Freddy and Jacques Vandenheede (Zingem, BE) will rank three of their pigeons in the national ace bird championships

Standing there every year, among the leading national lights, is something only a few people can do. When closely examining the preliminary rankings of the Belgian national ace pigeons of 2014, we can see that Freddy and Jacques have once again ranked three pigeons. Not easy!

Belgian national ace pigeons... They're the best pigeons that flew in Belgium over an entire season. Ranging from sprint to extreme long distance, every pigeon has its own discipline. Every single pigeon ranked among the national ace birds is without doubt a real star. Pigeons with a long list of achievements. A fancier is right in being proud of having such a bird in its loft. After all, it's not that easy to top the national ace bird championships.

Still, there are fanciers who succeed in ranking multiple pigeons in the national ace bird rankings. They have multiple superior birds in their loft. Even more exceptional are those who succeed in ranking a national ace bird on a yearly basis, let alone multiple birds. Only real top fanciers such as Freddy and Jacques Vandenheede from Zingem can enjoy this particular sweet taste of victory. In 2013, they had no less than five national ace birds. In Antwerp in a couple of weeks, they will once again hold the stage at the national prize presentation of the Belgian pigeon federation KBDB. This time, three of their pigeons were able to rank among the best Belgium has to offer. It is time to introduce the three top athletes who pulled this off in 2014.

2nd and 4th National Ace Bird Extreme Long Distance Yearlings KBDB 2014

Won by two cocks. Worth mentioning is that these two are nest brothers. They both come from the following breeding pair:

Sire: Mastodon BE07-4093204
Fantastic long distance ace with the following (shortened) list of achievements:

 6th Nat Cahors       8,651 p.
12th Prov Chateauroux 3,772 p.
13th Nat Tulle        5,676 p.
18th Nat Souillac     7,045 p.
60th Nat Cahors       7,347 p.
105th Nat Souillac    7,597 p.

Grandsire: Sjah BE02-4478695. An excellent breeder and direct De Rauw-Sablon from the icon Limoges 261/91 x Goudklompje 874/98
Granddam: Cooler Couleur BE04-6231885. Direct Jos and Jules Engels

Dam: Romy II BE08-9068138
Direct Nihoul & Son, Senzeilles from the golden breeding pair. She is a full sister of Turbo BE06-9048374 which won:

11th International - Bordeaux 7,338 yearlings '07
 6th National      - Souillac 7,315 old birds '08
 1st Zone C        - Orange   3,173 old birds '09
 2nd National      - Orange   5,242 old birds '09
19th National      - Orange   4,466 old birds '10
 4th National      - Orange   4,865 old birds '11

Grandsire: Le Couronne BE97-9049586. Super breeder and stock sire at the Nihoul lofts. Sire of three 1st Interprovincial winners from Bordeaux, Angoulême and Chateauroux and coming from the bloodline of Mexico and Foreu at Marc Roosens's from Leernes.
Granddam: Bolletje BE97-3244757. Daughter of Super Bol 52/94, 32nd Nat. Montauban and 36th Nat. Narbonne in 1996.

Both ace pigeons and nestbrothers listen to the names Ace Marsupilami I and II and performed the following:

- Ace Marsupilami I BE13-4050440

2nd Nat. Ace Bird Extreme Long Distance Yearlings KBDB 2014
Agen-Bordeaux  Nat   3,180 p. 32 (Club: 1st of 67 p.)
               Prov    659 p. 6
Narbonne       Nat   2,835 p. 73
Chateauroux    Nat  21,515 p. 32
Chateaudun     Prov  3,998 p. 214

Check out his full list of achievements and his pedigree here.

- Ace Marsupilami II BE13-4050439

4th Nat. Ace Bird Extreme Long Distance Yearlings KBDB 2014
Agen-Bordeaux  Nat   3,180 p. 34
               Prov    659 p. 7
Narbonne       Nat   2,835 p. 95
Chateaudun     Prov  3,998 p. 107
Chateauroux    Nat  21,515 p. 4154

Check out his full list of achievements and his pedigree here.

Science Fictiin: 1st Nat. Tulle and dam to the 9th Nat. Ace Bird
Longer Middle Distance Old Birds KBDB 2014

9th National Ace Bird Longer Middle Distance Old Birds KBDB 2014

This title was won by a hen, a granddaughter of of breeding icon Topkweker Freddy at De Rauw-Sablon's and later on Pros Roosen's. Her dam even won 1st Nat. Tulle. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree:

- Science Ace BE12-4186125

’14 Poitiers    Nat  12,379 p. 8
’14 Argenton  N.Zone  1,630 p. 16
’14 Montluçon   Nat  14,230 p. 21
’14 Gueret      Nat   7,681 p. 165
’12 Montrichard Prov  2,178 p. 25
’13 Vierzon     Prov  2,982 p. 71
’12 Orleans     Prov  4,049 p. 155

Sire: De Majoor BE09-5110454
Bought at the total sale of Pros Roosen as full brother to Blauwe Prins.

Grandsire: Topkweker Freddy BE94-4407032. The golden stock bird at the lofts of De Rauw-Sablon and Pros Roosen but originally a direct Vandenheede (from Antigoon x Het Krijt). Sire to many star pigeons such as Dromer, Blauwe Prins, etc. The known success story.
Granddam: Wittikje BE03-5241862. Dam to Blauwe Prins and a direct daughter of Chateauroux 510/92 (1st Prov Chateauroux 4,080 p.) x Bourgeske 456/00 (4th Nat Bourges 23,957 p.).

Dam: Science Fiction BE10-4101420
1st Nat Tulle 6,345 p.
Full sister of the 1st Nat. Bourges 22,499 p.

Grandsire: Art Nouveau BE07-4093189
Granddam: Jeremy BE07-4045039

Have a look at her full list of achievements and her pedigree here.

Now the Vandenheedes have three new national ace pigeons. The lofts in Zingem are increasingly populated by true (national) aces, next to national winners. No wonder Freddy and Jacques keep on performing outstandingly, often towering above everyone else. Such a treasure-house of racing and breeding material has rarely or never been seen before. It goes without saying that this is the basis of their unequalled success which resulted in them being ranked among the very best in Belgium.