Auctions ending: Alfons Klaas, Vredeveld-Leemhuis, Middle Distance Auction, Barcelona Special and G.&C. Cooper

On 8 December five auctions will end. We would like to present them to you one last time.

Alfons Klaas (DE)

Round of young birds

Helmut and Alfons Klaas are without doubt the most successful One Loft Race specialists worldwide. Konstantin won the Million Dollar Race in 2007 and Victory did the same in 2011. Purdey won the title of First Ace Pigeon Grand Average in 2013 in South Africa thanks to a long list of top prizes. They further confirm their status as OLR specialists with victories in the World Ace USA race, the Carnival City Race in South Africa and the Tenerife Derby Arona in 2013. Father and son Klaas offer youngsters from their best breeders in what is a top class collection.

Vredeveld-Leemhuis (NL)

Entire racing team

The youthful enthusiasm of Robert and Henriette Leemhuis is combined with the craftsmanship of the experienced Harm Vredeveld and his daughter Chantal. When they decided to join forces they were destined to play an important role in pigeon racing in The Netherlands. They lived up to the expectation with impressive results and teletext notations in recent seasons. The line of De Boy x Queen continues to be a solid basis for success, while their new stock bear Silver Boy and their racing pigeons Space Shuttle, Bokito and X-Factor were great additions as well. Vredeveld-Leemhuis offers their successful racing team for sale on PIPA.

Middle Distance Auction

Top middle distance lofts offer some topracers & yb from their best

The middle distance is a discipline that demands a lot from a pigeon. You need a lot of speed but strength and perseverance can make a difference as well. The middle distance is the toughest distance in most sports and the middle distance pigeon is without doubt an excellent basis for a versatile and successful team. They can be paired to your existing breed to make your sprint pigeons a bit tougher or to make your long distance pigeons faster or you can simply use them to perform better in races from 350 to 550km. In this PIPA auction we have the finest middle distance pigeons on offer.

Barcelona special

Top Barcelona racers, brothers/sisters & children to them

The national race from Barcelona is the highlight of the season for any long distance fancier. This race was, is and continues to be the most appealing of all classics. A victory from Barcelona is usually the most important moment in the career of a fancier and some say it is even more important than their marriage or the birth of their children. In this PIPA auction we value the importance of the national race from Barcelona. Youngsters from National Barcelona winners (the pigeons that dominated the international pigeon magazines) are now brought together on PIPA.

G&C Cooper (U.K.)

19 young birds of their best breeders

Geoff and Catherine Cooper have been the ambassadors for pigeon racing in Britain for years. Their international victory from Pau 2013 tells a lot but it was especially their overall international result that turned heads: they had three pigeons that finished in the top 16. This was a great success. They had already won the first international prize from Agen/Bordeaux in 2011, as well as a few national victories, mainly with descendants of George, their best stock bear. Together with PIPA, Geoff and Catharine have bred a group of young birds from their best breeding pigeons, all of which are very talented. And there is more: we have direct youngsters from the first Int. Pau 2013 x the first Int. Agen Bordeaux 2011! A pairing of two international winners in a single loft is something we have never seen before; this is really something new for PIPA.