Benny Steveninck (Hamme, BE) wins a 2nd & 3rd National Châteauroux in zone B1

Benny had a great 2013 season, with a national ace pigeon title with Sun, another highlight in an already impressive career. His 2014 season has been equally successful, with several great overall results, including last weekend’s second and third national in the zone from Châteauroux.

Benny and Karin Steveninck have been among the best Belgian fanciers for years, and they gained an international reputation with their world class breeder Chipo. Chipo was an outstanding racing pigeon but his descendants have been even more successful, in lofts all over the world. Sun, the next great champion in the Chipo bloodline, managed to win the title of National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Young Birds last year, another crowning achievement. Click here reread our article about this title. Steveninck had a splendid 2013 season and 2014 has had a promising start as well, with a great result from Chateauroux last weekend. Unsurprisingly, it was the Chipo bloodline that dominated the race.

2nd Nat. Châteauroux Zone B1

The winner of the 2nd Nat. Zone B1, BE13-4096996, a great looking blue coloured hen, was bred from the cock BE09-4189921, a full brother of stock breeder Chipo and winner of several top prizes:

  3rd Dourdan 496 p.
  4th Dourdan 91 p.
 11th Noyon 325 p.
 19th Dourdan 891 p.
 23rd Nat. Zone Argenton 2,567 p.
 79th Nat. Argenton 7,358 p.
396th Seminat. Châteauroux 8,353 p.

The dam is a full sister of top class hen Hautekiet 989, which bred three different national ace pigeons together with Chipo: Chihaut 100, Chihaut 98 and De Crack. Click here for the pedigree of BE13-4096996, 2nd Nat. Châteauroux Zone B1. This second national prize in Zone B is not the first great result for 996-13. This is his list of achievements:

Châteauroux Nat. ZB1    2/3,490
Châteauroux Nat.      17/21,515
Bourges Prov.          20/4,397
Bourges Nat. ZB1       26/4,130
Châteauroux Prov.      26/2,728
Châteauroux Nat. ZB1   41/1,637
Vierzon                  10/570
Souppes-s-Loing           8/215
Souppes-s-Loing          10/126

3rd Nat. Châteauroux Zone B1

The 3rd Nat. Châteauroux Zone B1 is the cock BE13-4096912. His sire is Chihaut 97 BE05-4323997, a direct son of top pair Chipo x super hen Hautekiet 989, a nest brother of Chihaut 98 (3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon) and thus a full brother of De Crack (3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon) and Chihaut 100 (6th Nat. Ace Pigeon). The dam, BE08-3042739, is a direct Michel Hautekiet, whose bloodline combines really well with that of Chipo. She is a great breeder in the loft of Steveninck, having bred several prize winners:

1st  Angerville 1,223 p.
1st  Montrichard 223 p.
3rd  Nat. ZB1 Châteauroux
3rd  Angerville 726 p.
21st Nat. Guéret 14,362 p.
53rd Nat. Argenton 7,132 p.

Click here for the pedigree of BE13-4096912, 3rd Nat. Châteauroux ZB1. This is clearly not his first excellent result. We take a look at his best achievements:

Châteauroux Nat. ZB1    3/3,490
Châteauroux Nat.      18/21,515
Bourges Prov.          34/4,397
Bourges Nat. ZB1       33/4,130
Argenton Prov.         42/3,942
Argenton Nat. ZB1      54/2,903
Guéret Nat. ZB1        22/1,975
Guéret Prov.           53/2,989
Souppes-s-Loing          13/275
Pont Ste Maxence         17/250

Some of the best results of 2014

17/05 Vierzon
Club   295 olds:      1-2-3-7-8-9-10-13-49-56-79  11/13
       118 yearlings: 1-3-4-5-10-14-15-28-29-39  10/14
FCD  1,037 olds:      3-4-6-20-23-32-33-72-247-280-329 11/13
       570 yearlings: 7-10-14-17-45-51-61-93-104-141 10/14
FVOV 8,394 olds:      68-87-111-320-359-454-455-811  8/13
     3,848 yearlings: 84-121-176-193-469-499-554-786-853  9/14

31/05 Bourges
Club   172 olds:      1-3-4-5-6-7-8-11-13-15-16-17-18-19-22-24-25-26-27-32-36-37-42-47-52  26/31
       167 yearlings: 2-4-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-17-18-19-20-22-25-33-34-35-36-52  22/29
FCD    801 olds:      3-8-13-15-18-21-22-23-32-35-41-45-49-51-58-74-83-88-96-103-124-...   26/31
     1,008 yearlings: 2-5-13-14-15-21-25-27-34-35-37-40-47-50-51-70-89-131-132-136-147-255  22/29
FVOV 3,811 olds:      19-34-44-50-61-70-116-150-161-181-194-314-176-304-314-339-371-...  26/31
     4,397 yearlings: 5-10-20-26-34-48-62-65-93-97-100-115-137-157-161-240-332-...   22/29
Zonaal 3,750 olds:    26-49-62-68-75-86-87-135-145-168-178-192-... 26/31
     4,130 yearlings: 7-11-26-30-33-48-61-64-91-92-94-102-118-133-134-185-... 22/29

07/06 Châteauroux
Club   184 olds:      2-4-7-9-14-15-16-19-22-23-25-26-29-30-45-47-48-49-62  19/20
       151 yearlings: 1-2-3-4-6-7-8-32-44  9/20
FCD    602 olds:      7-18-42-52-72-89-93-107-117-119-127-130-145-147-190-...  18/20
       730 yearlings: 1-2-6-8-15-17-32-127-238  9/20
Zonaal 2.776 olds:    24-66-141-169-236-290-310-... (16/20)
     3,490 yearlings: 2-3-16-19-40-60-130-... (8/20)
Nat.21,515 yearlings: 17-18-132-138-241-345-... (8/20)

Click here for an overview of all the results of 2014.

Benny and Karin have had a great start to the 2014 season for sure!