Auctions ending: Theo Jappe, KBDB auction, Arie & Enne Dijkstra, Jan Eskes and Graham Jones

On 1 December five auctions will end. We would like to introduce them to you.

Theo Jappe (GE): Total auction (minus late yb)

One of the best lofts in Germany, 1st General Champion Germany 2013!

Theo Jappe has been among the very best fanciers in Germany in the pas fifteen years. He is a good friend of Wolfgang Roeper and he obtained some of his best pigeons. This bloodline has been the key to success both for Wolfgang himself and for Theo Jappe. This resulted in a 2nd nat. Championship Long Distance and a 10 nat. Championship Middle Distance Yearlings in 2012. He even won the title of First General Champion of Germany in 2013, a great reward for an even greater career. Several national and regional Ace Pigeons are housed in the loft of Theo Jappe. The lines of Heremans-Ceusters, the Janssen brothers and Frans Rondags were all introduced in the loft of Theo Jappe via Roeper. The best Ace Pigeons and first prize winners will now be auctioned on PIPA; these are some of the best German pigeons on the market.

KBDB Auction

Brother, sisters, children and close family to national KBDB acepigeons

Winning a top prize in the national Ace Pigeon competition is a great achievement and it puts the fancier in the spotlight. After all, a national Ace Pigeon is a pigeon that can excel repeatedly against a large number of opponents. They are without doubt the finest pigeons in competition and they are almost certain to have the ability to breed a new generation of national prize-winners. PIPA asked a few top class fanciers to offer youngsters and brothers and sisters of their National Ace Pigeons in a unique KBDB auction.

Arie & Enne Dijkstra (NL)

top racing hen + yb from their best breeders & racers

Father and son Dijkstra have always been among the main contenders for the national podium and Enne managed to win the title of First Nat. Champion One Day Long Distance in 2011. For Arie Dijkstra 2013 was the season in which he had his young birds perform at a top level, after having sold all of his older top birds on PIPA in early 2013. Today he is particularly successful with descendants of Leonardo x Tinkberbel, even at international level: the Dijkstra pigeons appear to be doing very well in the international one loft races, especially the Million Dollar Race. Several other top results including Grand Average Ace Pigeon titles and a top prize in the final race of this prestigious competition have made him even more successful. They auction a magnificent group of racing pigeons on PIPA.

Jan Eskes (NL)

1st National Ace WHZB Young birds 2012 in auction

Achieving top results with a limited group of pigeons, that is what Jan Eskes from Streefkerk stands for. This old-fashioned fancier knows how to get the most out of his pigeon breed, which is mainly based around the golden Heremans bloodline. He wins important prizes in big races regularly and he has been winning a podium place in the National WHZB Ace Pigeon competition almost every season. These national ace pigeons became his new stock breeders and they are providing new generations of top class racing pigeons. He gave PIPA the chance to auction descendants of these WHZB pigeons, as well as the First Nat. Young Birds Ace Pigeon WHZB 2012 (50% Heremans). We are also offering youngsters from the other outstanding Heremans breeders of Jan Eskens. This is an auction that will spark the interest of a lot of fanciers.

Graham Jones (U.K.)

All the best breeders direct from a.o. Drapa & Veenstra

The English fancier Graham Jones offers his very best breeders on PIPA. Graham has been one of the big stars in pigeon racing in Great Britain, as the winner of over 100 (!) first prizes in the Federation (up to 3,000 pigeons) and a first prize in the Open Up North Combine against 18,000 pigeons. Descendants of these pigeons have won at least five Up North Combine victories against up to 30,000 pigeons. To compose a team of prize-winners Graham Jones obtained the best pigeons from Europe, including the lines of a.o. Andreas Drapa, Pieter Veenstra, Wall Lunt & Green etc... In this auction you can find all the best breeders of one of the icons of pigeon racing in Britain!