PIPA China Trip - Winter 2013

PIPA made another trip to China at the end of November to visit the pigeon exhibitions of Langfang and Wuhan and to meet several of our PIPA clients in person.

16 pigeon fanciers from Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and the United Kingdom attended the Langfang Pigeon Exhibition as PIPA representatives this year. The participants have promoted their own pigeons but they have also made an important contribution to further enhancing PIPA’s reputation in China.

We were joined by Jan Hooijmans, Arjan Blom, Bart Geerinckx and Ulrich Lemmens after the Langfang Pigeon Exhibition and we made a two week trip in the People’s Republic. We have visited nine different cities and we have met tens of Chinese fanciers, while getting to see pigeons worth several hundred thousand Euros.

We at PIPA aim to close the gap between Chinese and European fanciers and to offer them the chance to exchange ideas and to share experiences with each other. In this respect we consider this to have been a very successful trip.

The pigeon trade has been involved in a number of scandals in the past few months but one thing is sure: this sport is alive in China and there is still a wide interest in our top class racing pigeons from Europe!

We would like to thank all fanciers for their attendance.

Please enjoy our photo report; we hope to see you again next year!