Messiaen Leon, "The Barcelona Dynasty"

Leon MESSIAEN, Deinze (BE)
Story of a Barcelona Winner

Successive nominations in the K.B.D.B. Championships made this little long distance colony in Grammene (Deinze) widely known in the eighties.
Leon Messiaen obtained prizes such as :

8th Gen. Champion of Belgium K.B.D.B. (1981)
6th Gen. Champion of Belgium K.B.D.B. (1982)
7th Gen. Champion of Belgium K.B.D.B. (1983)
5th Champion of Belgium K.B.D.B – Young Pigeons (1983)
Apart from that, Leon Messiaen has also acquired numerous victories in leading championships such as a.o. :
1st East-Flemish Marathon Old (1984)
1st Champion of Honour West-Flanders (1983)
1st National Long Distance trophy Youngsters (1983)
1979 : 1st prize Long Distance Club – 8th prize National Barcelona and 2nd Golden Wing BBC.
But the decision to definitively switch to Extreme Long Distance races was taken after the regional triumph in the Barcelona race (Long Distance Club Meulebeke/Roeselare) in 1979; only one pigeon was put into a basket and it achieved the following results:
1st Long Distance Club: 344 p.
2nd Provincial : 1902 p.
3rd East- and West-Flanders: 1284 p.
8th National : 6602 p.
15th International : 12106 p.
2nd Golden Wing BBC

First of all, Emiel Denys (Zulte), the late Gaby Deleersnijder (Zulte) and the late Joseph Van den Broucke (Wielsbeke/Zwevegem) were contacted.
“ BARCELONA ‘79” – ringn°. 4280780-75 - was by the way a pure Gaby Deleersnijder.
By acquiring “De Perpignan II-duivin” – ringn°. 4134639/84 at Emiel Denys’s, Leon brought a new golden nugget to his breeding loft. She was the daughter of Emiel’s famous “Perpignan-duivin” – ringn°. 4338995/79 that won the 12th international prize old pigeons and the 2nd international prize hens in the Perpignan race of 1981 at Denys’s. In those years, Leon’s colony consisted of no more than 10 breeding couples.

: 1st prize Long Distance Club – 28th National prize
1996 : 2nd prize Long Distance Club – 53rd National prize
1997 : 2nd prize Long Distance Club – 29th National prize
“ Perpignan II-duivin” was coupled with “de Pau” (ringn°. 4422569/82) -who won a 6th prize in the national Pau race in 1987- and they became the parents of an extra top breeder called “Pauson” – ringn°. 4116105/84.
“ Pauson” was coupled with “Tee-Pipo” (breed of Tee Denys x Pipo - J. Van den Broucke) and was on the one hand the father of the famous “ZWARTEN BARCELONA” – ringn°. 4350054/92 that managed to be part of the top of the Barcelona race in the Long Distance Club of Meulebeke for four years in a row with a 12th, 7th, 2nd and a 13th prize. On the other hand, the same “Pauson” -coupled this time with “Blauw VDB-duivinneke” with ringn°. 3089662/89 (a pure Jos Van den Broucke – Pips/Pipo breed)- is the father of “DESERTEUR BARCELONA” with ringn°. 4395950/94, who achieved a 2nd regional prize, 10th prize of West- and East-Flanders, 29th national prize and 55th international prize against 24.908 pigeons in 1997. By obtaining such results, he emphasized the Barcelona tradition of the Leon MESSIAEN loft.


That same “Perpignan II-duivin” coupled with a cock of Gaby Deleersnijder, namely “Blauwe Nestp. GDL 76” with ringn°. 4690795/76, is the mother of “GESCHELPTE BARCELONA” (ringn°. 4238087/86) who also won the 1st prize in the Barcelona race of 1990. On a Provincial level this was a 7th prize, on a National level it was a 28th prize and Internationally a 84th prize against 28.128 pigeons.

2005: 1st
prize Long Distance Club – 3rd National prize– 6th International prize Barcelona

2nd prize Long Distance Club – 35th National prize & Winner of the “Barcelona Masters” with 1st + 2nd nom. pigeon and 6th Golden Wing BBC.

In 1996, at a sale of E. Denys in Beersel, Leon bought “Geschelpte Prins Denys”, (= a son of “Prins Barcelona Gyselbrecht” x “Dochter Pau Coutteau”). “Geschelpte Prins Denys” (ringn°. 3306456/96) was coupled with “Blauwe Teetaert-duivin” (ringn°. 3229808/02) and they became the parents of “JONGE PRINS BARCELONA” – ringn°. 4084930/03 which won a 1st prize in the Barcelona race of 2005 in East- and West-Flanders and on a regional level. On a National level, this was a 3rd prize, on an International level it was a 6th prize against 25.815 pigeons.
“ Geschelpte Prins Denys”, this time coupled with “Didibis” -a hen with ringn°. 3097190/97 whose parents are both purebred Didi-J. Van den Broucke- is also the father of “PRINS DIDIBIS” with ringn°. 4210839/00 who obtained a 2nd Regional prize this year (2006) in Barcelona, a 5th prize in East- and West-Flanders, 35th National prize and 140th International prize against 22.887 pigeons. Messiaen also achieved a 442nd National prize with his 2nd nom. pigeon and he was the winner of the “Barcelona Masters” 2006 with a 1st and 2nd nom. pigeon.

The description mentioned above clearly shows that the international Barcelona competition is thé thread in the small colony of Leon Messiaen.
‘ Small’ colony because Leon had a maximum of 12 widowers in his possession in the early years. Later-on, he had 24 and only this year, he increased this number to 26 racers, yearlings included (more specifically: a total of 16 old pigeons and 10 yearlings in 2006). His team flies the entire long distance programme every year.
With respect to the future Leon can also count on the pure breeds of Eric DEVLAMINCK (Hulste), Hubert VANACKER (Oostrozebeke), Marc VANDE RIVIERE (Nevele) and Lea VAN AELST (Dentergem). These are all breeds which won their spurs for years in a row and that will now be part of the team of Leon as of next year.

The most recent acquisition in the breeding loft is “SUPER WITTEBEK” (ringn°. 3005856/05), a pure-bred Emiel Denys, bought at Emiel’s sale at the end of 2005 as a son of “WITTEBEK” (ringn°. 3288303/98 –Tee breed) x “GODIVA” (ringn°. 3288477/98 – Kleine Tee breed).
“ Wittebek” has won in 2001 the 6th national in the Barcelona race (13.161 p.) and “Kleine Tee” has won a 7th prize Barcelona International against 24.808 pigeons (1997).
To conclude: a complete review of all results as far as the prize race BARCELONA is concerned (distance: 1.073.251).

Barcelona toppers over many years, by Leon Messiaen – Grammene.
1979 – Long Distance Club 1st/ 344 p. - Prov. 3rd/1284 p. – Nat. 8th / 6602 p. - Int. 15th/12106 p. (1)
1980 – Nil (1)
1981 – Long Distance Club 5th/ 392 p. - Prov. 51st/1866 p. – Nat. 113th / 6729 p. - Int. 168th/13202 p. (1)
1982 – Long Distance Club 8th/ 243 p. - Prov. 63rd/2204 p. – Nat. 214th / 8351 p. - Int. 349th/15605 p. (2)
1983 – Long Distance Club 11th/ 158 p. - Prov. 145th/1882 p. – Nat. 378th / 7252 p. - Int. 548th/12146 p.
Long Distance Club 14th/ 158 p. - Prov. 213th /1882 p. – Nat. 540th / 7252 p. - Int. 794th/12146 p. (2)
1984 – Long Distance Club 20th/ 155 p. - Prov. 170th /1905 p. – Nat. 405th / 7066 p. - Int. 587th/13033 p.
Long Distance Club 27th/ 155 p. - Prov. 261st /1905 p. – Nat. 633rd / 7066 p. - Int. 946th /13033 p. (2)
1985 – Long Distance Club 38th/ 214 p. - Prov. 386th /2167 p. – Nat.1059th / 8647 p. - Int. 1783rd/17060 p.
Long Distance Club 47th/ 214 p. - Prov. 473rd /2167 p. – Nat.1341st / 8647 p. - Int. 2288th/17060 p. (2)
1986 – Long Distance Club 20th/ 201 p. - Prov. 264th /2242 p. – Nat. 797th / 8886 p. - Int. 1416th/18076 p.
Long Distance Club 36th/ 201 p. - Prov. 424th /2242 p. – Nat.1274th / 8886 p. - Int. 2265th/18076 p. (2)
1987 – Long Distance Club 3rd/ 235 p. - Prov. 40th /2201 p. – Nat. 98th / 8915 p. - Int. 143rd/21545 p. (3)
1988 – Long Distance Club 43rd/ 255 p. - Prov. 375th/2290 p. – Nat. 1394th/10186 p. - Int. 2458th/21194 p. (2)
1989 – Long Distance Club 59th/ 241 p. - Prov. 588th/2581 p. – Nat. 2195th/11656 p. - Int. 4764th/25502 p. (3)
1990 – Long Distance Club 1st/ 199 p. - Prov. 7th /2399 p. – Nat. 28th/12283 p. - Int. 84th/28128 p. (4)
1991 – Nil (3)
1992 – Long Distance Club 50th/ 216 p. - Prov. 424th/2085 p. – Nat. 2446th/11399 p. - Int. 4839th/27158 p. (2)
Long Distance Club 60th/ 216 p. - Prov. 453rd/2085 p. – Nat. 2601st/11399 p. - Int. 5190th/27158 p. (4)
1993 – Nil (2)
1994 – Long Distance Club 12th/ 166 p. - Prov. 98th/1227 p. – Nat. 882nd/11214 p. - Int. 2237th/26807 p. (2)
1995 – Long Distance Club 7th/ 167 p. - Prov. 92nd/1227 p. – Nat. 515th/ 9452 p. - Int. 1148th/20936 p. (1)
1996 – Long Distance Club 2nd/ 165 p. - Prov. 10th/1346 p. – Nat. 53rd/10068 p. - Int. 113th/20129 p. (2)
1997 – Long Distance Club 2nd/ 202 p. - Prov. 10th/1384 p. – Nat. 29th/12731 p. - Int. 55th/24908 p.
Long Distance Club 13th/ 202 p. - Prov. 168th/1384 p. – Nat. 942nd/12731 p. - Int. 2186th/24908 p. (2)
1998 – Long Distance Club 5th/ 212 p. - Prov. 44th/1478 p. – Nat. 294th/12678 p. - Int. 616th/24139 p. (3)
1999 – Long Distance Club 68th/ 212 p. - Prov. --/1589 p. – Nat. --/13966 p. - Int. --/28095 p. (4)
2000 – Long Distance Club 21st/ 269 p. - Prov. 140th/1710p. – Nat. 823rd/13659 p. - Int. 1710th/26597 p. (4)
2001 – Nil (2)
2002 – Long Distance Club 18th/ 292 p. - Prov. 171st/1474 p. – Nat. 1179th/13021 p. - Int. 2978th/26928 p. (2)
2003 – Long Distance Club 17th/ 211 p. - Prov. 144th/1560 p. – Nat. 932nd/11806 p. - Int. 1633rd/20204 p.
Long Distance Club 19th/ 211 p. - Prov. 154e/1560 p. – Nat. 990th/11806 p. - Int. 1720th/20204 p. (2)
2004 – Long Distance Club 4th/ 216 p. - Prov. 39th/1703 p. – Nat. 251st/12275 p. - Int. 778th/24913 p.
Long Distance Club 19th/ 216 p. - Prov. 166th/1703 p. – Nat. 1113th/12275 p. - Int.2726th/24913 p. (2)
2005 – Long Distance Club 1st/ 261 p. - Prov. 1st/1807 p. – Nat. 3rd/12998 p. - Int. 6th/25815 p.
Long Distance Club 27th/ 261 p. - Prov. 191st/1807 p. – Nat. 1334th/12998 p. - Int.2104th/25815 p.
Long Distance Club 38th/ 261 p. - Prov. 314th/1807 p. – Nat. 2850th/12998 p. - Int.4411th/25815 p. (4)
2006 – Long Distance Club 2nd/ 213 p. - Prov. 5th/1759 p. – Nat. 35th/11802 p. - Int. 140th/22887 p.
Long Distance Club 7th/ 213 p. - Prov. 52nd/1759 p. – Nat. 442nd/11802 p. - Int.1104th/22887 p.
Long Distance Club 57th/ 213 p. - Prov. --/1759 p. – Nat. --/11802 p. - Int. --/22887 p.
Long Distance Club 68th/ 213 p. - Prov. --/1759 p. – Nat. --/11802 p. - Int. --/22887 p. (4)

The figures mentioned above show that a total of 52% of all the pigeons that were raced achieved a prize in the Barcelona race. No less than 66% of the prizes was won per 10!
So far for the “Barcelona story” of Leon Messiaen’s loft in Grammene.
It goes without saying that all the results in other Extreme Long Distance races such as Perpignan, Dax, Narbonne, Pau, Marseille and other St.-Vincent races are excellent as well.
As far as this year is concerned, the Messiaen colony has achieved some nice victories and top prizes in leading championships such as:
Champions League Yearlings 2006 (only fancier with 6 out of 6)
Long Distance Champion Yearlings Long Distance Club Meulebeke
2° FCM-Marathon at the Long Distance Club Meulebeke
4th General champion Long Distance Club Meulebeke
6th National Marathon 2006
6th Super prestige 2006
PIPA IATP RANKING (5 out of 5) with the 1st nominated pigeon in Pau – Barcelona – Dax – Carcassonne and Perpignan.
On an international level 2545 fanciers were qualified– only 4 Belgians appear in the top 20).

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