Karnataka Tumbler Pigeon Club

Results for 2016

(06/02/2017) Results for 2016

As Promised “Karnataka Tumbler Pigeon Club” celebrated the Prize Distribution Ceremony thankfully with the great consecrations of Elders and All Pigeon Fanciers on the auspicious day February 5th 2017. Below are few pictures of Winners and Moments of the ceremony.
Antics in the air

(10/02/2016) Antics in the air

Just the coo of a pigeon is enough to get you twitching with annoyance - they are noisy, flock in numbers and never fail to create a mess. But the members of 'Tumbler Pigeon Club’ are less judgemental about them. In fact, they spend a large part of their day with these pigeons and make sure they are well looked after.
Final Results - 2015

(21/10/2015) Final Results - 2015

Karnataka Tumbler Pigeon Club proudly announces that we have organized high flying pigeon competition on the year 2015. The club had about 19 participants in the list. We have successfully completed this and the results are in the attached image.

Club information

Karnataka Tumbler Pigeon Club

What is Karnataka Tumbler Pigeon Club?
• A club which helps to serve and maintain the species called "TUMBLER PIGEONS".
• Helps people to know about tumbler pigeons on the basis of scientific reasons.
• Helps people to get good breed of bird.
• Advising with respect to medication for birds.
• Provide assistance for members to get good wooden or metal cages.
• Advices people on the basics of feeding techniques.
• Advising people on Breeding, Rearing and Training methods with respect to tumbler pigeons.
• Conducts tournaments every year for members to show case their ability and quality of the tumbler pigeons, flying for long hours.
• Ceremonies conducted to honour the winners and show makers.

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