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(10/05/2014) HUNTINGDON 3(BATTLE)

We were lucky to get a race today with a terreble forecast , John Rawson moved the Federation race from Battle on the South Coast 250 miles to Huntingdon 133 miles airing on the side of caution , In my prsonal veiw the right call , If you look at the mighty Up North Combine , they put there race back 24 hrs , so if you use them as a bench mark i dont think you will go far wrong .The Birds were
Huntingdon (Battle)

(09/05/2014) Huntingdon (Battle)

  • Distance: 133 MILES
  • Number of participants: 8
  • Number of pigeons: 171
  • Weather conditions: WEST STH WEST
    BILLERICAY 3/5/2014

    (04/05/2014) BILLERICAY 3/5/2014

    Our clubs 286 birds got underway way into a easterly direction wind , estimated arravial times varied as the wind seemed to increase as the day went on ,3 1/2 to  3 and 3/4 hours was the genral feeling and these proved not to be that far out , clocking in on 3.hrs 41.mins &35 secs was the ever consistant loft of Keith Todd , Keith only flys a small team but is always there or very near

    (02/05/2014) Billericay

  • Distance: 188 MILES
  • Number of participants: 13
  • Number of pigeons: 286
  • Weather conditions: EAST WIND

    (27/04/2014) HUNTINGDON 2

    After the race being put back 24 hours due to the inclement weather forcast , the birds were liberated from Huntingdon Park at 10.20am into a fresh East Nrth East wind , The wind was a little stronger then we first tought and yesterdays race times of Scarboroughs other federation from the same race point 2 hours ,had come and long gone , we were getting on to the 3 hour mark, , At Clock opening
    Huntingdon 2

    (26/04/2014) Huntingdon 2

  • Distance: 133 MILES
  • Number of participants: 9
  • Number of pigeons: 200
  • Weather conditions: EAST NORTH EAST

    (18/04/2014) Huntingon

    No flight information available
    HUNTINGDON  19/4/2014

    (20/04/2014) HUNTINGDON 19/4/2014

    Scarborough had two clubs racing from the same race point in differnt federations , and credit where credits due .it looks like john Rawsons decsicion to hold them that extra half hour to warm up abit payed off ,as the velocitys of the YMR Fed are 50 yds a minute faster for the same distance , The birds of T&p Douthwaite once again took advantage of the warmer thermals to cover the 133 mile

    (18/04/2014) HUNTINGDON

  • Distance: 133 MILES
  • Number of participants: 14
  • Number of pigeons: 273
  • Weather conditions: WIND EAST N/ EAST LIGHT

    (13/04/2014) SLEADFORD

    Well Folks , it doesent seem two minutes since we were finnishing the 2013 racing season it seems to have come around that fast , The first race was from Sleaford a distance of 87 miles to most lofts , the returns were very good which was a bit suprising after there was reports of the birds not clearing the race point due to low cloud cover , The birds that did clear wasted no time in covering

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