Partnership Braad-De Joode (Woudrichem, NL) and their excellent stock bears are tough to beat in the one-day long distance races

It is amazing what two people with different characters can achieve if they share the same passion. Jeroen Braad and Kees de Joode are well known around the globe: every fancier knows about their astonishing results in the most important races of the season.

The two champions Jeroen Braad (l) and Kees de Joode (r)

I assume every fancier knows about the combination of the friendly Kees and the chatty Jeroen and I think we are all familiar to their top class pigeons Home Alone (NL05-0534554) and Henky 98 (NL09-1332498). Their results and their achievements in the championships have been quite amazing right from the beginning. The two fanciers joined forces in 1990 and they have really been pushing their pigeons to the top. This is something many fanciers would like to achieve but it remains a dream for most of us.

The success story in Woudrichem started in 1990 when Kees and Jeroen decided to form a pigeon fanciers’ team. They agreed that only the very best pigeons deserved a spot in their lofts. That is why they passed along the loft of grandmaster Wal Zoontjes (Riel, NL), where they purchased no less than 20 young birds in that same year. They have been very satisfied with this investment and it has helped them develop their pigeon family into the successful Braad-De Joode team as we know it today. Soon after winning the general championship of the then NABvP in 1995 the fanciers decided to focus on their favourite races: the races over a distance of 500 to 700km. Back then it was still unusual to focus on one single discipline but the fanciers from Woudrichem already knew that you really have to focus on one thing and forget about the rest if you want to make it to the top. The ambitious Kees and Jeroen appear to have made an excellent choice, given their excellent results and championship titles in that discipline.

The top quality pigeons of this combination can easily cope with these races and they can really stand out from the rest in demanding conditions. “We prefer one day long distance races with a strong headwind, because that is when the most talented pigeons come to the fore”,  says Kees, who works as a carpenter. “Our pigeons have proved to perform very well under these conditions, which they demonstrate by winning top results in these flights”, his assistant Jeroen explains.

Home Alone breed

The pigeons that are part of today’s successful racing team of Braad-De Joode are mainly descendants of the world famous Home Alone (NL05-0534554). This pigeon has an impressive list of achievements as a racing bird:

2nd  NPO Châteauroux against 7,936 p. (605 km)
5th  NPO Montluçon   against 4,799 p. (632 km)
5th  NPO Châteauroux against 7,880 p. (605 km)
15th NPO Baden-Baden against 6,520 p. (402 km)

This top quality pigeon has added a few more important titles to the already impressive list of achievements of this duo:

1st Olympiad Ace Pigeon The Netherlands One Day Long Distance 2008
1st National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance WHZB 2007
1st National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance TBOTB 2007
1st World Championship One Day Long Distance Winning Magazine 2007

Home Alone is no longer housed in this loft but his bloodlines are still very prominent in the pigeon breed of Jeroen and Kees. They have been able to safeguard the excellent breeding and racing skills of Home Alone in their existing breed by implementing a clever breeding strategy. It was also a great idea to focus on one single discipline. It would be impossible to include all descendants and their best results and breeding references in this article so we have selected a few:


One of his sons, Leen (NL10-3026400), has the same character as his father and he looks a lot like him as well. He managed to win a first NPO from Bourges (557km) against no less than 12,300 pigeons. Click here for the full pedigree of Leen.

Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dragon (NL10-1728686) is a grandchild of Home Alone and one of the main actors in the lofts of Yong Lin (Ter Aar, NL). Yong won the title of Best Natour Pigeon in The Netherlands in 2011 with Chinese Dragon. This pigeon had won several other top prizes that season as well so he was selected as first Dutch pigeon in the allround category for the Europe Cup in Dortmund, where he won an impressive second prize. The sire of Chinese Dragon is the 06-2034450 (Fanger brothers) and the dam is Hometown Hero (NL08-3828781), another great daughter of Home Alone. Chinese Dragon is winner of:

1st Nijvel    against 6,684 p.
1st Strombeek against 5,621 p. 
1st Menen     against 1,913 p.
2nd Vierzon   against 6,967 p. 
7th Tours     aganist 1,700 p.

These results allowed her to win the following championship titles:

1st National Ace Pigeon Natour WHZB 2011
1st National Ace Pigeon The Netherlands Europacup Allround 2012
1st International Ace Pigeon Europacup Allround 2012

Henky 98

We would also like to introduce you to the great star of the Braad-De Joode loft, which is the Henky 98, an excellent descendant from a joint breeding of this combination and Henk Melis! Henky 98 is a son of top breeder Crack 185 (NL01-0143185), which is also the sire of quite a few other top class racers. His youngsters have won for instance: 3rd NPO Poitiers – 4,863 p., 4th Châteauroux – 2,072 p., 8th Creil – 7,019 p., 11th NPO Bourges – 12,300 p., 19th NPO Argenton – 6,916 p. and 25th NPO Bourges – 9,882 p. He is also the grandfather of the first Provincial Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance Brabant 2000 in 2010, first Provincial Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance Brabant 2000 R3 in 2012, 1st Creil – 7,072 p., 3rd Châteauroux – 2,064 p., 5th NPO Pithiviers – 8,931 p., 5th NPO Châteauroux – 7,936 p. and 6th NPO La Souterraine – 2,105 p.

His very best descendant is the quiet Henky 98, an amazing cock in all aspects. Everything about this pigeon is great and he has for instance a very strong body. His achievements are the most impressive of all, just take a look at his impressive list of achievements:

3rd NPO Bourges        - 12,300 p. (557 km)
3rd NPO Argenton       -  8,338 p. (633 km)
4th NPO La Souterraine -  5,603 p. (671 km)
6th NPO Blois          -  3,777 p. (539 km)
1st Provincial Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance 2010
2nd National Ace Pigeon One Day  Long Distance WHZB 2010

He appears to be a first class breeder as well, despite his young age. He is the sire of the successful Heavenly and Jasper, winner of for instance a 3rd Peronne - 4,756 p., a 22nd NPO Châteauroux 8,202 p. and a 21st Peronne - 4,756 pigeons. Click here for the full pedigree of Henky 98.

To conclude

In the last few years Kees and Jeroen have been working very hard to come to a collection of very strong pigeons. They have achieved this by focusing on the one day long distance competition and by working only with pigeons that excel in tough but fair conditions and that give their best in the most important races. The pigeons with a proven record are then used in a carefully thought out breeding strategy, resulting in a long list of top prizes and titles. The two kind fanciers from Woudrichem really deserve their success!