An overview of the impressive 2012 season of Linda Desutter (Pittem, BE)

Linda Desutter is the West Flemish fancier from Pittem who won the title of National Champion KBDB in the young birds’ category in the shorter middle distance in 2008. With this achievement she managed to beat such champions as Danny Van Dyck (second) and Vanhove-Uytterhoeven (third).

This was a few years ago but Linda's pigeon family has continued to perform very well. The difference is that the focus is now on the grand middle distance and the long distance. At the moment she only baskets the young birds due to lack of time: Linda and her husband Rik Capelle have a job of course. “Things will change in 2014”, says Erik. “We hope to have more spare time to maintain a group of old birds as well.”

Rik continues: “We think 2012 was nearly as successful for us as our amazing 2008 season, the year in which we were Champions of Belgium. The young birds were basketed for their first races with great care, just as usual. With this approach our pigeons will gradually gain fitness only in the second race from Blois and we can let the young birds fly as hard as they can by the first Saturday of August. We could say that we did a great job on getting the pigeons fit just when the most important races of 2012 were coming up. We have to say that our pigeons had no health issues or other problems. Our vet Piet Blancke checks them regularly and he makes sure that our pigeons are in perfect health.”

The Fantast, an impressive breeder

And he goes on: “The 2012 season was again dominated by the amazing Fantast. This pigeon has bred a great many excellent descendants. He was born on 25 February 2008 and yet he managed to perform very well as a (very) young bird in his year of birth. These are some of the highlights: 1st Ablis 237 p, 1st Tours 200 p, 2nd Ablis 144 p, 4th Ablis 179 p, 5th Tours 340 p, 9th Clermont 436 p. etc. This proves once again that a good quality bird can perform extremely well right from the beginning. Of course he did not inherit his excellent racing and breeding skills from a few insignificant pigeons. It would be impossible to go through all of his amazing descendants of the first and second generation. However, that does not mean Fantast is being paired to new partners day in day out. In fact they are taking great care of their favourite breeder. In the last couple of seasons he spent his days in the aviary from in February to have a good moult and to get fit for the next breeding period at the end of November.”

Since Rik and Linda are only racing with young birds they moved their Fantast 08-3043904 to the breeding loft after his first season as a racer. A few seasons later this cock has proved to be a top class breeding pigeon. Here is an overview of the pedigree of Fantast 08-3043904:

  • Sire: The Speedy Boy Jr. 07-3034333, a son of Speedy Boy 99-3046705  x Super Girl 05-3083743 (both pigeons were third Provincia Ace Pigeon KBDB in West Flanders Long Distance; these are two 100% Norbert & Stefan Ally birds).
  • Dam: Number One duivin 07-3021001, a daughter of Crayonné 05-3176628 (a full brother of the First Prov. Tours of Rik Cools from the line of Wittenbuik G. Vandenabeele) x Fietje Blancke 01-3116204 (a 100% Cools-Blancke). Number One duivin is a full sister of the remarkably successful Kleinen, winner of several top prizes as a young bird: first Ablis 386 p., second Nantes 141 p. and second prov. 1189 p, 2nd plus interprov. 1843 p, 1st Poitiers 142 p, 2nd prov 904 p, 6th interprov. 1361 p, 30th Blois 551 p, etc.
  • The Fantast is the sire of for instance, Jonge Fantast, Crack Fantast, Fantast Jr., Fantastica, Blauwe Fantast, ’t Geschelpt Fantastje, etc. We come back to this pigeon later in the article.

51 first prizes between 2001 and 2012

These first prizes were won in the middle distance, the longer middle distance and the long distance, with young birds only.

This is their list of achievements up to today:

18 x first from Tours (442 km)
12 x first from Blois (404 km)
12 x first from Ablis (313 km)
3  x first from Poitiers (536 km)
2  x first from Nantes (596 km)
2  x first from Gueret (544 km)
1  x first from St Junien (536 km)
1  x first from La Souterraine (542 km)

The highlights of 2012:

Tours 221 p : 1-2-3-5-6-7-8-23……(11/13)
Tours provincial 1824 d : 2-3-6-9-10-13-15…..( 11/13)
Clermont 429 p. : 1-2-4-10-12-16-17-18-…….(25/36)
Tours 197 p. : 1-5-9-15….(7/8)
Tours 509 p. : 3-4-5-9…(5/11)
Blois 521 p. : 4-11-16-23-33…..(8/1
Tours 276 p. : 3-4-5-8….(6/11)
Londen 1,070 p. : 21-92 (1 +  2 v /4 d  )
Bourges 333 p. : 7-20-28 …. (4/6)
Quiévrain 246 p. : 1-2-4-8-18-20-22….(18/29)

The championship titles of 2012:

2nd in the Supercup of the Inter West Flemish Union
1st Ace Pigeon Grand Middle Distance Long Distance Club Beveren-Roeselare
4th prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB W Fl.
9th -10th -16th -18th Ace Pigeon in the Championship of Bruges Beide Vlaanderen 
in a race with 4500 to 5000 participants

We asked Rik to explain the details of their approach: “The young birds were basketed for their first races with great care, just as usual. With this approach our pigeons will gradually gain fitness only in the second race from Blois and we can let the young birds fly as hard as they can by the first Saturday of August.” How does that work?

This is how it goes: “Our young birds are darkened from the end of February until the end of June, after which they are lightened. We will probably no longer lighten them as soon as we decide to use our youngsters as yearling racers in the following seasons. The sexes are separated immediately after weaning and the young birds are basketed for all preparatory flights below Paris from then on, without the cocks or hens seeing one of their loft mates of the opposite sex. This means the training flights for the cocks and the hens are separated as well. The birds are fed with a mixture of Gerry Plus (50%) and purifier (50%). We are amazed to see our birds winning so many top prizes with this approach but it is great. In the last sprint race there is a first selection round, as the pigeons have had plenty of opportunities to prove their value. After that race the future partners and the nest bowls arrive in the lofts. We make sure that the young hens do not lay their eggs and that the cocks are separated after they arrive home from their first race since the pairing. When we do find an egg in the nest we make sure that it cannot be brooded. From then on all pigeons are placed on semi widowhood and there is a medical check up from Piet Blancke. If there are no problems we add some conditioning powder and/or vitamins to their feeding and water tray. After three to four weeks they should be in great shape and it is our goal to keep them on top of their game until the end of the season.”

Some of the most special birds of the Fantast dynasty

  • Jonge Fantast: 09-3036963. This was the only young bird that had to race only two nationals to show what he is worth. Judge for yourself: he is winner of a 1st Gueret 198 p, 4th La Souterraine 244 p, 21st Blois 623 p, 12th Ablis 504 p, etc. Jonge Fantast is now the sire of ’t Blue Aske 12-3144256, a successful racer and winner of 2nd Tours 221 p, 3rd prov. Tours 1824 p, 2nd Tours 139 p, 8th Tours 305 p, 15th Fontenay 341 p. The Jonge Fantast is also the sire of Nachtuil 11-3033184, which drew the attention with such prizes as 5th Blois 665 p, 2nd Tours 421 p, 3rd Tours 430 p, etc.


  • ’t Blauw Fantastje 10-3004061. This pigeon has won for instance 18th Quiévrain 431 p, 6th Arras 308 p, 3rd Blois 378 p, 5th Tours 243 p.
  • Fantast Jr. 11-3033164. He is winner of for instance 20th Quiévrain 344 p, 37th Clermont 709 p, 3rd Ablis 209 p, 3rd Tours 421 p, 8th 403 p, 21st 621 p, 16th 385 p.
  • Crack Fantast 12-3144264. This bird became an outstanding racing bird! Let's have a look: 2nd Quiévrain 387 p, 1st Clermont 429 p, 31st Fontenay 724 p, 2nd Tours 494 p, 2nd 280 p, 3rd 509 p, 5th 197 p.
  • Fantastica 12-3144202 is another outstanding hen. She won several prizes: 11th Blois 521 p, 3rd Tours 221 p, 6th prov. 1824 p, 3rd Tours 139 p, 19th 305 p, 10th 172 p, 19th Fontenay 341 p.

Another pigeon that deserves a mention is Het Superke 12-3144273. She did a great job as the winner of a 3rd Clermont 429 p, 18th Fontenay 457 p, 1st Blois 282 p. and 31st prov. 3317 p, 10th Blois 481 p. and 109th prov. 5645 p, 6th Tours 221 p. and 10th prov. 1824 p. Her sire is De Komeet 11-3033129 (a son of Marco Polo x Bloiske 055). The Komeet was a successful young bird himself: he won a 4th Arras 385 p, 9th Clermont 679 p, 4th Ablis 209 p. and 3rd Blois 665 p. before he was moved to the breeding loft. The dam of Superke is Dochter Fakir 10-3177978 (100% A & R De Saer), a full sister of Jens and winner of a first and second prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB West Flanders. She is also a sister of Young Fakir 10-3020777, winner of a 138th nat. Cahors 8348 p. and an 88th Chateauroux 3486 p. for De Saer. In addition she is the dam of the first nat. Limoges 2012 for A & R De Saer.

We would like to conclude by taking a look at the basis of the small but successful pigeon family of Linde Desutter. The basis consists of pigeons of Rik Cools (uit Ruiselede), Norbert & Stefan Ally (Aarsele), A & R De Saer (Ruiselede), the B.D.S. Team and Gaby Vandenabeele (Dentergem). Remember that most of these West Flemish pigeon families are in turn based on pigeons of Gaby Vandenabeele. Need we say more?

Linda and Rik, many congratulations on a wonderful 2012 season.