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Beute and sons (Wilhelminaoord, NL) managed to create a perfect modern-day racing pigeon

Gert Jan Beute has been very successful with his breeding approach. He made great efforts to discover the characteristics of a champion pigeon and this resulted in a collection of pigeons that we do not see very often.

Gert-Jan Beute, Mister Positivo

The current generation of Beute pigeons is mainly based on the breed of the world famous Janssen brothers (Arendonk, BE). Gert Jan’s father Arnold Beute visited Jos Van Limpt aka De Klak (Reusel, NL) for the first time back in 1963 and he returned home with descendants of, for instance, his pair Vechter x Witpenneke. Pigeons from this bloodline were obtained regularly throughout the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s. They came from Jos Van Limpt but also from the lofts of Eppo Bodde (Winschoten, NL), Joop Beumer (Arnhem, NL) and the Borgmans brothers (Reusel, NL). Gert Jan obtained no less than 26 direct pigeons from Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp (Brummen, NL) in 2006, via his furniture business. One of these pigeons was NL06-1762338 Missouri Girl and this talented hen was the first Dutch Olympiad Pigeon in Cat. H in Poland in 2011. Since then, many other Eijerkamp pigeons have moved to the loft of Beute & Sons in Wilhelminaoord. In fact, Gert Jan’s loft became an official test loft for father & son Eijerkamp. The majority of these Eijerkamp pigeons come from Louis van Loon (Poppel, BE) and Leo Heremans (Vorselaar, BE) and the Beute family obtained pigeons directly from Heremans as well. Additional pigeons were obtained from Gerard Koopman (Ermerveen, NL) in 2008. Today, Gert Jan has a solid pigeon family with the kind of pigeon he had in mind: they can stand out from the others in races and they can win top prizes in nearly every distance (up and including 750km) in all kinds of weather. The Beute breed is a combination of the lines of Janssen, Koopman, Van Loon and Heremans and they have used nothing but the most valuable descendants.


The combination of Heremans pigeons and the pigeons of Gerard Koopman proved a great success and their pigeon NL09-1652988 Vechtmachine is the perfect illustration: he is a top class breeding pigeon that bred several successful racing pigeons with different partners. Vechtmachine is a son of NL08-1102313 De Triller. This blue coloured Heremans-Ceusters cock originates directly from Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp. He is related to BE01-6455003 Olympiade both via his sire and his dam. Triller is also a descendant of the world famous BE03-6192564 De Euro. The dam of Vechtmachine is NL08-2049387 Vanity and this blue coloured hen is a direct Gerard Koopman. Vanity is a grandchild of NL98-5821450 Yi Min, a sister of Gerard Koopman’s phenomenal Kleine Dirk and a sister of NL04-5430805 Magic Man, 1st National Le Mans region North against 15,252 pigeons. Click here for the pedigree of Vechtmachine.

NL09-1652988 Vechtmachine, an exceptional breeder for Gert-Jan Beute

Vechtmachine was paired to different hens including NL05-1916508 Jia Li (a hen from the old Beute lines), NL06-1535841 Acquila and NL08-2049322 Mercy, a direct Gerard Koopman. He is the sire of a long list of prize winners, including:

NL10-4223012 Daisy           2nd Morlincourt        425 p.
                             4th Lommel           1,473 p.
                             5th Boxtel          15,762 p.
                             5th St.-Quentin        880 p.
                             5th Orléans            641 p.
NL10-4223013 Dalia           1st National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance TBOTB 2011
                             2nd National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance NPO 2011
NL10-3053556 Gertje          1st NPO Chateaudun 11,572  p.
                             raced by Peter van de Merwe (Dordrecht, NL)
NL11-4232748 Elise-T         winner of 31 prizes
NL12-1057855 Famke           1st Boxtel           2,899 p.
                             8th St.-Quentin     13,652 p.
NL10-1156438 Mr. Teletekst.  2nd NPO Pithiviers   7,353 p.
                             raced by Willem Heinhuis (Steenwijk, NL)

Vanity, the dam of Vechtmachine

Dahlia Ché

Beute & Sons made another trip to the impressive breeding lofts of the Eijerkamp family and they came across NL10-1273665 Dahlia Ché. She has excellent origins and she has been performing phenomenally well too. Both her grandfathers are great breeders for Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp. One of them is BE04-6073655 Rossi, which was purchased at the Heremans-Ceusters total auction. The other grandfather is NL04-1560084 Ché, another iconic breeder in the lofts in Brummen. Ché is winner of a 1st NPO Orléans 14,285  pigeons and a 1st Arras 9,641 pigeons and he is an outstanding breeder as well: he is the sire of Shiilpa (1st National NPO North Orléans against 5,164 pigeons) and grandfather of the 1st National Ace Pigeon Young Birds 2011. One of the grandmothers of Dahlia Ché is NL04-1560209 Beatrice, which represented The Netherlands in Cat. A Sprint at the Olympiad in Porto in 2007. Dahlia Ché is naturally gifted, winning no less than five first prizes and several top results. Click here for a list of achievements and the pedigree of Dahlia Ché.

Dahlia Ché, granddaughter of Rossi, Beatrice and Ché


One of the great champions in Gert Jan’s racing loft is without doubt NL10-4223036 Damon. This amazing blue coloured cock has been a key player in his racing team for years and he has quite a list of achievements. The sire of Damon is BE07-6367928 De Geweldenaar, a grandson of BE01-6455003 Olympiade; the dam of Damon is NL08-1103042 Finette-Jackpot. She is a daughter of one BE03-6192777 Jackpot, a magnificent breeding pigeon. The Eijerkamp family had bought Jackpot at the Leo Heremans auction and it proved a great purchase. He is the sire of Olympic Vivian, 3rd Olympiad Pigeon Cat. B for The Netherlands in Nitra 2013 and winner of a 1st NPO Nanteuil 8,663 pigeons. Jackpot is a son of BE01-6455003 Olympiade. Damon finished seventh in the national WHZB competition for best Natour pigeon. In addition, he was Ace Pigeon Sprint and Ace Pigeon Middle Distance in ACG 8 in district Friesland ’96 in 2013. Damon showed to be an excellent breeder as well: a daughter of him won an 8th NPO Châteauroux. Click here for the pedigree of Damon.

Damon, 7th best Natour pigeon Wie Heeft Ze Beter 2013

The 2013 season

2013 was nothing short of amazing for Gert Jan, with one highlight after another. His NL12-1057924 Firestone claimed the victory in the NPO race from Sezanne. He achieved several brilliant results, including his impressive performance in the race from Hapert, where he managed to stay ahead of the entire district of Friesland ’96. His first, second and fourth prize against 13,553 pigeons illustrates the strength of the talented Beute pigeon breed once more.

Gert Jan Beute is a fancier with a reputation. He has strong views and his ideas are often a point of discussion among fanciers. However, he is a natural born winner and the winner is always right. This fancier from Friesland knows what he is talking about.