Bart and Nance Van Oeckel (Oud Turnhout, BE) have an international breakthrough in 2013

2013 was an international breakthrough for Bart and Nance Van Oeckel but it was also the year in which Lendl developed into a new stock sire.

Zwarte Diamant (BE05-6054296)

The achievements of the descendants of Zwarte Diamant including F16 (BE09-6107016) and Miss Poznan (BE08-6031114) are not far behind us. The F16 is without doubt one of the strongest pigeons ever to have crossed the Belgian sky, as the winner of a 1st nat. La Souterraine 3,562 pigeons (and the fastest of 20,124), 5th nat. Bourges 24,676 pigeons and 10th nat. La Souterraine 4,778 pigeons. Click here for a full list of achievements and a pictureClick here for a picture and the best results of Miss Poznan.

The most important descendants of Zwarte Diamant

Several descendants of Zwarte Diamant have done very well in 2013 and we present them to you here:

Diamant Froome (BE12-6130672): daughter F16

1st  prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB Antwerp Extreme Middle Distance
1st  prov. Salbris 769 p.
5th  prov. La Souterraine 1,588 p.
12th prov. Bourges 1,825 p.
52nd prov. Argenton 2,768 p.
56th prov. La Souterraine 2,744 p.

Diamant Froome

Magic Diamant (BE12-6130638): sister Miss Poznan

20th nat. Chateauroux 16,691 p. (1,190 m/min)
24th nat. Argenton 22,463 p. (1,412 m/min)
43rd nat. Gueret 15,007 p. (1,755 m/min)

Magic Diamant

Rode Diamant (BE12-6130790): grandson Zwarte Diamant

1st  provincial Argenton 934 p.
2nd  national B2 1,544 p.
29th national 6,801 p.

Vale Diamant (BE12-6130791): grandson Zwarte Diamant

74th  national Chateauroux 6,005 p.
149th national Argenton 6,801 p.
232nd national Gueret 2,956 p.
3rd   – 176 Noyon

Gouden Diamant (BE12-6130026): son F16

46th National Argenton 6,801 p.
3rd – 1,274 Melun
7th – 678 Dourdan

Freddiamantje (BE12-6130797): granddaughter Zwarte Diamant

14th  semi-national Vierzon 3,001 p.
129th national Chateauroux 19,691 p.
292nd national La Souterraine 11,236 p.
4th – 924 Dourdan


The intrinsic value of a top class pigeon loft is often assessed by the results of the pigeons in other lofts, preferably in lofts that are located in different regions where pigeons can then prove themselves against different opponents. That is because fanciers would often say that a loft is successful only because it does not have strong opponents in its region of origin.

Pieter Veenstra (Drachterscompagnie, NL), one of the world’s best fanciers, was looking for a new bloodline that could be successfully crossed with his own renowned Dolce Vita line. He found this line in the loft of Bart and Nance Van Oeckel. Their bloodline demonstrated its potential right from the start with the NL13-5305529 granddaughter Zwarte Diamant, winner of:

1st NPO Pommeroeul 14,502 pigeons

A granddaughter of Lendl (BE09-6349640) managed to win the title of 2nd Ace Pigeon district Afdeling Friesland Young Birds 2013.

Lendl (BE09-6349640)

Lendl, second stock sire of Van Oeckel

Lendl is the winner of a second Nat. Ace Pigeon NPO district Friesland and he has become the new super class breeder for Nance and Bart. His name refers to legendary tennis player Ivan Lendl, known for the high number of aces he could hit. The pigeon Lendl proves his value in the breeding loft, where he is known for breeding a high number of ace pigeons. His pedigree includes the following bloodlines: Highlander of John and Jan Baeck, Turbo of Ad Schaerlaeckens and last but not least Golden Boy of Van Hove-Uytterhoeven. Click here to take a look at the full pedigree. These are currently his most successful sons and daughters:

Nadal (BE11-6126250)

2nd Pre-Olympic Pigeon Czech Republic Cat. C 2013
3rd Provincial Montlucon 2,222 p.
14th National Argenton 16,325 p.
35th National Montluçon 22,875 p.
44th National Argenton 22,384 p.
39th National B Chateauroux 4,757 p.
24th National B 2,398 p.
18th Semi-National 3,585 p.
20th National B Montlucon 8,766 p.
20th National B Argenton 7,809 p.


Sharapova (BE11-6126022)

26th  National Argenton 16,235 p.
33rd  National Bourges 19,655 p.
24th  National B Gueret 2,656 p.
50th  National B Chateauroux 4,757 p.
251st National Chateauroux 22,254 p.


Kournikova (BE11-6130581)

9th   National Argenton 22,463 p.
78th  National Gueret 15,007 p.
17th  National Gueret 2,656 p.
370th National Montluçon 21,827 p.
371st National La Souterraine 19,155 p.


46 top 100 prizes in 2013

Nance and Bart have managed to finish in the national top 100 no less than 46 times this season. It takes a pigeon family in great shape and a top quality collection to achieve this. You need to have pigeons that can win top prizes in all weather conditions. Your pigeons need to have excellent orientation skills to be able to excel in races with high speeds, the kind of races in which even the slightest deviation from the perfect flight route can make you lose several places in the ranking. They have to be in the front in every race and that means they have to have a perfect muscle balance, skeleton, plume, crop and eyes to withstand the hardest of conditions. They need the strength to do a final sprint after a long eight hour race to beat their last opponents. And we should not forget to mention the importance of Bart and Nance of course. This is an excellent pigeon loft led by excellent pigeon fanciers.