Brackenier Oscar & Koen, "Invited for coffee at the ‘National top colony’ of Long Distance Racing in East-Flanders"

1st Provincial + 2nd National Ace Pigeon Long Distance Racing Old KBDB 2006!
1st General Champion ‘Belgische Verstandhouding’ 2006!
1st ‘Aces Criterium’ ‘Belgische Verstandhouding’ 2006!


Brackenier... a name that has achieved a lot of fame in pigeon world. Granddad (Oscar) has been ploughing his way through a whole lot in pigeon sport... he is at the top of pigeon sport for over half a century, previously in speed and middle distance racing... since a couple of years he is at the top of ‘national long distance racing’! Oscar is a man of 86 summers and he became a pigeon fancier at the age of 14... pigeon sport does not hold much secrets for him! He has been on the highest place on stand for countless times in his pigeon career, even on a provincial and national level. He managed to build up a colony which enjoys fame and esteem far beyond our country borders. His grandson, Koen, came to reinforce the team a few years ago and strategy was revised... they are solely focussing on racing old widowers in long distance races, young pigeons are merely trained. The gate to ‘national fame’ was opened in the new millennium, the Brackenier colony achieved top results such as:
1st National Bourges 5.708 p Zone A in 2001
1st Champion Long Distance ‘Belgische Verstandhouding’ 2003
1st Champion Long Distance FVOV 2003 (Long Distance club East-Fl)
1st Steeple Cup ‘Grans Slam of Belgium’ 2003
2nd National Bourges 21.593 p in 2001
2nd National Champion of Belgium Long Distance racing KBDB 2003

Winner of the car of “Voeders Vanrobaeys” 2000 (young pigeons)… etc.
The season of 2006 was a very memorable one again, even a little better than the one of 2003. A clear sign that the pigeon train is on the right tracks in Oosterzele. Excellent work is being done not only as far as breeding and racing are concerned but the top performances prove that support and care are also handled extremely well. All of this is necessary to stand his ground at the top, as Oscar Brackenier has done for all of his life. Let’s take a look at all the top results of 2006. We will limit the list to the real top quotations in prominent championships. Enjoy:

1st General national champion “Belgische Verstandhouding”
1st Provincial Champion long distance “ KBDB East-Flanders”
1st 10th and 12th Provincial ace pigeon long distance “KBDB East-Flanders”
1st Aces Criterium (long distance/extreme long distance) “Belgische Verstandhouding”
1st Winner “Tierce” long distance racing “Belgische Verstandhouding”
1st National ace pigeon “Belgian long distance trophy”
1st National ace pigeon long distance “Les amis du grand fond”
1st Champion long distance “Vierdaagse van de Zwalmvallei” (Four Day event of the Zwalm valley)
1st Champion “Peterkampioenschap Oost-Vlaamse Jeugdclub” (Godfather championship East-Flemish Youth club)
1st National Limoges zone A
• 2nd National ace pigeon long distance “KBDB”
• 3rd National ace pigeon long distance “Belgische Verstandhouding”
• 3rd National Champion Long Distance “Belgische Verstandhouding”
• 3rd, 6th, 10th National ace pigeon “De Duivenkrant”
• 3rd National Champion old and yearlings “Belgian fondtrophy”
• 5th Champion Long Distance “AJD”
• 4th Six Day Event (team of 3) “Belgische Verstandhouding”
• 4th Champion Long Distance “Recht en Plicht; Zottegem”
• 5th Champion Long Distance “FVOV”
• 6th, 7th National ace pigeon long distance “Het duivenblad”
• 10th General Champion long distance “FVOV” etc…

As you can tell, the name of “Brackenier” has become a household word in pigeon sport, on a national as well as on an international level. It has almost become a ... monument of pigeon sport!

Oscar and his grandsons

Oscar & Koen
Oscar has been dealing with meat and animals for his entire life. He used to own a meat-packing business and he was on the road a lot... purchasing pigs and collecting them... taking them to the abattoir to have them slaughtered... cutting up and processing them in his workshop... and finally, taking the meat to the butcher’s. There was not much time left to spend on pigeons. Fortunately, Oscar could count on his wife Aline. The care and support of the pigeons was in her capable hands for the greater part. She was also in charge of the young pigeons and obtained brilliant results in the national races for young birds... High point was winning the car of Vanrobaeys’ pigeon feed in 2000 in the national young pigeons races! We can safely state that Aline was responsible for a great part of the top successes of the Brackenier family in 2002. Then, suddenly, her “engine” sputtered... she had surgery and a long period of rehabilitation followed... As a consequence, Aline had to take things a little more slowly. Oscar and Koen had no choice but to give up racing young pigeons and focussed their attention to racing old pigeons on widowhood.
We dropped the name of grandson Koen... because he will be the new strength; he will be developing the colony in the future. Koen’s parents took over the meat business of grandfather Oscar at that time and kept active on the parental estate. Koen was brought up with pigeon sport and could not be dragged away from the pigeon lofts as from the age of 7. Koen is now a man of 27, 28 years old, he graduated as a cook and is running his own business. A busy life indeed, especially during weekends when he is venting to his culinary passions in his restaurant/bistro ‘Onder Den Toren’, located near to the church of Gijzenzele which is -by the way- a real must if you like to go out for dinner!

Founding of the colony
Koen can experiment to his heart’s content with the ‘rich breeding stable’ his granddad has built up over the years. And there is only one goal... maintain the position of the Brackenier colony at the top of pigeon sport. The ambition is to move up to national and international victories. Koen has already installed about six breeding boxes in which a.o. current super crack ‘SHREK II’ (the 1st Prov and 2nd Nat Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2006) is accommodated. The total breeding stock consists of about 30 breeding couples which generally descend from the world famous ‘wonder hen’ of sport friend Frans Waerniers: ‘SUPER LUDODUIVIN’ or a direct Ludo Claessens pigeon (Putte, NL). No less than 4 direct children of this ‘breeding wonder’ make up the ‘golden’ foundation for Long Distance racing of which for instance ‘SHREK I’ and ‘SHREK II’ descend. Koen’s breeding strategy can be summarized like this: couple pigeons of the line of ‘Super Ludoduivin’ with the own breed or with ‘new blood’. The breeding loft can be divided as follows:
• 45% pigeons of the old breed, mainly built with descendants of “de 715” of 1985 and “den Dax”
• 45% pigeons of Frans Waerniers, Knesselare... especially the lines of SUPER LUDO-DUIVIN 897/91 or ‘the goose with the golden eggs’, but there are descendants from “MARSEILLE” (1st Nat Marseille), “DAX” and “SOUILLAC” (1st Prov Souillac) as well. These pigeons are very compatible with the old main breed.
• 10% of the yearly reinforcements are obtained at top lofts in Belgium such as:
o Mrs. Deweerdt; Kortemark (a daughter of “Den Emiel”)
o Nouwen-Paesen; Peer (a son of “Miss Perpignan”)
o Robert Van Eycken; Erps-Kwerps (from the line of “De Marseille”)
o Joost De Smeyter; Melden:
- grandsons and granddaughters of: “De Joost”; 1st International Perpignan yearlings and “De Perpignan King” (Kurvers-De Weerdt; NL)
- a son of the super breeder of Jan Ernest, NL
o De Messemaeker Clement; Sint-Ullriks-Kapelle (a son of his “autowinnares”)
o Chris Hebberecht, Evergem (a son “PANCHO” who won the 1st Prov and 2nd Nat Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2004)
o the late Robert Buysse, Ertvelde (2 sons of ‘Nachtvlieger’)
Real ‘top class’ if not ‘world class’ on which a beautiful series of top results and prominent titles is based. Oscar and Koen simply stunned Flanders’ pigeon scene in 2006 with their magnificent list of achievements of the last season 2006:

Loc: 2,57,64,105,119,125 against 445 p (6/15)
Interprov: 9th etc… 3027 p
Loc: 2,54,155 against 504 p (3/5)
Prov: 54th etc… 3218 p
Zonal: 23rd etc… 4146 p
Loc: 2,33,52,79,89,91,123,124 against 380 p (8/15)
Prov: 4th etc… 2105 p
Zonal: 1st etc… against 4067 p
National: 4th etc… against 9454d
Loc: 1,2,9,11,25,28,42 against 146 p (7/8)
Prov: 5,6,36,40 etc… against 724 p
Zonal: 11,12,95,103 etc… against 1240 p
BV Nat: 16,17,114,123 etc…van 2081 p
National: 21,22,170,184 etc… against 6611 p
Loc: 8th/333 p (1/1)
Prov: 75th/3167 p
24/06 BRIVE
Loc: 15,51,63,66,68,111,… against 364 p (8/10)
Prov: 80,245,316,332 etc… against 1908 p
Zonal: 172,552,709 etc… against 3448 p
National: 203,758,1019,1081 etc… against 9466 p
Loc: 7,11,27,31,74,… against 364 p (8/13)
Loc 2-Y: 4,7,68 against 295 p (3/5)
Prov: 33,46,155,163 etc… against 3164
Prov 2-Y: 24,30,417 against 1904 p
Zonal: 38,56,204,215,585 etc… against 5804 p
Zonal 2-Y: 20,30,549 against 3066 p
National: 120,164,604,634 etc… against 13581 p
National 2-Y 70,90 etc… against 6642 p
Loc: 49,53,73 against 629 p (3/4)
Prov: 400,446,614 against 3619 p
National: 1689,1850,2453 against 15507 p
Loc: 11,15 against 83 p (2/3)
Prov: 57,90 against 454 p
National: 411,664 against 3911 p
Loc: 3,8,12,29,50,… a
gainst 298 p (6/8)
Prov: 6,24,41,151 etc… against 1570 p
Zonal: 20,42,63,235 etc… against 3020 p
National: 28,64,103,415 etc… against 6475 p
Loc: 3,48 against 222 p (2/2)
Prov: 7,232 against 1084 p
BV National: 11,541 against 2213 p
National: 14,1287 against 6033 p
International:17,1886 against 9634 p
Loc: 19,41,74 against 292 p (3/5)
Prov: 119,267,467 against 1971 p
Zonal: 80,197,367 against 2524 p
National: 682,1612,2933 against 12898 p
Loc: 13,21,29 against 149 p (3/6)
Prov: 75,114,167 against 888 p
National: 521,805,1204 against 6765 p
InterNat: 1145,1732,2679 against 14812 p
Loc: 2,3,11 against 176 p (3/3)
Prov: 6,10,57 against 1099 p

One of the main breeders is without any doubt LUDO TIEK 113/97, a direct son of the golden ‘Super Ludoduivin’ of Frans Waerniers’. Year after year, his descendants prove that LUDO TIEK is worth his weight in gold. He is, a.o. the father of:
1st Nat Bourges 2.708 p Zone A
2nd Nat Bourges 21.571 p
5th Nat Souillac 7.154 p
9th Nat Souillac 7.358 p
32nd Nat La Souterraine 17.315 p... etc.
Some famous names can be found among his direct sons, some examples: ‘LUDO FRANS’ 532/98 (1st Nat Bourges Zone A and 2nd Nat 21.571 p), ‘SOUILLAC’ 291/98 (1st Prov Souillac & 9th Nat Souillac at Frans Waerniers’), ROBOCOP I 632/01, ‘WITPEN OSCAR’ 327/99 (or the father of NARBONNE 129/04 which won the 14th prize in the Nat Narbonne race 6.033 p and 17th Intnat 9.634 p, in 2006), ‘LATEN 359’ 359/99, BONTEN TIEK 564/00 etc... All pigeons with exceptional breeding and racing abilities!
LUDO TIEK is mainly coupled with ‘ZUS DIKKEN 546/00’ or a daughter of ‘Den DAX’: 1st Prov and 16th Intnat Dax 12.880 p. ZUS DIKKEN 546/00 is a half sister of the 2 wonderboys ‘SHREK I’ and ‘SHREK II’. Both of them descend from DAX 018/96 (1st Prov & 16th Intnat Dax 12.880 p) x WITKOPJE 540/00, a direct Frans Waerniers (daughter of the 43rd Nat Perpignan: WITSLAG PERPIGNAN 126/97 x SUPER LUDO-DUIVIN 897/91). Let’s take a closer look at some of these ‘super birds’:

The 1st Prov + 2nd Nat Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2006


SHREK II, ring 4031059/04
1st Provincial ace pigeon long distance ‘KBDB East-Flanders’
1st local Aurillac 146 p
• 2nd National ace pigeon Long Distance ‘KBDB’
• 3rd National ace pigeon long distance ‘Belgische Verstandhouding’
• 3rd National ace pigeon long distance ‘De Duivenkrant’
• 3rd Local Soulliac 298 p
• 4th Local Limoges 2-J 295 p
• 5th Provincial Aurillac 724 p
• 6th National ace pigeon Long Distance ‘Het Duivenblad’
• 6th Provincial Soulliac 1570 p
• 7th Local Limoges old 548 p
• 11th National Aurillac Zone A 1240 p
• 16th National BV 2081 p
• 20th National Limoges 2-J Zone A 3066 p
• 20th National Soulliac Zone A 3020 p
• 21st National Aurillac 6611 p
• 24th Provincial Limoges 2-J 1904 p
• 28th National Soulliac 6475 p
• 33rd Provincial Limoges old 3164 p
• 38th National Zone A Limoges old 5804 p
• 70th National Limoges 2-J 6642 p
• 120th Nat Limoges old 13581 p

SHREK I, ring 4442423/03
1st ace pigeon ‘Les amis du grand Fond’ 2006
• 10th ace pigeon ‘de duivenkrant’
• 12th provincial ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB East-Flanders 2006
• 22nd Nat Aurillac 6611 p
• 203rd Nat Brive 9466 p
• 415th Nat Soulliac 6475 p

WITPEN ‘679’, ring 4141679/01
Son of wonder couple LUDO TIEK x ZUS DIKKEN… he won:
1st National ace pigeon ‘Belgian Fondtrophy’
1st National Limoges Zone A 4067 p
• 4th Nat Limoges 9545 p
• 6th National ace pigeon Long Distance ‘De Duivenkrant’
• 6th Provincial Angoulème 1099 p
• 7th National ace pigeon long distance ‘Het Duivenblad’
• 10th Provincial ace pigeon long distance ‘KBDB East-Flanders’
• 103rd Nat Soulliac 6475 p
• 634th Nat Limoges 13581 p

Real gifted birds, bred and raced according to the mastery of Oscar & Koen Brackenier.

Their way to success
As we mentioned above, the Brackenier colony has about 30 breeding couples (+ some late youngsters from SHREK 2), 44 widowers and every year, about 100 youngsters are ringed for own use but they are not raced. The breeders raise 3 rounds of young pigeons, the ‘top breeders’ and ‘super cracks’ however, never raise their own youngsters. This enhances the opportunity to recouple which means that these ‘real top birds’ can produce more young pigeons. Experience also taught that the birds ‘last’ longer this way.
The racers (cocks only) never breed before the season but they brood twice from halfway December until the end of March. The eggs of the top racers are then moved. Before the pigeons go into the baskets for a long distance race, a hen is sometimes showed to the yearlings, only by exception to the old pigeons. The old ones hardly get to see their hen before they go into the basket. When one participates in long distance and extreme long distance races, this is not really necessary. Motivation is an important factor of course but the quality of the pigeon matters a lot in this kind of races, says Oscar. When the pigeons return from a race they naturally get to see a hen but not immediately after their arrival. Pigeons that have put up a top performance and that are worn out by the race must recover before they see their hen (mostly 1 hour after their arrival). This rule goes for old pigeons as well as yearlings. As far as feed is concerned, the widowers receive a homemade preparation in a collective food box. Since all the widowers are in the same loft, the middle distance racers as well as the long distance and extreme long distance racers, the pigeons that stay at home receive a diet mixture after their last time of basketing.
As far as medical support is concerned, Oscar and Koen believe that it is a must to pay the vet a visit. The birds get a check up several times a year, a treatment only follows if the vet advises them to do so. The birds never receive a precautionary treatment and Koen and Oscar try to keep the birds healthy by giving them natural products. This way, the pigeons built up a resistance to all kinds of diseases and experience has taught that pigeons with a good ‘natural resistance’ get in top shape more easily and they can keep that shape for a longer time! Very true words, spoken by an experienced fancier: Oscar Brackenier.
The future goal is simple, really: maintain their position at the ‘top’ and Oscar and Koen also hope to achieve a “first national prize” which was thrown away by their own mistake for a couple of times in the past already. Koen & Oscar will keep on going and their ambition is to their credit. Who knows, maybe the bells of victory will be ringing in Oosterzele within a few weeks... it would be the pinnacle of Oscar’s magnificent pigeon career!