Frederik Everaert (Zwijnaarde, BE) proud winner of General Champion Belgian Entente 2012

He was also winner of the prestigious grand prix Norman-Vercauteren-Van-Den Broeke of the same organisation! This is quite an achievement and it shows that Frederik is quite a champion.

Frederik Everaert and his wife Ania (central right) at the party of the Belgian Entente 2012

Just to give you an idea: his last title was won with his first nominated in seven national races in the long distance and the extreme distance. Champion Frederik Everaert achieved this with flying colours with an impressive coefficient of 28.63%, which comes down to an average of 4% per race or a fourth place against 100 pigeons in all races! This is a great feat and it illustrates the quality of his game. In a General Championship everything has to be perfect in the races in which the first three or five nominated pigeons count for the championship! As in any sport only the biggest champions are able to be at their best in the important races. Frederik Everaert is clearly one of them.

This title did not come as a surprise to most insiders. As we said earlier in a PIPA report that was published in late 2009, Frederik is the coming man in the national long distance races, which became increasingly evident in the last five to six seasons. He has a strain of pigeons that can win top prizes in long distance races with ease and he used this base to make improvements season after season. Only the pigeons that performed at national top level could stay in the loft during the winter. Frederik is a butcher so he knows how to get rid of pigeons that do not perform well enough. Because of his job as a butcher he does not have a lot of time and space for his pigeons, which explains his strict selection criteria. The result of his approach is reflected in the winning of the following titles in 2012:

1st General Champion Belgian Entente 2012
1st Provincial Champion Long Distance Old Birds KBDB 2012 with first & second nominated
price of honour Norman-Vercauteren-Van den Broeke 2012 (B.V.-E.B.)
3rd Champion Long Distance  East Fl. 2012
3rd Champion Long distance Fondclub Eeklo 2012
5th Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB 2012
(with Gonzalez)
5th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Belgian Entente 2012 (with Gonzalez)

From Aarsele to Zwijnaarde

Frederik Everaert lives in Zwijnaarde near Ghent, East Flanders. He is part of a younger generation of pigeon fanciers and he runs a busy butcher’s shop specialising in natural meat. He gets up early in the morning and works long days to satisfy the customers. This does not leave much time to take care of his pigeons, which is why his team is relatively small compared to many other long distance lofts.

Frederik comes from the region of Aarsele in West Flanders. That is where he made his first steps as a pigeon fancier under the name of Duyck-Everaert in Dentergem, where the racing pigeons were housed. The breeders were kept at Frederik’s home in Aarsele. In 1998 the Everaert family moved to their present location in Zwijnaarde to start a butcher’s shop there. He comes from the same neighbourhood of Noël from Aarsele, which explains why the pigeon family of Everaert is created with direct pigeons of long distance star Noël Lippens, with a key role for the lines of Vital’(first Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance) and Turbo. These Lippens pigeons were a perfect match for the pigeons of Antoine Van Landuyt from Vinkt (especially the old stock lines of Crusson in combination with the Casaert pigeons). In addition he was very successful with a daughter from Nestzus Invincible Montauban (first Nat. Montauban for Maurice Casaert; now in the hands of Sylvere Toye), which originates from the Taveirne-Rigolle pigeon breed. This daughter is one of the best breeding hens in the lofts of Antoine Van Landuyt. The latest reinforcements come from Etienne De Rauw from Lebbeke and Eric Vermander from Oekene and a short while ago he exchanged a few pigeons with Chris Hebberechts from Evergem as well. This loft houses a lot of pigeons from well known fanciers and Frederik obviously has a high quality long distance team. This team has further developed and improved in the last few seasons.

The team consists of ten breeding pairs, about twenty old racing birds (2 years old and older) and about twenty yearlings. Every season he rings about 100 young birds. Due to a lack of time he trains his young birds most of the time.

Specialisation leads to top results

Take it from us: not many fanciers manage to have good results at local and national level every week with only a handful of racing pigeons. You need more than just one top class pigeon but that seems to be no problem for this team. The racing team of Frederik Everaert proved in 2012 that they have a bright future ahead!

If you do not have a lot of free time you have to look for a system that fits your schedule, says Frederik. There are many fanciers with a daytime job who make the mistake of trying to do too much. They try to imitate the professionals. This leads to bad results and eventually to disappointment. Frederik thinks it is better to focus on a single aspect and try to get the most out of it. That is why he prefers the racing with the old birds in the national long distance races. This is his approach:

He trains his young birds for the middle distance only. In the beginning of August their job is done because he does not lighten or darken them and the moult is about to start. This is usually the time when Frederik takes some time off in the butcher’s shop as well to relax for a while and to spend some time with his family.

The breeding pigeons are paired in early December together with some substitute pairs that have to sit the eggs. The yearlings are paired as well to make them familiar with their box. This allows Frederik to breed a decent number of young birds from his best breeding cocks, which live in separate breeding boxes. The old racing pigeons are only paired during the first days of February and they usually raise a pair of youngsters.  

As the yearlings are all raced on the same weekend they are also fed from the same feeding tray on the floor of the loft. However, the old birds are fed separately in their boxes. This makes it easier to feed the partners that stay at home the following weekend and to feed the racing pigeons that are given some extra feed before they are basketed.

In the morning they are given a racing mixture (a mix of three types of sports or widower mixtures); in the evening they are given a light mixture: a mix of protein low mixture Gerry Plus (Versele-Laga) and Vandenabeele mix (Beyers-Beduco). For races where the pigeons spend two or more nights in the basket the pigeons are given some red corn for dessert in the afternoon on the day before basketing.
The racing pigeons have to get up early in Zwijnaarde: from the middle of May they are released at 6 o’clock in the morning. That is because Frederik has to finish the training flights before his butcher’s shop opens. In the afternoon he feeds his pigeons around 5 o’clock; one hour later (around 6 o’clock) the pigeons have to fly for an hour with closed windows.
At the age of two the long distance cocks have to show their strength in the national classics: they have to win top prizes there if they want to be part of the team after the winter. Frederik knows more than anyone else, that a strict selection with a focus on achievements and health is the road to success.

National top class pigeons

One of the key players in the pigeon family of Frederik Everaert that has won many prizes in  recent seasons is undoubtedly Mirage BE05-4295838, bred from the line of Vital (N. Lippens) x Bonte (Antoine Van Landuyt). He was a great pigeon in the racing loft and winner of:

- The Mirage BE05-4295838

’07 Brive      Nat  16,007 p. 12
’10 Cahors     Nat   8,651 p. 13
’09 Brive      Nat  17,456 p. 27
’08 Vierzon I.Prov  11,399 p. 30
’09 Narbonne   Nat   7,156 p. 36
’06 Limoges YL Nat  15,507 p. 75
’10 Souillac   Nat   7,045 p. 126
’08 Montauban  Nat   5,438 p. 248
’09 Limoges    Nat  11,869 p. 410
’10 Brive      Nat  16,815 p. 828
’08 Brive      Nat  14,521 p. 1269
’08 Limoges    Nat  11,995 p. 2479

He is one of the stars in this loft and a true long distance champion. 2013 will be his third season as a breeder and he has been breeding some very good pigeons. Several of his grandchildren have won first prizes, not only in his home loft in Zwijnaarde but in other lofts as well!

And there is more. Several other long distance stars and winners of national top 100 have showed their breeding skills here. It seems that this pigeon family breeds one successful generation after the other.

-Den Bordeaux BE06-4139449 (sire of Gonzalez)

Bordeaux     Nat  4,886 p. 14
Montauban    Nat  6,684 p. 21
Montauban    Nat  6,822 p. 79
Tarbes       Nat  4,576 p. 133
Brive        Nat 11,130 p. 155
Narbonne     Nat  6,428 p. 244

-Gonzalez BE10-4215402

5th Ace Pigeon Long Distance Belgian Entente 2012
5th Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2012
Ablis        269 p. 1
Ablis        169 p. 1
Vierzon      385 p. 14
    Prov   4,366 p. 186
Chateauroux  784 p. 7
    Prov   6,148 p. 48
    Nat   25,263 p. 282
Angerville   957 p. 9
Limoges      645 p. 17
    Prov   3,466 p. 32
    Nat   13,781 p. 147
Montauban    235 p. 10
    Prov   1,383 p. 30
    Nat    6,822 p. 107
Brive        474 p. 4
    Prov   2,645 p. 23
    Nat   11,130 p. 67

-Isidoor BE08-4208591

1st Nat Zone A Libourne 2009
Libourne Prov 1,797 p. 1
         Nat  8,723 p. 8

These pigeons form the basis of the Everaert pigeon family, together with top class breeder Blauwe Lippens BE03-3026394. This exceptional breeder is a direct Noël Lippens from Aarsele and grandson to breeding legend Vital (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 1993) and an important breeder in the loft of Frederik Everaert. He is the sire of several top class long distance cracks from Zwijnaarde, including the Cunego 217/07 (2nd Prov Chateauroux 3,772 p., 71st Nat Montauban 7,203 dp. etc.), the Wietl 246/09 (1st Chateauroux 789 p., 3rd Limoges 712 p.), the Zwever 531/08 (1st Montrichard 350 p., 57th Nat Limoges 16,893 p., 64th Nat Souillac 7,045 p.), and the Chateauroux 486/10 (1st Chateauroux 640 p. etc.)

As you can tell from our article, the title of General Champion Belgian Entente did not come as a surprise. This feat was achieved by a team of very strong long distance pigeons. These birds have proved to be powerful and they know the ropes. They have what it takes to excel in the national and international long distance races and they are among the very best Belgian racing pigeons. Congratulations Frederik, well done!

Frederik Everaert and his stock pigeon 'Mirage'

Some of the achievements in 2012

12/5 Angerville  957 old birds:
9-24-55-108-118-149-151-163-184… (21/40)

26/5 Bourges 634 old birds: 54-85-91-111 (4/7)
26/5 Orleans 414 YL: 8-20-29-83-86-92-130-134-136 (9/14)

01/6 Limoges 645 old birds: 5-17-59-102-106-122 (6/8)
                Nat 13,781 old birds: 51-147-736… etc (top-1000 Nat)
02/6 Chateauroux 628 YL: 8 (1/3)

09/6 Chateauroux 393 old birds: 26 (1/3)
09/6 Chateauroux 556 YL: 53-78-84-115-116-169 (6/13)

17/6 Cahors 357 old birds: 8-19-56-92-98 (5/7)
                Nat 8,348 old birds: 43-98-592-980-1026 (5/7)

23/6 Montauban 235 old birds: 6-7-10-47-64 (5/6)
                Nat 6,822 old birds: 69-79-107-896-1215 (5/6)

06/7 Brive 474 old birds: 4-10-57-74-85 (5/8)
                Nat 11,130 old birds: 67-155-937… (top-1000 Nat)

15/7 Limoges 984 YL:
10-56-79-80-98-126-127-137-200-221-304 (11/14)
                Nat 17,735 YL: 327-1243-1509-1510-1923… etc (top-2000 Nat)

16/7 St.Vincent 185 old birds: 1-33-34 (3/4)
                Nat 5,374 old birds: 5-590-591 (3/4)

21/7 Souillac 431 old birds: 30-60-141-154 (4/8)
                Nat 7,760 old birds: 267-525… etc (top-1000 Nat)

03/8 Perpignan 173 old birds: 26 (1st nominated, 1/5)
                Nat 6,661 old birds: 460 (5)

04/8 Tulle 316 old birds: 4-66 (2/3)
                Nat 6,817 old birds: 82-747 (2/3)
04/8 Tulle 464 YL: 40-73-82-137 (4/6)
                Nat 10,251 YL: 461-923-1046-1854 (4/6)