Vangeel Erik - Kempen from Geel (BE)

Erik Vangeel (Left) & Johan Kempen (BE)


This beautiful town is on the east border of the province Antwerp, close to province Limburg. The town is world famous for its psychiatric hospital. It was put on the map by the famous pigeon fancier Karel Hufkens who owned the fastest pigeons in Belgium in the 80’s. I visit the partnership Erik Vangeel and Johan Kempen. The last one is famous for his pigeon articles in several magazines all over the world. I let Johan do the word:
“ I got interested in pigeon racing in the beginning of the 80’s. My father was a fancier on short distance for many years, but so far I had no interest in this hobby.
But in 1983 he asked me to take care of some youngsters and I accepted. Father Juliën only raced 120 km and was happy with a few prizes. When I would start racing, I wanted to win. It only took a few years to go to the longer distance. The short distance birds had to make place for other birds, middle distance and one day fond. Juliën found another hobby (jogging) and I was a pigeon fancier. I won 1st provincial on Argenton in 1989 (550 km). My first success gave me even more motivation.
In 1989 I made my first articles for the magazine of the famous Fons van Ophuizen (Landgraaf NL). He taught me how to make a good article!
In 1992 I moved to another house and made a new start in pigeon racing. Because I made articles, I had the chance to meet the best long distance fanciers in Belgium and Holland. Most of the pigeons came from Noël Peiren (Zedelgem), Herman van Helmond (Vorselaar) with his stain Jan Aarden, Theuninck-Vanderfaeille (Leopoldsburg) and Desbuquois (Kapelle –op-den-Bos). As youngster or as yearling, this new strains for the long distance did not do well. I only raced the short and middle distance, just to learn the birds.
In 1994 I decided it was time to race them on long distance and I became champion in the club Molse Fondclub. I won first prizes on Montauban and Narbonne, two times the same cock 6626136/92.
In 1995 I won early prizes on San Sebastian (1019 km), Brive and Bordeaux.
In 1995 I entered training for judge of show pigeons. I got my official diploma. This was a nice thing to do during the winter. In 1996 I had my biggest success on Barcelona. My ‘6626136/92’(strain Jan Aarden via Van Helmond) won 1st provincial in Antwerp 957 pigeons, 5th national 10.097p and 9th international 20.191 birds. This 136 was 100% Herman van Helmond (pure Aarden). My 6626116/92 (Desbuquois X Daems) won in 1996 also 382nd national Barcelona and my 6618546/93 (100% Peiren) won 951st national Barcelona! The provincial victory on Barcelona was celebrated with a partnership with Herman van Helmond. For 3 years we formed a partnership. We entered the races with the name Kempen-Van Helmond. Herman van Helmond, the breeder of the first national Barcelona 2001 at the loft Jan Dons. In the mean while I made more articles for many magazines. In 2000 I had to move to another house. I had to sell most of the birds to Japan, but my best racers and breeders went to my new breeding stock.
In 2000 I started again with new youngsters on my new loft. A few years before, I met the Taiwanese fancier Mr. Sheng-Yuan Huang from Taipei. With the help of this friend I could start with some new strain of pigeons. We started the partnership Kempen – Huang. On this loft we have birds of J. Steketee (strain Aarden), C. Musters (strain van der Wegen), Kees van de Bos (strain Aarden, Steketee), Jef Vercammen (strain Wim Muller and Kurvers), and Gyselbrecht (grandson of their 1st international Barcelona 1995). This new blood is now crossed with my birds I already owned from 1992-1998. My best racers on the breeding loft were: some sons and daughters of my 136, my 6626116/92 (4X Barcelona, Bordeaux, Pau, 15th national San Sebastian, and Narbonne etc. 13/13)) and ‘Jbari 6618546/93’ (3x Barcelona, Pau, Bordeaux, and Narbonne…
The partnership with Taiwan stopped because Johan had to move again. Johan started another partnership with his friend Erik Vangeel. This partnership Vangeel-Kempen (Geel) started in 2004. To build up the breeding loft, Johan got some birds from his main friends in the pigeon racing: direct from the famous Emiel Denys (Zulte), Daniël Aerens (Drongen), Chris Hebberecht (Evergem), Gommaire Verbruggen (Kaggevinne), P. Geerdink (Hoogerheide NL), Robert Buysse (Ertvelde), Nouwen-Paesen, (son 1st intern. Marseille (Peer), Erik Devlamink, Chris Musters (Hoogerheide NL), Paul vanden Boogaarde (NL).But the stain is mainly from the best fancier in Belgium Noël Peiren. The latest new blood came from Frans and Paul van Gils (champion very long distance KBDB 2005), Jan and Hanne Sas (Vosselaar),‘t Jolijn brothers (Hasselt), Batenburg-vande Merwe (Klaaswaal NL) and Johan Hamstra (Poortugaal NL) ..

Erik Vangeel

Erik Vangeel (46 years and works at the local police station) had contact with pigeon racing when he was 13 years young. The neighbour, uncle of the mother of Erik, owned pigeon and Erik started to help him. Erik started in partnership with his father Willy but he did most of the work himself. Erik and his father stopped racing in 1980. They did not have the time.
Erik got married and builds a new house in 1990. It took only a few weeks to build a new pigeon loft. Erik wanted to race speed races again and got pigeons from several fanciers. Success did not come. Erik only had some good birds from Willy Laureys. (Geel). The big change came in 2004 when he met Johan Kempen. Erik gave his best speed birds to his father (started racing again) and got rid of all the others. The partnership started. The first results came in 2005

Molse Fondclub 204p: 3 -34-38-42 (4/4)
Provincial 1055p: 38-289-329-342
Club de Fond Wallonies zone 3085p: 123
Nationaal 10.195p-393


MFC 256p: 5-34 (2/5)
Provinciaal 1696p: 37-323
Belgische Verstandhouding zone 5635p: 141-973
National 20.310p: 526-1483


MFC 212p: 3-8-18-37 (4/6)
Provincial 673p: 29-44-168
Zone 2 2033p: 190-258-
National 6.751p : 469-634

La Souterraine
MFC 274 jl: 8-16-22-26-42-73(6/14)
Provincial 6874p: 254-439-594-780


MFC 540p: 62-93 (2/9)


MFC 263 YL 46-55-75-79-85 (5/9)

Basic cocks
I see two very old cocks on the breeding loft. There is ‘Jbari 6618546/93’ and ‘ Crash 3278788/95’. This first cock is direct from Noël Peiren as an egg in 1993. The sire was ‘3001924/91’( son Marcus 438/86 X 191/83 daughter Miel) and the mother 3359505/92 (from Prins 920/91 x 737/84 ‘t Argentonneke). This cock won at the loft Johan Kempen on each race that he entered: 3 x Barcelona, Pau, Bordeaux, Brive, Perpignan, Narbonne…). The second basis cock is ‘Crash 788/95’. He came direct from Noël Peiren (Zedelgem). The sire is ‘Darby 967/87’, nest brother of ‘Marseille 968/87’ from Barcelona 912/80 x Kleine Katte 584/77. The mother of ‘crash’ is the famous ‘084/89’, sister Apollo, from ‘Jonge Arties 132/84’ X ‘Francesca 990/87’. This ‘084/87’-hen is grandmother or great-grandmother of all 5 pigeons that Noël Peiren had in top 100 national Barcelona 2005! Best result ever!!

Best birds 2005

6421988/03 De Raket
Brive Mol 256d-5
Brive nat. 20.310-526
Orange Mol 212-3
Orange national 6.751p-469
The site is ‘6416402/01’, as an egg direct from Kees van de Bos from Middelharnis (NL). He was bred from ‘NL927/96 Brinkman-cock’ X NL261/90 Klaas Sturris. The mother of ‘De Raket’ is ‘794/00’, 100% Van Helmond and strongly inbred.

6422869/03 Blue Stayer
Bourges MFC 540p: 62
Montelimar Molse Fondclub 204p: 3
National 10.195p-393
Orange MFC 212-8
National 6.751p-634
The sire is 6416429/01. He won at loft Johan Kempen in 2002 St-Vincent 99d-9de, 589d-101ste en national 4.222d-756. He was put in breeding stock after this. Sire basic cock ‘Crash 3278788/95’, direct Noël Peiren. The mother is ‘6204050/97’ (won 178ste nat. Narbonne,on Barcelona and on Perpignan at loft Kempen-Van Helmond). She is direct daughter of ‘136/92’ (9de intern. Barcelona 1996) x 654/95 ( Van Helmond). Mother of ‘Blue Stayer’ is ‘6416419/01’. She won St-Vincent 99d-5, 589d-51 en nat. 4.222d-427. She was bred from ‘Jbari 546/93’,direct Noël Peiren and won 3 x op Barca, Pau, Bordeaux, Brive… The mother ‘074/96’, direct Noël Peiren from his dream pair ‘Karel 979/86’ X ‘Zus Apollo 084/89’ (the mother of 788/95.

6421980/03 Carina-hen
Barcelona ’05 Club 256d-14
Barcelona ’05 provincial 1490p-116
Barcelona ’05 national 12.995p-1118
The sire is the basic cock ‘Jbari 6618546/93’. The mother is ‘3338271/94’, direct Noël Peiren. She was from ‘607/92’ (5de nat. Perpignan 1994 and 5de nat. Perpignan 1995) X ‘077/92 daughter Jules’ (Jules 642/88 X 119/84 , mother ‘Benoni’ Gaston Devooght).
Johan and Erik had very good results with the yearlings from strain Jefke Vercammen on Limoges and La Souterraine. The future looks good.


The first round of youngster came in 2003 on the lofts of Erik and in 2004 some yearlings were raced but mainly breeding. Most of the cocks (yearlings and 2-years-old) were raced with no system. They were on one big loft but did not get a hen for the whole year, no real widowhood. Johan learned this from Noël Peiren. Cocks learn a lot in one year. The 2-years-old raced on Bourges, Orange and Montelimar in this ‘system’. They had some hens on natural system also but they did not have good results (exception for the hen ‘80/03 on Barcelona). Only 2 cocks on this natural system (best was 88/03) raced well on Brive and Montelimar. No hens or natural system in 2006. The partnership will start with 9 cocks on real widowhood in 2006. Some other cocks (16) with no hens on the ‘no system’. The widowers (5 of 3-years-old and 4 of 2-years-old) were matched for the first time half December. They could raise youngsters and will start widowhood in May. This loft has no quantity but quality. The youngsters (80) are tossed very good and raced up to Bourges (500 km). Even late-breds are tossed very well. Youngsters do not get any medicine. Natural resistance is important.
The medical system of the old and yearling birds is in the hands of vet Peter Beerten from Geel. The partnership visits this vet a few times each year. The PIPA products of vet Carlo Gyselbrecht are given to the birds. Johan and Erik follow the schedule of Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht vitamins and performance products for pigeons: Booster liq, Oleo Noble, Bronco, Turbo-vit I and II, Resist, Powervit and Supervit.