Devos Etienne & Frank, "National KBDB Long Distance Champion 2004!!" "And this is already the 4th time in 25 years!"

This season the title of the National KBDB Long Distance Champion 2004 g goes to a great masters of pigeon racing – to Etienne and his son Frank Devos from Deerlijk. A you read in the title of this article, it is already the fourth time in their career that they have been awarded this prominent title(read: national title). They have been honoured with this title already in 1979, 1985 and 1997 and in 2004 it happened again. That is not something you can see everyday in our land of pigeon sport. If you think about the competition that there is on these air “marathons”, you know that it is close to impossible to achieve such a title four times. The fact that Etienne and Frank were able to achieve this speaks about the unique ability of their pigeons to deliver splendid performances, an ability that they have had for more than quarter of a century.

An iron strong strain based on excellent pigeons

It is about 35 years ago that Etienne has began his journey of pigeon racing. And what he managed to achieve in those 35 years is almost unbelievable, it would provide enough material for a book. The Devos lofts became popular world-wide thanks to the performances of their phenomenal champion the ‘WITTERUGGE' (won 16 times the 1st prize and became the 1st Ace pigeon Long distance in 1981). His strain is still a substantial addition in achieving the national title in 2004 through a son of the STANICS (and inbred product from WITTERUGGE : on fathers side a grandson of the ‘BROER WITTERUGGE', and on mothers side a grandson of the ‘ZUSTER WITTERUGGE'). After him there came two more super pigeons into the spotlight: the ZWARTE YZEREN 212/84 (the 1st Olympic Pigeon Poland became in 1989, together with the 1st Ace pigeon Long distance De Reisduif 1987 and 8th Nat. Ace pigeon Fond) and the PRINS.
These 2 top strains make up at the moment a firm base for Etienne and Frank's current successes. They are the main reason behind winning the 1st National Marseille 1995. if we were to conduct a survey among pigeon fanciers about for what they know Etienne and Frank Devos, most of them would without a doubt say the name ‘KLEINE DIDI'. This superb pigeon has brought the Devos colony even more fame, if at all possible and his name still comes up in the pedigrees of the current generation of long distance and extreme long distance pigeons in the Devos' lofts.  This  KLEINE DIDI 607/92 is not just any pigeon, but without any doubt one of the greatest champions that have ever flown around on this Earth. He became the 1st Long Distance Ace Pigeon already in 1995, but in 1997 he shocked the whole world when he was as the 1st National Long Distance Ace Pigeon of KBDB also decorated as the 1st National Dax and the 2nd National
Perpignan, and all this in 3 weeks time! This magical pigeon has put Etienne and Frank Devos on the highest stage among the world champions is the pigeon sport in 1997!

It didn't take too long for the new star to come out in Deerlijk. In 1999, the Devos colony won the 1st National Limoges, yet another national triumph, that this 5-star colony has already so many of.

The super season of 2004!
The Devos pigeons did  great again in the season of 2004. These fabulous pigeons left their mark again in the past season, a mark that has resulted in getting the title of the National KBDB Long Distance Champion of KBDB 2004. Etienne and Frank have achieved this thanks to the following performances on three national extreme long distance flights:

Barcelona against 12.275 pigeons National :
124th Prize with the RIVALDO 3100356/98 - 780e Prize with the PATRICK 3138316/00

Dax against 6.138 pigeons National :
88th Prize with the JONGE STANICS 3003084/02
428th Prize with the CRAYONNE DIDI 3190024/00

Béziers against 6.602 pigeons National :
145th Prize with the AS DIDI 3190023/2000
283rd Prize with the PATRICK 3138316/00

Worth noticing is the fact, that CRAYONNE DIDI 024/00 (who won the 428th Nat. Dax 6,138 p) and the AS DIDI 023/00 (who won 145th Nat Béziers 6,602 p) are nest brothers, which again proves the exceptional qualities that come up in the line of Didi.
Who scores high in the KBDB National Championships most of the times has already a nice collection of other victories. And this is no different in the case of Etienne and Frank Devos, because besides their title of the National Champion of Belgium they have been also:
1st National Marathon
1st Extreme Long Distance Cureghem Centre
1st General Millennium Championship
1st Extreme Long Distance Entente Belge
2nd General Champion Entente Belge
1st Champions League
1st Old West Flemish & Interprovincial
1st National Champion Inter West Flemish
1st General Champion ‘De Arend' Rekkem
1st Extreme Long Distance Rekkem etc…

In a  nutshell, an endless list of titles that illustrate the supremacy of the Devos pigeons in 2004. Let everybody hear that soon in Ostend  a very famous name from the Belgian pigeon sport will stand on the stage.  Yes, a very famous name in the international pigeon racing. It is very much deserved, because not many earned such a privilege – to stand on the absolute top in the sport for 25 years and in that time to become the best of the best four times!!
Congratulations from the whole PIPA-team !

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