Saban Saatdüzen (Tessenderlo, BE) has made himself one of Belgium’s most successful fanciers

Saban Saatdüzen can consider himself one of the leading names in Belgium, especially after his national victories from Bourges (2013) and Argenton (2014). Many insiders had already predicted his rise to the top.

A successful pigeon fancier and a big fan of the Belgian red devils

Breeder of canaries

Saban used to breed canaries, which he quit doing due to a busy daytime job. He found a new challenge when he came into contact with pigeon racing in 1998, and he managed to make good use of the experience he gained from keeping canaries. In his first few years as a fancier, he had a hard time competing with the two neighbouring lofts of Verreckt-Ariën and Guido Loockx. After a while Saban’s pigeon family started to become successful as well, not only at provincial level but also in the national races. The first highlights in his career are the national victories from Bourges 2013 against 19,655 old birds with Simsek (BE11-5035414) and from Argenton 2014 against 7,691 old birds with Vifke (BE12-5051600).

Quality improvement

Saban got his first pigeons from his brother but he quickly understood that he needed a lot more bloodlines if he was planning to compete with the best pigeon lofts around. His first important introduction was a cock of Charel Voorts (Pulle, BE). This BE95-6210123, a brother of the 75th nat. Bourges 31,666 pigeons, was paired to The 66 (BE98-5136966), and he became the sire and grandfather of several highly talented racers and breeders. The total auction of Jean Meulemans led to another improvement in quality, as a sister of Jean’s best hen was transferred to Saban’s loft in Tessenderlo as well.


One of the pigeons that truly highlights the importance of his first investments is Saban’s national winner from Bourges 13, called Simsek. She originates from an inbred pairing of 123/95 of Charel Voorts x The 66. Both the sire and the dam of Simsek are great-grandchildren of this pair. The sire is also related to the hen that was purchased from Jean Meulemans, while the dam is related to the 120 (BE06-6273120), which was obtained from Alfons Slaets (Lint, BE).

Click here to take a look at the full pedigree of Simsek

Vandenabeele x Heremans

Saban’s career really started to take off after he introduced the bloodlines of Heremans and Vandenabeele. Saban was deeply impressed with the level of performance of the Vandenabeele pigeon breed and he was determined to get his hands on some of Gaby’s finest bloodlines. Gaby had already sold his entire collection but he referred him to Mark Vandaele (Oostrozebeke, BE), a fancier that had been very successful with youngsters of Wittenbuik and Bliksem.

Super class pair

Saban did not have to wait long before this new bloodline started to pay off. His first major success was a pairing of Grandson Wittenbuik (BE04-3234531) x a daughter of 123/95 of Charel Voorts and The 66. This breeding pair bred an excellent cock in 2006 that would never cease to influence this pigeon breed: Superbreeder (BE06-5011458). This Superbreeder was first of all an excellent racing bird:

1st prov. Bourges 1,652 p. - 12th ZC 5,774 p.
5th prov. Argenton 987 p.  - 24th nat. 5,927 p.
4th prov. Argenton 750 p.  - 21st nat. 5,208 p.
7th semi nat. Montluçon 7,302 p.

However, his achievements in the breeding loft proved much more impressive. He was paired to different hens and most of his youngsters and grandchildren were able to achieve brilliant results. His very best descendants were bred when he was paired to BE08-6383156, a hen based on an inbreeding of the bloodline of Leo Heremans. This 156/08 is a granddaughter of Asduif (BE00-6460908) of Gust Jansen (Beerse, BE) and a niece of Jan (BE02-6113220) of Leo Heremans. Both the youngsters and grandchildren of this pair would significantly increase the level of performance of Saban’s pigeon family, making him a top class fancier. Click here for the full pedigree of Superbreeder. You can find the pedigree of his partner BE08-6383156 here.

We give you a brief overview of the top prizes won by the descendants of this breeding pair:

 1st national Argenton I - 7,691 olds
 7th national Bourges II - 14,598 yearlings
10th national Montlucon - 22,875 yearlings
27th national Argenton – 7691 olds
32nd national Chateauroux - 20,517 olds
40th national La Souterraine – 7176 olds
46th national Argenton - 22,384 yearlings
49th national Chateauroux – 4316 olds
54th national Bourges I - 24,676 olds
78th national La Souterraine - 4,699 yearlings
90th national Bourges II - 14,145 yearlings
95th national Issoudun - 5,670 pigeons
98th national La Souterraine – 3184 yearlings

Peri (BE11-5035420)

Peri is one of the most successful descendants of Saban’s super class pair, along with Vifke, his national winner from Argenton in 2014. Peri has won several provincial first prizes, while finishing in the top ten of two national races. She was only raced as a one year old:

Laon: 48th/1,671 p.
Nanteuil: 20th/1,447 p.
Gien:      prov.: 27th/3,515 p.
Montluçon: prov.: 1st/1,932 p.  - zC: 3rd/6,281 p. - nat.: 10th/22,875 p.
Argenton:  prov.: 54th/1,653 p. - zC: 142nd/6,099 p. 
Bourges:   prov.: 4th/1,779 p.  - zC: 7th/5,856 p. - nat.: 7th/14,598 p.
Blois:     prov.: 26th/2,077 p.
Argenton:  prov.: 26th/957 p.   - zC: 160th/2,647 p. 

She was quickly transferred to the breeding loft after this impressive list of achievements, to become the dam of the equally impressive BE12-5061509:

La Souterraine: prov.: 11th/1.363 p. - zC: 35th/2,466 p.
Bourges:        prov.: 96th/1.290 p. - zC: 179th/2,795 p. - nat.: 581st/13,588 p.
Argenton:       prov.: 33rd/2.441 p. - zC: 6th/4,701 p.   - nat.: 106th/22,463 p.
Bourges:        prov.: 71st/1.374 p. - zC: 120th/2,904 p. - nat.: 546th/11,883 p.
Gien:           prov.: 10th/7.916 p.
Bourges:        prov.:166th/3.143 p. - zC: 269th/5,144 p. 
Chateauroux:    prov.: 44th/2.280 p. - zC: 237th/3,820 p. 
Montluçon:      prov.: 43rd/1.508 p. - zC:162nd/3,368 p. 
​Argenton:       prov.: 13th/863 p.   - zC: 16th/1,765 p. - nat.: 27th/7,691 p.
La Souterraine: prov.: 5th/890 p.    - zC: 12th/1,639 p. - nat.: 40th/7,176 p.
Chateauroux:    prov.: 24th/750 p.   - zC: 33rd/1,479 p. - nat.: 49th/4,316 p.
Argenton:       prov.: 56th/630 p.   - zC: 87th/1,237 p. - nat.: 155th/3,671 p.

Peri illustrates perfectly that the second, third and even fourth generation of this super class pair share the same talents and qualities. The dam of Peri is a daughter of the super class pair, and the sire is BE04-2002020, which was also obtained at the total auction of Jean Meulemans. Click here for the full pedigree of Peri.

Having two highly successful descendants does not suffice to be considered a super class pair, even though some fanciers would like us to believe that. That is why we included the palmares of a few more top quality descendants of this renowned pair.


Bourges:     prov.: 46th/1,830 p. - z C: 97th/5,806 p. - nat.: 264e/14145 p.
Gien:        prov.: 25th/5,231 p.
Bourges:     prov.: 29th/3,541 p. - zC: 38th/8.439 p.  - nat.: 151st/24,676 p.
Chateauroux: prov.: 5th/1,665 p.  - zC: 8th/6.368 p.   - nat.: 32nd/20,517 p.
Montluçon:   prov.: 24th/1,503 p. - zC: 73rd/6.185 p.


Argenton:       prov.: 6th/1,653 p.  - zC: 11th/6,099 p. - nat.: 46th/22,384 p.
Montluçon:      prov.: 51st/1,932 p.
La Souterraine: prov.: 21st/1,071 p. - zC: 83rd/2,201 p.
Bourges:        prov.: 14th/1,106 p. - zC: 27th/2,671 p. - nat.: 180th/9,639 p.
Gien:           prov.: 16th/4,588 p.


Soissons: 9th/367 p.
Soissons: 2nd/342 p.
Melun: 14th/1,418 p.
Montluçon:      prov.: 15th/1,911 p. - semi-nat.: 43rd/5,706 p. - nat.: 104th/17,865 p.
Blois:          prov.: 13th/1,446 p.
Bourges:        prov.: 62nd/2,296 p. - zC: 128th/4,063 p. - nat.: 378th/19,655 p.
La Souterraine: prov.: 30th/890 p.   - zC: 67th/1,639 p.  - nat.: 167th/7,176 p.



Bourges:     prov.: 43rd/1,290 p. - zC: 81st /2,795 p.  - nat.: 233rd/13,588 p.
Argenton:    prov.: 59th/2,441 p. - zC: 106th/4,701 p.  - nat.: 190th/22,463 p.
Bourges:     prov.: 72nd/1,374 p. - zC: 122nd/2,904 p.  - nat.: 551st/11,883 p.
Chateauroux: prov.: 102nd/ 764 p. - zC: 169th/1,378 p.  - nat.: 327th/ 6,005 p.
Bourges:     prov.: 87th/3,143 p. - zC: 142nd/5,144 p.  - nat.: 235th/22,663 p.
Chateauroux: prov.: 42nd/2,280 p. - zC: 230th/3,820 p. 

Tough regime

Saban is not tempted to basket his young birds for the national races. Instead, they are basketed for a few flights from Momignies (130km) and Soissons (220km). They always manage to perform really well in these races, even though he does not really prepare them for these flights.

Momignies: 1,110 young birds: 3-5-6-7-33-34-46-49-52-55-69-70-71-92-95...(30/39)

The pigeons are then put to the test as one year olds raced in total widowhood. Saban has been particularly successful with this approach and he is confident that he will continue to yield great results in the future as well. Good luck!