Sky Chen feat. Jan Hooymans: a unique combination of top quality

The two fanciers are well known and well respected in the world of pigeon fancying. They both have a top class collection. The two most important birds of the two fanciers are Chanel No5 and Harry. This is a unique pair that was bred in line, for instance to Kleine Dirk.

FLTR: Jan Hooymans, Sky Chen and Pieter Veenstra

Of course they have a lot more top class pigeons in their lofts but there is a special connection between these two birds. When Sky Chen purchased top class hen Chanel No5 from the total auction of Pieter Veenstra he wanted her to be paired with an excellent cock. This is the only way to really get the most out of Chanel No5, said the passionate fancier who purchased the bird for €75,000.

This hen has already bred Full House, which has won the following prizes:

Boxtel      3/ 2,218 pigeons
Hasselt     7/ 1,901 pigeons
Den Bosch   8/ 2,099 pigeons
Pommereoul 13/ 1,381 pigeons
De Meern   81/11,554 pigeons

Chanel No5 is a daughter of Da Vinci x Special Blue, which makes her:

a full sister of Dolce Vita, possibly the best pigeon in The Netherlands, ever

1st Dutch Olympiad bird all round 2011 
1st Int. acebird long distance WENC 2010 
1st Nat. acebird WHZB 2010 
1st Nat. racing hen WHZB 2010 
1st Nat. acebird long distance WHZB 2010 
1st NPO Chateauroux - 1,418 birds 
2nd NPO Signy Signetz - 8,664 birds 
4th NPO Sens - 6,740 birds 
8th NPO Ablis - 11,945 birds 
1st Gennep - 7,890 birds 
1st Hazeldonk - 2,657 birds 
1st Pommeroeul - 1,456 birds 
1st Vilvoorde - 1,125 birds 
1st Sezanne - 1,047 birds

A full sister of for instance:

Cela Vita talented breeder and the dam of:
11th NPO Signy Signetz – 8,664 pigeons
   77th NPO Signy Signetz – 8,664 
   1st Zutphen – 2,631 pigeons (2nd prov. 10,704 pigeons)
   9th Boxtel    – 1,875 pigeons

Dolce Still Novo
15th NPO Pommeroeul – 18,952 pigeons
   35th NPO Sens – 8,143 pigeons

Sire of for instance:
1st Gennep – 302 pigeons

A half sister of for instance:
   9th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance WHZB 2009
   2nd Boxtel – 2,437 pigeons

   4th Nat. Berlijn – 1,308 pigeons
   5th NPO Blois – 6,926 pigeons
   32nd NPO Chateaudun – 8,875 pigeons
   12th NPO Pithiviers – 8,510 pigeons

Chloe is the dam of Superke 301
   1st Troyes – 2.384 pigeons (2nd NPO 7,543 pigeons)
   1st Blois – 109 pigeons        (5th NPO 1,112 
Superke 301 is the grandmother of:
   1st Boxtel – 2,364 pigeons (2nd prov. 19,064 pigeons)

   1st Nat. acebird WHZB 2009  
   2nd Nat. acebird middle distance WHZB 2009
   3rd Nat. acebird short/middle distance The Best of the Best 2009
   1st Isnes - 1,318 birds
   2nd Isnes - 1,958 birds
   2nd Hasselt - 1,386 birds
   2nd Vilvoorde - 1,125 birds
   4th Maaseik - 1,185 birds
   5th Achene - 1,630 birds
   6th Boxtel - 2,741 birds
   7th Maaseik - 1,429 birds
The sire of for instance Lady Datejust
   1st St. Quentin – 3,186 birds

Golden Blue
   10th Nat. racing cock WHZB 2008
   1st Boxtel - 1,339 birds
   4th Pithiviers - 721 birds
   8th Hasselt - 1,751 birds
   9th NPO Ablis - 11,945 birds
   10th Duffel - 1,872 birds
   30th NPO Chateauroux - 1,418 birds
   43th NPO Blois - 6,947 birds
Sire of for instance
   1st NPO Signy Signetz - 8,664 birds
   14th NPO Troyes - 7,543 birds
   24th NPO Sens - 6,740 birds

Ultima Winner 4x first prize 
   3rd NPO Pithiviers - 8,510 birds
   8th NPO Orleans - 6,469 birds 
   10th NPO Blois - 5,237 birds

Sky Chen came up with a plan. He paid a visit to possibly the best cock in The Netherlands for a so called joint breeding. Chanel no5 moved to the loft of Jan Hooymans in Kerkdiel, where the top class cock Harry is housed. This bird needs no further introduction; it is amazing to see the number of champions that this pigeon has bred.

Harry has won:
   1st Nat. acebird long distance WHZB 2009
   1st NPO Blois - 5,553 birds fastest 37,728 birds
   1st NPO Chateauroux - 5,979 birds fastest 22,340 birds
   3rd NPO Chateaudun - 8,781 birds 3rd fastest 21,520 birds 
   21st NPO Chateauroux - 5,496 birds
   6th Morlincourt - 4,418 birds
   15th Strombeek - 4,358 birds

Son x sister of Harry has bred:
   1st Nijvel – 28,297 pigeons

Another thing about Harry that pleased Sky Chen a lot is the fact that his entire family breeds great descendants. When we take a look at his parents, brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces and uncles and aunts we can conclude that this bloodline is one of the best in The Netherlands when it comes to breeding; in every category. Cor de Heijde for instance has won a first national Bordeaux (889 km) with a pigeon that was bred from a full brother of Harry! The Jan Hooymans pigeons perform very well in every discipline, including sprint races and one loft races. They are always tough to beat.

Take for instance, the previous edition of the South Africa Million Dollar Pigeon Race (SAMDPR), where Jan Hooymans achieved a number of impressive results. Jan Hooymans has won a car (together with Hu Zeng Yu) in the third car race of the SAMDPR. The winning pigeon was a child of a sister of Harry, which makes it another grandchild of the top couple Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje.

This pair bred for instance:

1st NPO Chateauroux – 5,620 birds

2nd NPO Blois - 4,829 birds
5th NPO Chateauroux - 5,979 birds
11th NPO Salbris - 7,599 birds

 Laatje 56
2nd NPO Salbris - 7,599 birds
12th NPO Bourges - 4,347 birds

 Donkere Herman
3rd NPO Blois - 7,417 birds
24th NPO Chateauroux - 5,496 birds

 Ome Sjaak
4th NPO Chateauroux - 4,801 birds
15th NPO Bourges – 7,356 birds
23rd prov. Breuil le Vert - 20,797 birds

10th NPO Chateauroux 5,979 birds

10th NPO Chateauroux – 5,620 birds
25th Nanteuil – 3,249 birds

 James Bond sire of for instance:
   1st prov. Nanteuil – 7,125 birds
   4th NPO Blois - 7,415 birds
   8th NPO Salbris - 6,550 birds
   9th NPO Bourges - 7,356 birds 
   15th NPO Chateauroux - 5,496 birds
   16th NPO Salbris - 7,599 birds
   16th NPO Chateauroux – 4,604 birds
   20th Nat. Mantes la Jolie - 14,495 birds
   21st NPO Blois – 8,482 birds

Roney is sire of  Rosita
   3rd NPO Salbris - 7,599 birds

Roney is sire of Salsa
   4th Nanteuil - 16,500 birds
   7th NPO Salbris - 6,550 birds

Blauwe Bink
Sire of Jim
   3rd Strombeek - 3,836 birds
   3rd Peronne - 263 birds
   5th Nat. Mantes Jolie - 18,405 birds

- Sire of Dennis
   1st Peronne - 263 birds

Offenburg  of Jonge Bliksem
   6th NPO Offenburg - 7,151 birds

Vooruitvlieger of Jonge Bliksem = sire of Anky
   5. NPO Blois - 7,415 birds

Elfje dam of for instance:
   6. NPO Bourges - 7,356 birds 
   14. NPO Blois - 4,829 birds

Brothers and sisters of Harry have also bred great racers:
   1st prov. Nanteuil – 7,125 birds
   1st Nat. Bordeaux – 4,509 birds
   1st Car Race III South Africa Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2012/2013

It is clear that the co-operation between Sky Chen and Jan Hooymans have led to a unique collection of youngsters. Sky Chen has decided to sell two youngsters on PIPA. This is a special offer that you do not find very often. It is a unique in-bred collection of Kleine Dirk, possibly the most iconic breeding pigeon in our sport. (Dirkje of Hooymans is a daughter of Kleine Dirk; DaVincy is the sire of Chanel No5, and a grandson of Kleine Dirk. His sire Dirky is probably the best breeder that was ever bred from Kleine Dirk).

What else can we say? These pigeons have been dominating the one day long distance races, the one loft races and they are well suited for fast races as well. Both the lines of Harry and Chanel No5 can win top prizes against a high number of pigeons. These are outstanding racing pigeons and it is a truly unique combination. This is a level of quality you can only find in the loft of Sky Chen, a passionate fancier. This is without doubt one of the most exclusive youngsters that was ever auctioned on PIPA and we are proud of that!