Our team

"Only a great team can achieve great things"


Picture of Nikolaas Gyselbrecht

Nikolaas Gyselbrecht

CEO & Founder

Picture of Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht

Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht

PR, co-CFO & co-Lofts

Picture of Thomas Gyselbrecht

Thomas Gyselbrecht

Chief Sales Officer & Partner

Picture of Erwin De Vylder

Erwin De Vylder


Picture of Nele Despiegelaere

Nele Despiegelaere

HR manager, legal officer, COO & co-CFO

Picture of Ian Somers

Ian Somers

China Manager

Picture of Martin Martens

Martin Martens

Editorial & Handling Expert, Supply Agent Flanders

Picture of Georges Gyselbrecht

Georges Gyselbrecht

Loft Assistant

Picture of Frederik Leliaert

Frederik Leliaert

Loft Assistant

    Picture of Niels Cuelenaere

    Niels Cuelenaere

    Logistics Coordinator, ERP & PEC Support

    Picture of Sam Bostoen

    Sam Bostoen

    Lofts & PEC Coordinator

    Picture of Piet Blomme

    Piet Blomme

    Logistics Coordinator

    Picture of Ivan Willockx

    Ivan Willockx

    Coordinator Editorial Office, Supply Agent Flanders

    Picture of Jordy Neys

    Jordy Neys

    Financial Assistant

    Picture of Isabel Adam

    Isabel Adam

    Financial Assistant

    Picture of Lien Saey

    Lien Saey

    All-round Assistant

    Picture of Jorgi Ferrari

    Jorgi Ferrari

    Coordinator Editorial Office

    Picture of Jenka Praet

    Jenka Praet

    Sales assistant

    Picture of Jianming Liu

    Jianming Liu

    Assistant Editorial & Sales Team China

    Picture of Kristof Vercruyssen

    Kristof Vercruyssen

    Freelance Web Developer


    Picture of Green Xiang

    Green Xiang

    Agent China

    Picture of Jawin van Namen

    Jawin van Namen

    Supply Agent The Netherlands

    Picture of Paulo Campos

    Paulo Campos

    Agent Portugal

    Picture of Ad Fortuin

    Ad Fortuin

    Supply Agent Netherlands

    Picture of Adrien Mirabelle

    Adrien Mirabelle

    Supply Agent Belgium

    Picture of Andy Larentzakis

    Andy Larentzakis

    Sales Agent Canada and USA

    Picture of Cristiano Paltrinieri

    Cristiano Paltrinieri

    Agent Italy

    Picture of Daniel Krajcik

    Daniel Krajcik

    Agent Slovakia

    Picture of Dr. Dinu Mihai

    Dr. Dinu Mihai

    Agent Romania

    Picture of Dr. Goran Grafina

    Dr. Goran Grafina

    Agent Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia

    Picture of Dr. Masafumi Uozumi

    Dr. Masafumi Uozumi

    Agent Japan

    Picture of Francisco Javier Gómez Ochoa

    Francisco Javier Gómez Ochoa

    Agent Mexico

    Picture of Franz-Josef Irmer

    Franz-Josef Irmer

    Supply & Sales Agent Germany

    Picture of Hung Lam Thanh

    Hung Lam Thanh

    Agent Vietnam

    Picture of Ivan Phillips

    Ivan Phillips

    Agent India

    Picture of Juan Carlos Gutierrez Rodriguez

    Juan Carlos Gutierrez Rodriguez

    Agent Spain

    Picture of Kerby G. Chua

    Kerby G. Chua

    Agent Philippines

    Picture of Michael Cipriani

    Michael Cipriani

    Agent Trinidad and Tobago

    Picture of Mynuddin Ahamed

    Mynuddin Ahamed

    Agent Bangladesh

    Picture of Pieter Oberholster

    Pieter Oberholster

    Agent UK, Ireland and South Africa

    Picture of Poul Staerkaer

    Poul Staerkaer

    Agent Denmark

    Picture of Recep Ozturk

    Recep Ozturk

    Agent Turkey

    Picture of Tomasz Wiczling

    Tomasz Wiczling

    Agent Poland

    Picture of Lubomír Kubáček

    Lubomír Kubáček

    Supply Agent Czech Republic

    Picture of Murteza Sharef

    Murteza Sharef

    Agent PIPA Middle East (Iraq, Iran, Oman, Saudi-Arabia, Bahrain, United Arabic Emirates, Qatar & Kuwait)

    Picture of Ezequiel Thione

    Ezequiel Thione

    Agent Argentina

    Picture of Hicham Akrab

    Hicham Akrab

    Agent Morocco

    Picture of Frank McLaughlin

    Frank McLaughlin

    Supply Agent Canada & USA

    Picture of Trayan Minchev

    Trayan Minchev

    Trial agent Bulgaria

    Many thanks to ...

    In addition to its regular full time employees and collaborators PIPA also works with a host of independent collaborators. Actually too many to mention individually. Even so we would like to acknowledge the efforts of these independent collaborators because It is certain that without their input and their passion PIPA would not readily have achieved all that has been achieved. We at PIPA would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for helping us to make PIPA the “Global Piazza” of the racing pigeon world!