Leo & Gerry Dockx (Koningshooikt, BE) claim title of First National Ace Pigeon longer middle distance young birds KBDB 2014

Leo and Gerry from Koningshooikt near Lier have won an impressive number of prizes in their early career as pigeon fanciers. They were put in the spotlight as the winners of an ace pigeon title longer middle distance this season, after having already won a national first prize last year.

Early success

The longer middle distance races have grown increasingly popular in recent seasons. Tens of thousands of pigeons are being basketed every weekend, and it is fair to say Leo and Gerry Dockx have won one of today’s most precious titles. The pigeons of father and son Dockx had demonstrated their value in 2013 already, with an excellent season including a crowning national young birds’ victory from Nevers. Clik here to reread our report on their national victory from Nevers.

The Dockx family decided to take a different course from 2011, making a switch from sprint to middle distance and longer middle distance. They built a large new loft and they paid a visit to no other than Gaston Van de Wouwer (Berlaar, BE) for reinforcements. About 100 pigeons moved to the loft in Koningshooikt, and the fanciers became good friends. Leo and Gerry can ask Gaston for advice any time. The two fanciers think they do not know a lot about pigeons, but they are primarily looking for pigeons with a closed body and soft plumage. They prefer pigeons that are not too large in size, but the pigeon’s palmares is what matters the most for Leo and Gerry. They continued racing with 100% Van de Wouwer pigeons until last season. They exchanged pigeons with Rik Cools (Ruiselede, BE) in late 2013, and the introduction of this new bloodline was an instant success.


In the closing race from Guéret Leo and Gerry’s Tarzan (BE14-6230069) was the number one candidate for winning the title of ace pigeon. It turned out to be quite a nerve wrecking race due to the late release and the fog. None of the other candidates for the title had been able to arrive home early, but Tarzan did not arrive home at all. “We had a few restless nights before we were eventually informed that Tarzan had walked into someone’s garage just a few kilometres away”, Leo explains. “The pigeon could no longer fly.” Today Tarzan is now back in form and healthier than ever. He is again one of the key players in this loft, just like he was before the race from Gueret.

Tarzan was bred from two direct Rik Cools pigeons. His sire is based on the lines of the renowned Bliksem of Gaby Vandenabeele (Dentergem, BE), while his dam originates from the best pigeons of Rik Hermans (Pulle, BE) and also Gaby Vandenabeele. Click here for the pedigree of Tarzan (BE14-6230069).

Their solid foundation, a collection of Gaston Van de Wouwer pigeons strengthened with pigeons of Rik Cools, has really put them on the right track. The fanciers from Koningshooikt gain a lot of attention but they have always been humble. Still, they are very proud of their achievements.

Leo and Gerry, many congratulations!