Marc and Franky Van De Walle (Zwalm, BE) were awarded First General Champion Cureghem Centre and First Champion Long Distance Old Birds Cureghem-Centre in 2012

In 2012 Marc and Franky Van De Walle from Zwalm (which lies in the Flemish Ardennes) continued their success in pigeon racing. Again they managed to win several top prizes, just like they did in the past few seasons.

They have had a splendid 2012 season with two magnificent titles in Cureghem Centre, as well as several other titles and top prizes in quite a few important championships. In 2011 the two brothers won a first national prize from Bordeaux (4,866 pigeons) and a first zonal from Orange, which was a crowning achievement for them. In 2012 they added a few more top performances to their list of achievements.

Other victories and titles in the championships of 2012

1st General King Long Distance “Recht en Plicht“ Zottegem
1st Long Distance Old Birds “Recht en Plicht“ Zottegem
1st Super Marathon Old Birds “Riddersclub v/ België”
1st Long Distance Young Birds “Riddersclub v/ België“
1st Extreme Long Distance Trophy over five international races 1-2-3 “Recht en Plicht” Zottegem
1st Belg. Entente All races 1-2-3  “Recht en Plicht” Zottegem

Click here to see the other classifications in the championships of 2012.

This is all the result of a very successful season, especially on the long distance and the extreme distance. Click here to take a look at some of the best results of Marc and Franky Van De Walle in 2012.

Two top class pigeons in Barcelona 2012

In the race from Barcelona two hens performed outstandingly well throughout the race. We are talking about Queen Barcelona and Fluwel. Usually Marc and Franky would basket a team of natural hens for Barcelona that have youngsters of four to six days old in the racing season for the first time.

The Queen Barcelona 07-4316825 won a first prize against 295 pigeons in the long distance club and she also won a third provincial against 2,125 birds, a 30th national against 11,590 birds, a 75th against 25,320 birds and a 26th international against 7,024 hens. In addition she has won a 14th in Long Distance Club Perpignan against 133 pigeons, a 710th National Perpignan against 6,661 p, an 11th long distance club Barcelona in 2010 and an 806th national against 12,641 p. in 2010 and so on. She is a full sister of quite a few first prize winners in the extreme long distance.
Her pedigree? Queen Barcelona was bred from first class breeder Bonte Wittekodde BE02-4112829 (a son of Rode Imbrecht BE91-4093574 x Wittekodde Stefaan BE97-4563172, a Stefaan Meremans) x Tits Noël BE05-3050587, which is a direct Noël Lippens (bred from Zitter BE98-3259831 x Frisby BE01-3236194).

The Fluwel 08-4302513 performed remarkably well in the race from Barcelona as well: she won a third prize against 295 pigeons in the long distance club; she won a 13th provincial prize from 2,125 pigeons, a 67th national against 11,590 pigeons, a 153rd international against 25,320 pigeons and a 58th international against 7,024 hens. Barcelona 2012 was not the first test for this pigeon; she had already won a 35th from Barcelona in the long distance club against 324 birds in 2011 and she achieved a 13th prize in the club against 335 pigeons in 2010, also from Barcelona. She had already demonstrated her talent for the long distance as a yearling, winning a 978th prize against 9,442 birds.
This hen originates from a special breeding pair as well and she is the sister of, for instance, the 82nd Nat. Libourne against 6,767 pigeons and the 102nd National Cahors against 8,348 pigeons. The sire of this hen is Geschelpte Sproete BE05-4318913, a direct C. Gyselbrecht that was bred from Ocana Brouckaert BE00-3201350 of A. Brouckaert-Wervik x Billy Jane BE04-4297764, a granddaughter of Laureaat Barcelona (first internat. Barcelona ’95). The dam is Moeder Fluwel BE07-4369985, which is a daughter of the outstanding breeding pair Zachten Imbrecht BE00-4478783 (sire of several first prize winners and also a half brother of Bonte Wittekodde) x Moeder 704 BE98-4079497.

First General Champion Cureghem Centre

This precious title is a reward for the pigeon family that has been winning top prizes regularly in the races that are organised by Cureghem Centre. This is not an easy task, because there are races for old birds and yearlings as well as for young birds. You can win prizes with a first, second and third from Cahors, the yearling race from Libourne, from Barcelona, from Narbonne, old birds & yearlings, from Argenton with the old birds (first + second), yearlings (first + second) and youngsters (first + second + third) and also from Gueret old birds & yearlings (first + second) and Gueret young birds (first + second + third). Marc and Franky won a total of 20 prizes and they had three prizes more than their closest competitors, which makes it a well deserved win. In the long distance championship for the old birds fanciers can score points with a 1 + 2 from Cahors, Barcelona, Narbonne, Argenton and Gueret. The top five in this championship won all seven prizes; the Van de Walle brothers had a score had a score of 46.67%, R. Mylle was second with 67.77% etc.

Teen 09-4292751, one of the stars of the widowhood team of 2012!

This cock was without doubt one of the strongest birds of the two brothers from Zwalm in 2012. This pigeon won the following prizes last season:

1st  Cahors   190 p. and nationaal   55th /  8,348 p.
9th  Souillac 245 p. and nationaal  519th /  7,760 p.
22nd Brive    376 p. and nationaal  792nd / 11,130 p.
29th Limoges  575 p. and nationaal 1072nd / 13,781 p.

In 2011 Teen won a sixth from Tulle against 181 p. and a 260th/5,124 at national level. In 2010 he won an eighth from Limoges against 637 pigeons and a 159th national against 14,211 birds, as well as an 18th from Tulle against 339 birds and a 517th national against 8,323 birds. Teen is a half brother of several first prize winners including Queen Barcelona, which we mentioned earlier.

Let's take a closer look at the pedigree of Teen:

  • The sire is Witpen Broer 704 05-4034184 (a brother of several excellent pigeons and the sire of the 16th nat. Gueret 12,586 p.) He stems from Zachten Imbrecht 00-4478783 paired to Moeder 704 98-4079497.
  • The dam is Tits Noël 05-3050587 (Noël Lippens), an excellent breeding hen bred from Zitter 98-3259831 x Frisby 01-3236194. Tits Noël is the dam of Blue Narbonne, Queen Barcelona, Catalaanse, Europacuphen, van Libournehen and many more. These are all first prize winners in long distance races…

You can read more about the unique breeding lines of Marc and Franky by clicking here.

The focus is mainly on the national program

Marc and Franky prefer to basket their pigeons for the national calendar. In 2013 they will be doing races of 400km and more, so they will need some time to adapt. Next season they start with a team of hens that will be raced on widowhood. In early April these pigeons will be brought together and when the weather is good they will be trained. These hens are paired to cocks that will not be raced. The hens for the extreme long distance are raced naturally and they are usually basketed for their most important race with a youngster that is three to four days old. They are paired on the first of April and they are separated in the aviary as early as October. They are raced from Noyon (twice), Angerville (312km – twice), Vierzon (430km) and Chatearoux (478km) respectively; after which they should be ready to go to Barcelona. All preparatory races are done on widowhood. The widowers are basketed when the races of 600km begin (Limoges is usually the first). They are paired on 23 March and they can brood for eight to ten days. Meanwhile it is time for their first training flights as well. The cocks can stay in the aviary as well from October until it is time to be paired up. In the winter the racing hens and racing cocks are on a diet of 50% barley and 50% moult mixture; this is usually a Versele-Laga mixture. When the pigeons are preparing for the racing season there is a purifying mixture and/or a Casaert mixture at the beginning of the week; for the last three days of the week they switch to a sport mixture of Versele-Laga.
The same applies to the young birds. The first round is raced with the sliding door; the second and other rounds are basketed regularly to gain experience. They are usually released from Angerville two to three times, depending on their age. These fanciers have always been satisfied with the product called Kaucabam and their team have never had any illnesses. All pigeons receive a daily dose of Kaucabam; approximately 10ml is added to 1l of drinking water. When the pigeons arrive home they are disinfected as usual (mainly with B.S. Belgica De Weerd).

So far for our story about Marc and Franky Van De Walle, the kind brothers from Zwalm who have followed in the footsteps of their father Marcel, creating an equally successful breeding family. Many congratulations on your fantastic season.