Polder Jan, Middelharis

Jan Polder

Undoubtedly one of Hollands best overnight racers of the 21st century is Jan Polder from Middelharnis. He lifts his fabulous strain up to exceptional highs and wins many National top positions with them!! With of course the supreme National victory on the Dutch classic St. Vincent in 2005 as main highlight. It brought Jan world fame, but in the end it is maybe his great constant factor in winning National top positions that makes him so different from the rest. In the modern era of pigeon racing he already won a/o:
1st Nat. marathon champion first 10 nominated (St. Vincent-Pau-Barcelona-Marseille-Perpignan) 2005
2nd National marathon champion overall 2005
1st National acebird Barcelona 1995 – 1997
1st International acebird Pau 1998 – 2002
1st National St. Vincent 2005
3rd National Barcelona 1991
3rd National St. Vincent 2004
5th National St. Vincent 2001
5th National Marseille 1990
7th National St. Vincent 2004
7th National St. Vincent 2003
7th National Bergerac 1997
8th National Mt. de Marsan 2003
8th National Perpignan 1988
9th National Marseille 1990
9th National San Sebastian 1993
9th National Cahors 1994
The many years of top performing of course resulted in a great deal of amazing aces!! Jan Polder build up a fabulous train of Jan Aarden x Van Wanroy origin only replenished with some bloodlines of outstanding overnight performers. This is for sure Hollands top loft in overnight racing; no fanciers has been so successful over the last years!!

Jan Polder is such a man, always amongst the top prize winners on
National classics, but not crying it out loud … his modesty must be the cause of that. Since the middle eighties Jan is amongst the Dutch elite of overnight racing with sensational performances. The last ten years he raced two International acebirds: ‘Witstaart’ (Golden Barcelona birds 1995-1997) and ‘Husky’ (International acebird Pau 1998-2002), his ‘Rainbow Warrior’ won three National top 10 positions (never before in Dutch pigeon racing one pigeon won three National top 10 positions on the National classics). And in 2005 ‘Victoria’ won 1st National St. Vincent … the roots behind a born champion.

Pigeon sport is a real family matter for the Polder family. Dad Cor has always been a very successful fancier and until the day of today he is still amongst the big winners in his area. Jan Polder saw the day of light in Sommelsdijk. Together with his dad he always raced the regular program races and did so very successfully for many years. But Jan saw heroic victories of legendary names on the toughest of overnight races. Performances for which he had the deepest of respect!! In the middle eighties the time came for Jan to also set course for such heroic victories and what else then a woman could make the golden change in this epic …

Just married, Jan Polder started a fine career in overnight racing in 1985, the year he bought 15 youngsters all direct from the toppers of Jac Steeketee from Bruinisse. He used them for breeding purposes and already soon this appeared to be the best decision. In only five years time Jan Polder had grown out to be the top of Western European overnight pigeon racing, winning a/o the following top positions:
3rd Nat. Barcelona
5th Nat. Marseille
8th Nat. Perpignan
9th Nat. Marseille
9th Nat. San Sebastan

These golden bloodlines were transformed into a supreme inbred strain of National Aces. The prize percentages of his strain are very high and the breeding value is supreme.
Jan is a man who likes to walk the way of nature. No hotchpotch and he wants his pigeons to build up resistance the natural way. He does not clean the lofts, only the nest boxes once in while. Youngsters are never entered for races, they are only tossed by Jan himself. He races all his pigeons on the nest. And every morning and every night they have to train very hard. That means obligatory with a flag on the loft; relaxing on the roof is not an option!! Before the important races he drives his pigeons to train even harder. Resting is loosing, according to Jan.

That his pigeons are of supreme quality is also proven by a great deal references coming in for many years already. Some of the best performances achieved by Polders descendants are:
- 1st National Marseille
- 2nd National Barcelona
- 3rd National Perpignan
- 3rd National St. Vincent
- 3rd National Mont de Marsan
- 1st prov. Bordeaux
- 1st prov. Marseille
- 1st overnight acebird North & South Holland
- 1st National acebird ZLU, International races
- Mr. Poirrier from France is crowned as Best French Barcelona racer 2 years in a row. His loft is based on the Polder pigeons.


Super strain
The present day champion Jan Polder has a huge burden on his shoulders. Living in the town of Middelharnis, it is not easy to walk in the footsteps of illustrious village men from the past such as Ko Nipius, Piet van de Slik, Joep van Dongen and Vroegindeweij brothers: all overnight icons living in Middelharnis. And all these top men had one thing in common; they based their colony of top winners on the golden Jan Aarden strain. Therefore Middelharnis grew out to become the biggest Aarden centre of the world!! Jan Polder does not only excel in racing, he also carried on the golden Jan Aarden tradition of Middelharnis; crossed with the fine Van Wanroys they form the foundation of his loft!!

1985 was on all sided a turning point of the life of Jan. He then sealed his love for Bea by marrying her. And also in that year he went to Jac Steketee from Bruinisse, a well-known overnight racer. Jan purchased 15 late breds from his top performing Jan Aarden x Van Wanroy colony and it turned out to be the bargain of his life!! These pigeons are now still the foundation of Jan Polders breeding- and racing team. Since the later nineties the fabulous Steketee pigeons were replenished with some new lines, of the late Jac Wolters (Haelaer Hunsel) and just occasionally some other pigeons.

The best of Jac Steketee
At the time the base of Jac Steketee was formed by some now legendary birds. Like his tremendous 'Stamdoffer' NL77-2083788, one of the very best breeders ever in the history of Dutch pigeon racing. But also the top duo ‘Legendary 49’ and ‘Diepe Mees’, both direct from the foundation pair of Jan Aarden. And also the (direct) descendants of 'Goei Koppel' (Cools) were truly magnificent racers. From all these golden lines Jan Polder managed to obtain 15 youngsters in 1985, the best move he ever could have made.

Some of the best of this 15 golden wonders are 'The 111' NL85-8598111 and 'Bonte 069' NL85-8503069, they were bred direct from the 'Perpignan', a direct son to the Steketee ‘Stamdoffer’ and two years in a row winner of 5th National Perpignan. For Jan Polder ‘The 111’ produced a/o 'Vedette', 'De Roestigen', 'Het Kampioentje', 'Het Talent' and 'Yvonne'. ‘Bonte 069' sired a/o 'Vonkje', 'Allroundster', 'Roodoger' and one of the best Barcelona birds of The Netherlands ever; 'Witstaart' (National acebird Barcelona 1995-1996-1997).

Foundation birds ‘The 90’, ‘The 107’ and ‘The 106
Another topper from these lines is ‘The 90’, a full sister to ‘Het Kampioentje’, 1st prov. acebird overnight racing Jan Aarden x Van Wanroy from the lines of ‘Westerhuis’ and ‘90’. She is a/o dam to ‘Broken Wing’, top breeding cock and sire to ‘Victoria’ (1st Nat. St. Vincent 2005 and 7th Nat. St. Vincent 2004), ‘Bonte Beer’ (93rd Nat. St. Vincent, 204th Nat. St. Vincent, 317th Nat. Bergerac, 370th Nat. Bergerac), ‘Meissie’ (196th Nat. Bergerac and 301st Nat. St. Vincent) and to ‘Go-Getter’ (25th Nat. Bordeaux). Other super grandchildren to ‘The 90’ are ‘Husky’ (1st International acebird Pau 1998 – 2002 with 35th Nat. Pau - 82nd Nat.Pau - 112th Nat. Pau - 289th Nat. Pau), ‘Black Magic Woman’ (34th Nat. Pau - 64th Nat. Pau - 85th Nat. St. Vincent) and further winners of 16th Nat. Barcelona - 17th Nat. Bergerac - 21st Nat. Dax - 44th Nat. Mont de Marsan - 73rd Nat. Mt de Marsan – etc.

Another sensational Steketee cock is ‘The 107’ NL85-8598107, bred from ‘Bergerac 037’ (1st prov. Bergerac). He bred a/o ‘Marseille’ (9th and 18th Nat. Marseille) and is grandsire to ‘Husky’ (1st International acebird Pau 1998-2002), ‘Rambo’ (3rd Nat. Perpignan) and ‘Black Magic Woman’ (in 2004; 5th National Pau hens). Worth mentioning amongst the Steketee 1995 champion group is ‘De 106’ NL85-8598106, a son to Steketee’s ‘Marseille’ (4th National Marseille, son to ‘Stamdoffer’). ‘The 106’ bred supreme, he is sire to ‘Sjoukje’ (3rd National Barcelona) and grandsire to ‘Victoria’ (1st Nat. St. Vincent 2005 and 7th National St. Vincent 2004), ‘De Ulrich’ (at Piet de Vogel, 3rd Nat. St. Vincent and 7th Nat. Bergerac), ‘Rainbow Warrior’ (3rd Nat. St. Vincent – 7th Nat. St. Vincent – 8th Nat. Mt. De Marsan), ‘De Vale Bordeaux’ (at Piet de Vogel, 1st prov. Bordeaux and 1st prov. acebird extreme long fistance), ‘Dolores’ (16th Nat. Barcelona 2005), ‘Big Brother’ (20th Nat. Perpignan 2006), ‘De Dax’ (21st Nat. Dax) and ‘Go-Getter’ (25th Nat. Bordeaux 2006).

The best of more worlds

Other than the Steketee pigeons, occasionally Jan also purchased youngsters from individual exceptional birds that could be of extra value to his colony. And some were. Like the heavily inbred ‘Batenburgduivin’ NL95-1861997, direct from Batenburg & Son from Klaaswaal (NL) and bred from a son to the icon ‘Witbuik’ when paired to a daughter of ‘Paula’ (50th Nat. Bordeaux – 50th Nat. Pau – 87th Nat. Pau). She sired a/o ‘Husky’ (1st International acebird Pau 1998-2002), ‘Victoria’ (1st National St. Vincent 2005 and 7th National St. Vincent 2004) and ‘Big Brother’ (20th Nat. Perpignan 2006).

Jan Polder also purchased some golden pigeons from the late Jac Wolters, winner of a/o 2nd Nat. Dax 1995, 10th Nat. Soustons 1996 and 4th Nat. Barcelona 1997. A direct Wolters hen bred the winner of 1st National Perpignan 2004 in Germany.
In 1997 Jan Polder bought the two breeders ‘Zwarte Wolters’ and ‘Bontje 312’ at Jac Wolters. ‘Bontje 312’ is bred from the lines of the 47th Nat. Pau winner, the 94th Nat. Barcelona winner and the 2nd National Dax winner. A direct son to ‘Bontje 312’ bred ‘Rainbow Warrior’, winner of 3rd Nat. St. Vincent 2004, 7th Nat. St. Vincent 2003 and 8th Nat. Mt de Marsan 2003. Sensational class for sure!!

‘Zwarte Wolters’ himself was also bred from the line of only National top winners. His full brother won 4th national Barcelona. And he showed he had no problem passing on these high quality genes!! ‘Zwarte Wolters’ is a/o sire to ‘Black Magic Woman’ winner of 34th Nat. Pau, 64th Nat. Pau and 85th Nat. St. Vincent. ‘Zwarte Wolters’ is also sire to ‘Whispering Wing’ in 2001 winner of 5th National St. Vincent and to ‘Pied Wing’, winner of 54th and 133rd National Bordeuax.

Of all these lines Jan Polder formed a heavily inbred strain of pigeons, with as most appealing characteristics an enormous personality, many and soft plumes and eyes unequalled in beauty. These pigeons have hearts like lions and their breeding value is exceptional big. Legend Piet de Weerd was impressed by the results of Jan Polder and despite his high age, he travelled to Middelharnis. He declared Jan Polder houses the most homogeny strain of Jan Aarden pigeons at the moment. And he predicted the town of Middelharnis would experience many more overnight successes to come. Tough selection criteria resulted in a strain that can be crossed very easily to other strains. Successes when crossed to Brinkman-pigeons and Catrijsses felt like apples from a tree. Jan Polder is also very hopeful about the crosses to the Brügeman brothers strain.

The National race from St. Vincent in 2005 turned out to be one of the heaviest editions in the history of Dutch pigeon racing. With a heroic battle as result, in which only the toughest and hardest pigeons survived. With high temperatures and a strong head wind blowing, over 32,000 National pigeons were liberated in the Capital of Dutch classic racing: St. Vincent. The next day 11.31 Jan Polder clocked his wonder hen ‘Victoria’, she crossed 992 leaden km to end this race winning 1st National. The golden overnight racers of Jan Polder had once again showed their exceptional class!!

Victoria’; the National queen
Winner of this glorious highlight for Jan Polder was NL01-1831029 Victoria. When she was entered for the race she was breeding for about ten days.
In 2004 this fine hen already proved to be capable of doing the job on St. Vincent as she than won 7th National St. Vincent … That means she the best of her generation, winner of
1st National St. Vincent 2005 – 32,194 b.
7th National St. Vincent 2004 – 6,385 b.

‘Victoria’ is a beauty hen. Strong, full of power and expressing the noble origin she descends from. Close relatives to her already raced superb, like a/o her half brother ‘Husky’; International acebird over 5 years racing. Sire to ‘Victoria’ is ‘Broken Wing’ and mother is ‘Batenburg duivin’. ‘Broken Wing’ is a fabulous breeder, he inherited great skills from his sire, the founding father ‘The 106’, who bred a/o the 3rd Nat. Barcelona winner and is grandsire to the winners of 16th – 20th – 109th and 466th Nat. Barcelona. ‘Batenburg Duivin’ produced ‘Victoria’, but also the top class pigeon ‘Husky’ (1st Internat. Acebird Pau 1998 – 2002). Sire is a son to ‘Witbuik’, the legendary ‘Batenburg breeder and racer. Dam is bred direct from ‘Paula’, winner of 50th Nat. Bordeaux – 50th Nat. Pau – 87th Nat. Pau – etc.

Jan Polder is a top specialist on the race of St. Vincent!!
In the recent years he won on this race a/o:
National St. Vincent 2004 – 6,385 b.: 3-7-199-479-768-819 (6 entered; 100% prize)
National St. Vincent 2003 – 6,212 b.: 7-85-93-1372 (7 entered)
National St. Vincent 2001 – 6,330 b.: 5-34-78-759-1260-1557 (14 entered)

Results 2006
The best races were as followed:
St. Vincent, 5 prizes from 10.
Pau, 3 prizes from 7
Barcelona, 4 prizes from 7
Narbonne, 5 prizes from 5
Bergerac, 11 prizes from 18. Against 1.924 pigeons, prize 8, 17, 40, 55, 59, 60, 215, 317, 340, 368 en 415. This makes 6 prizes 1:30.
Bordeaux, 13 from 21. National against 6462 pigeons, price 74, 200, 213, 220, 230, 237, 257, 348, 373, 1197, 1287, 1409 en 1498. At the time there are 9 pigeons from the 21 back in the loft of Jan Polder, there are still 6100 of the 6462 pigeons on their way home!
The season finished with a great result on Perpignan, which was a very hard race this year, because of the headwind.
Basketted were 8 pigeons, which made 6 prizes. In the national centre were basketted 181 pigeons. Jan Polder loft wins 1st, 3rd, 4th, 7th. etc.
National this means against 4719 pigeons prize 20, 120, 125, 161 etc.

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