Peter Jonker (Uitgeest, NL) lets other fanciers shine with the descendants of his national ace pigeons

Peter Jonker managed to become a top level fancier in The Netherlands in no time. In addition, several of his national champions have demonstrated their breeding qualities in 2014 with numerous references.

Peter Jonker moved to his current location in Assum (Uitgeest) in 2003, and it proved an ideal location for racing pigeons at the highest level. He got involved in the sport through his grandfather at a very early age, and he quickly became a highly ambitious and successful fancier, finding his way to the top in a short period of time. He got in contact with a number of colleagues, many of which had given him some first class racing birds that turned out to be very talented breeders as well. Peter was one of the leading names in the national championships between 2005 and 2008, while achieving great results in the national WHZB competition as well; the first highlight in his career was probably the title of 1st Ace Pigeon sprint WHZB in 2008. We take a look at his top 10 places:

2005:     6th National loft championship young birds NPO
2006:     3rd National loft championship young birds NPO
          6th National loft champion sprint NPO
2007:     2e National loft champion sprint NPO
          4e National ace pigeon sprint NPO
          7e National ace pigeon sprint WHZB
2008:     1e National ace pigeon sprint WHZB
          3e National loft champion sprint NPO
          9e National ace pigeon sprint WHZB

Blauwe Hertog and Pre Olympic  

These two pigeons have played an important role in the winning of these titles and top ten places. Both Blauwe Hertog and Pre Olympic are direct pigeons of Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp (Brummen, NL). The NL05-2110115 Blauwe Hertog, a crossing of Eijerkamp-Janssen and the noble bloodline of Gerard Koopman (Ermerveen, NL), is winner of a 1st Strombeek 4094 p., a 2nd Duffel 4787 p., a 2nd Nijvel 2336 p., a 2nd Peronne 2320 p., and winner of the title of 1st national ace pigeon WHZB in 2008. The Vandenabeele based NL05-2105064 Pre Olympic was another outstanding pigeon that finished in the top ten in the national competitions regularly. Youngsters of Blauwe Hertog and Pre Olympic are now kept in Peter’s breeding loft, to maintain the level of quality in the racing loft.

NL09-1071346 Paris Blue, 1st Morlincourt 2868 p.

Paris Blue

One of the most special youngsters of Blauwe Hertog is without doubt NL09-1071346 Paris Blue. He continued his father’s winning streak by claiming a first prize from Morlincourt 2868 p., followed by a 4th NPO Nanteuil 9332 p. and a 6th Nijvel 20,331 p. Peter Jonker left nothing to chance when it came to finding a partner for Blauwe Hertog – he paired him to NL08-1368158 Messira, a daughter of NL06-2049359 Messi from the loft of Jelger Klinkenberg (Schermerhorn, NL). Messi succeeded Blauwe Hertog as the winner of the ace pigeon championship sprint WHZB, claiming the title in 2008. Click here for the pedigree of Paris Blue.

NL11-1628327 Miss Aubergine, 1st Nijvel 2900 p./1st Meer 588 p.

Miss Aubergine

The second generation of Blauwe Hertog descendants gave a group of equally talented racing birds, including the highly successful NL11-1628327 Miss Aubergine, a granddaughter of Blauwe Hertog. She illustrates that the line of Blauwe Hertog is well suited for inbreeding as well. The sire of Miss Aubergine is NL09-1071370 Skyfall, a son of NL05-2110116 Blauwe Hertogin, nest sister of Blauwe Hertog. Miss Aubergine won first prizes from Nijvel against 2900 p. and Meer against 588 pigeons. Click here to take a closer look at the pedigree of Miss Aubergine.

BE09-3095222 Grandson Bliksem, Gaby Vandenabeele

Grandson Bliksem

Peter attempted to make his pigeon breed more resilient and perseverant by looking for a number of highly exclusive pigeons, which he found in the loft of none other than Gaby Vandenabeele (Dentergem, BE). He obtained a grandson of Gaby’s legendary BE98-3158062 Bliksem, which demonstrated his qualities as a breeder: he is the sire of Jonge Bliksem of Jan Hooijmans (Kerkdriel, NL), and Jonge Bliksem is in turn the sire of the successful Harry. The introduction of this bloodline was a great success for Peter Jonker, who has won several teletext prizes with youngsters and grandchildren of Grandson Bliksem. Click here for the full pedigree of Grandson Bliksem.

NL11-1628394 Adonis, 9th NPO Nanteuil 9332 p. (teletext)


One of the many successful descendants of Grandson Bliksem is his son NL11-1628394 Adonis. The dam of this blue coloured cock is NL06-1762379, a daughter of NL97-1792160 Hertog (Eijerkamp-Janssen). The highlight in the career of Adonis was winning a 9th NPO Nanteuil (9332 p.), which resulted in a highly coveted teletext prize. Besides, one of the sons of Adonis won a 12th NPO against 6740 pigeons. You can find the pedigree of Adonis here.


Peter is particularly satisfied with the results that some of his colleagues have achieved with his breed. Peter does not have a lot of breeding pairs, which means there is only a limited number of pigeons available for the lofts of his colleagues. This makes the number of references even more impressive. Such top class players as Jelger Klinkenberg have really benefitted from the outstanding pigeons of Peter Jonker. The British fancier Richard Turner (Worksop, U.K.) has probably been the most successful fancier with Jonker pigeons. Peter had not been able to win an Olympiad title with his Pre Olympic, in contrast to Richard Turner, who will be sending his Olympic Dorien to the Budapest Olympiad. You can find an overview of his best references by clicking here.

To conclude

All in all, Peter had not been entirely satisfied with his 2014 season. One of the reasons was that the sprint and the middle distance championships took place in changing weather conditions. Besides, Peter has a busy job in higher education, and he preferred to spend his spare time with his family and his two sons. Still, his double victory from Morlincourt in Rayon B in the province of North Holland (1192 pigeons) showed that his pigeon family is still a top quality breed.