire: Inbreed Stier BE10-3161456
A pure Vandenabeele pigeon bred from Jerry de Stier BE98-3258009 (which was the grandfather of a 2nd Nat. Gueret) x Miss Gueret BE06-3159447 (2nd Nat. Gueret 10,670 p. in ’06 for Declerck-Blancke).

Dam: Sister Greg BE09-4189887
Comes from Benny Steveninck, being a full sister of Greg, the sire of Speedy: 1st Zone Poitiers 2,688 p., 2nd Prov. Bourges 3,492 p., 6th Zone Bourges 2,526 dp. She is a daughter of Gueret BE08-4216930 (1st Nat. Limoges YL ’09 and 1st Prov. Gueret ’08) x Nina BE08/4216906 (a granddaughter Chipo).
Click here for the pedigree and palmares of Piet

-Tess BE13-4096750

 2nd  Prov Chateauroux  3,751 p. ’15 
48th  Nat Chateauroux  18,604 p. ’15
 1st  Souppes sur Loing   355 p.
 1st  Prov Bourges      1,688 p. ’14 
 9th  Nat Bourges      10,141 p. ’14
228th Prov Gueret       2,828 p. ’15
526th Nat Montluçon    11,056 p. ’15

Sire: Mozart BE11-6156291
Comes from August Wouters and was an outstanding first prize winner

Dam: Dochter Gueret BE10-4320852
An inbred hen from Gueret BE08-4216930 (1st Nat. Limoges YL ’09 and 1st Prov. Gueret ’08) x his own dam Mother National BE07-4372474 (a daughter of the Hautekiet pair).
Click here for the pedigree and the palmares of 2014 of Tess

Impressive results

These three prize winners were not the only pigeons that enabled Benny Steveninck to gain recognition in recent weeks. The other pigeons in his racing team performed at a really high level, and this resulted in the following prizes at provincial level:

30/05 Bourges I Provincial:
3316 olds    2-14-18-23-68-211-214-311-573-663 (10/15)
4668 YLs     6-9-35-63-68-84-100-119-120-121-160-183-184-203-223-226-301-4019-446-479-517-
             552-602-609-644-646-671-745-957 (29/43)

06/06 Châteauroux Provincial:
3751 olds:   2-4-40-... (only top 50 announced)
5877 YLs:    4-9-26-30-33-... (only top 50 announced)

13/06 Guéret I Provincial:
2829 olds:   4-9-... (only top 50 announced)
4432 YLs:    3-4-5-13-27-29-43-... (only top 50 announced)

20/06 Montluçon Provincial:
2172 olds:   3-9-15-... (only top 50 announced)
3700 YLs:    1-11-37-39-... (only top 50 announced)

20/06 Limoges II Provincial:
2201 olds:   2-... (only top 50 announced)

Is a national first prize to be expected?

We think they are up to it. The Steveninck pigeons are always in for a spectacular performance, especially given their current form. Still, everything has to go according to plan if you want to win a national first prize. The westerly winds in recent weeks have been quite disadvantageous for the two Flemish provinces in the national races of the longer middle distance. Still, you only need one day in which the conditions are perfect, and Benny & Karin have been doing everything they can to prepare for that day. You can tell from the current form of their racing team, and from their achievements and national first prizes in recent seasons. These are the kind of results only the greatest champions can achieve!